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Top Holi Picks by CNBC AWAAZ – 2018

On the occasion colorful festival, Holi CNBC Awaaz has suggested Top Holi picks for 2018. These top performer stocks are likely to give better returns in the days to come. These stocks are suggested by popular stock market expert Gaurang Shah and Vikas Sethi in the program Rangile Shares (Colourful stocks). All these stocks have given a very good return in the year 2017 (from 9th March 2017 to 28th Feb 2018 Previous Holi to this Holi). Let’s take a look at which are these stocks and is it worth buying these stocks now or not.

Top Holi Picks by CNBC AWAAZ – 2018

Maruti Suzuki  

Maruti Suzuki is a leader in the automotive segment. Maruti Suzuki has given 49% return in last one year. The launch of new models and increasing sales YOY are positive factors for Maruti Suzuki. The CMP of this stock is Rs.8875. As per Vikas Sethi, it is overvalued stock and it is advisable not to enter in this stock now. If you are already holding this stock you can hold this stock for 1 year with target price or Rs.10000.

Tata Motors

Tata Motors is next stock recommendation for 2018. Last year this stock has given 21% negative return to the investors. The new product launch Hexa and Nexon by Tata is becoming popular. The company has a new opportunity in electric vehicle segment. As per Vikas Sethi valuation of the stock is attractive and one can invest in this stock with target price of Rs.450.


HUL is FMCG stock for investment in 2018. HUL has given a very good performance in 2017. In last one year, this stock has generated 51% Return to the investor. HUL is expected to give a very good result. A demand for HUL product is likely to grow in the rural area. As per Gaurang Shah, this stock can be purchased with a target price of Rs.1575.

Holi Picks


ITC is next FMCG stock recommendation by Gaurang Shah. ITC has given only 1% return in 2017. This was mainly due to cigarette business of ITC was under pressure. Now as no new tax is imposed in current budget it is expected that ITC will perform better. Risk reward part of ITC is very good. One can invest in ITC with a target price of Rs.345.

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L&T Infotech

L&T Infotech is first mid-cap stock recommended from midcap IT space. L&T Infotech has given 105% return to the investor in last one year.Last quarter result of L&T Infotech was very good. As per Vikas Sethi, one can buy this stock with target price of Rs.1800.


HDFC Bank is leading private sector bank. HDFC has given 35% return to the investor in last one year. It is expected that HDFC bank is likely to give better performance in future. There is a news that the government may increase FDI limit in private sector bank. This step will benefit HDFC bank. It is recommended to invest in HDFC stock with target price of Rs.2250.

Do you think these Holi Picks will give good returns in the future?

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Happy Holi!

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