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10 Upcoming Business Startup Ideas for 2019

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Which are upcoming business Startup Ideas? Which startup business ideas are likely to offer quick success? Well, entrepreneurs and potential businessmen are always searching for answers to these questions. They know that the success of a business depends on the innovative business idea and market potential. To help them here is a list of 10 upcoming Business Startup Ideas for 2019.

All these upcoming business startup ideas are from the digital world and contain a huge potential of earning money. You might have heard about new technological jargons such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, IoT, machine learning etc. The upcoming business startup ideas list given below will revolve around these technologies. All these startup ideas require a lot of technical expertise and a competent team.

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10 Upcoming Business Startup Ideas for 2019

Artificial Intelligence Based Business Startup Ideas

Artificial Intelligence is a new technology. Artificial Intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by software, in the similar manner the intelligent human thinks. Few business ideas around AI are given below.

Technical Consultancy – If you have expertise in AI area, you can start your own technical consultancy. There are many companies looking for experts in this area.

AI-Based personal assistant – Another idea around AI is making customized personal assistant that deals with customer query or interact with customers for prototype work. It is also known as AI enabled chatbots for customer service.

AI-Based prediction of repair and machinery – You can also explore the world of machinery by using sensor network and artificial intelligence. The application is to do a predictive analysis for repair and replacement of machinery in the factory.

Virtual Reality based Business Ideas

Virtual Reality means computer-based stimulation of 3D image or environment that can be interacted by a person using the specialized electronic equipment. The startup ideas around VR are given below.

VR Café – Virtual reality café is an upcoming business concept. It is a place where a customer gets an opportunity to experience virtual reality. This can be for various purposes such as watching 3D movie, playing 3D games, team building, 3D book reading, and meditation.

VR for safety training – Another business idea is designing safety training module based on VR. This type of module is useful in construction, manufacturing and factory for increasing safety awareness.

VR App Development – The development of VR related business is not possible without the development of VR based apps. Thus, starting VR app development business is an exciting business opportunity. It has very good business potential.

Robotic Automation

Robotic Automation or Robotic Process Automation is upcoming business process automation technology where various work is atomized by using AI-based workers or robots. Few robotic automation business ideas are given below.

Developing Customized Robot – The first business idea under robotic automation is developing own customized robot for doing prototype work or activities. Many companies will be deploying robotic workforce for doing work.

RPA Tool design & Training – Another lucrative idea is starting own RPA tool deigning or training institute. The market potential of robotic automation is very huge.

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Drone-based Business Startup Ideas

Drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It is the name given to small aircraft without a human pilot. The drone comes with several inherent features such as inbuilt camera, GPS, Bluetooth, collision avoidance, active tracking etc. There are many startup business ideas associated with a drone.

Drone based material delivery – The experiment of making delivery via drone is already done. In future, you will see UAV drone making delivery of products at a doorstep. If you have expertise in this area you can make a lot of money.

Photography – Taking photograph or video from the air was very expensive prior to the introduction of drone. Drone is equipped with a high-resolution camera. If you have photography skills and an interest in drones, you can consider starting a drone photography business.

Agriculture and building survey – Drone equipped with sensor and camera can help to do better agriculture and building survey at a lower cost. It is also helpful in maximizing crop yields. If you have expertise in this area you can think of starting related business.

Big Data Analytics Consultancy

Big Data Analytics is a complex process of doing data analysis and presenting data in a meaningful format so that appropriate decision can be taken. There will be a huge demand for big data analytics experts and consultants. Many organizations will be needing big data analytics experts in the future. If you have knowledge and expertise you can start your business of big data analytics consultancy.

Wearables Technology Startup Ideas

Wearable means wearable devices that can be incorporated into cloths or injected in body as an implant. Wearables are widely used in India as well as across the globe. Few business startup ideas associated with wearable are given below.

Selling Wearable products – A simple idea associated with wearable is importing and selling wearable products. Looking at demand it can be said that the wearable has very good market potential.

Wearable App Development – The demand of wearable is increasing. The increase in wearable requires mobile application development. If you have expertise in this area you can plan to start a business in this area.

Smart Glass based Business Ideas

Smart Glass is an innovative product. The property of smart glass changes with the application of electric current. Very few companies manufacture smart glass in India. There are many applications of smart glass such as providing real-time guidance, arranging immersive training, virtual meeting, remote video conferencing etc. It is a future technology with a lot of startup ideas and opportunities.

Virtual 3D Technology based startup ideas 

Virtual 3D or Virtual Reality means a use of computer technology to create a simulated environment in 3D. In this environment, users are immersed and able to interact with the 3D world. Few startup ideas associated with Virtual 3D technology are given below.

Virtual 3D tour program – One applicable use of Virtual 3D technology is designing virtual tour of real estate, hotels, factory environment or products. It requires a lot of time and expertise to build these type of virtual tour. If you have a team which can work towards Virtual 3D technology you can earn a lot of money.

Virtual 3D Gaming – Next promising startup business idea is designing and selling virtual 3D games. In future people will be playing 3D games instead of actual games.

Selling Virtual 3D equipment – Another unique way of earning money is by establishing startup associated with importing and selling virtual 3D equipment’s.

3D Printing

3D Printing is the process of making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many thin layers of a material. 3D printing has lot of potential. Few business ideas associated with 3D printing are selling 3D printing, preparing prototype 3D printing models, 3D scanning etc.

Smart IoT based Startup Ideas

IoT is the internet of things. It is a network of physically connected devices including vehicle, home appliances and other sensors for data exchange and for taking a meaningful decision. There are plenty of upcoming business startup ideas associated with IoT. Few of them are Industrial IoT consultancy, selling IoT devices, networking of IoT devices etc.

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