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Silver Pendants to Complement the Aesthetics of a ‘Silver Girlie’

With recent fashion trends shifting more towards minimalistic styling with non-busy ensembles – silver jewellery has gained a lot of attention in the vogue world. So much so that fashionistas are referring to themselves as ‘Silver girlies’ owing to their unfaltering commitment to the dazzling metal.

Silver adornments include pendants, stud earrings, charm bracelets, and more, all of which add a quiet sense of elegance and glamour to an outfit. They are a perfect way to highlight effortless radiance – with their sheen making for polished allure and eye-catching ensembles.

In particular, silver pendants are the non-skippable among basic jewellery essentials. So, before anything else, you must buy silver pendants online to truly embody the trendy “silver girlie” aesthetic.

There are a variety of silver jewellery you can explore to find your match. This blog will familiarise you with the most popping trends in silver pendants this Spring-Summer season!


Types of Silver Pendants to Match Your Drip

You can check out various types of silver pendant designs to find one in which you closely identify your style. As dainty silver pendants are currently the go-to jewellery essentials for fashion enthusiasts around the world, we’ve curated a list of fresh and trending takes on them.

From symbolically meaningful pendants to ones featuring an exciting pop of colour – there’s much for you to explore if you wish to buy silver pendants online!

We’re starting the list with our favourites:

Symbolically-significant Silver Pendants

Silver Pendant

The symbolically heavy silver pendants are easily one of our favourites as they not only tick off the style box but also find a meaningful stature in the wearer’s life. The centrepiece can be moulded to represent a home, reminding you of your roots no matter which stage of life you are in.

The ‘home sweet home’ pendant is a grounding symbol which will remind you of the love and support you constantly receive from your folks back home – such nostalgic images serve as motivation for you to keep going.

Next on our favourites list is:

All-Silver Pendants

Silver Pendant

To maintain a subtle look, opt for all-silver pieces. This monochrome jewellery plays more on the intrigue introduced by the make and texture. Pair them with cool-toned dresses from your closet including pastel shades of blues, pinks, and whites.

The all-silver pieces are specifically known to complement cooler undertones – so, style the cool-toned colours to create breathtaking & vibrant ensembles. Plus, you can refer to the colour wheel to find matching or contrasting colours in bottoms, depending on the vibe you’re going for!

Lastly, this variation in trendy silver pendants has our hearts in knots:

Silver Pendants with Experimental Inclusions

Silver Pendant

You can choose silver pendants featuring experimental designs like ones consisting of more than one de-centred piece. For example, the silver chain may consist of bubble-like shapes of opal placed slightly off-centre to infuse more dimension into the necklace.

The inclusion of the semi-transparent, iridescent structures alongside little silver stars as part of the silver chain makes it the perfect accessory for the ‘Silver Girlie’ in you – fitting in perfectly with the trendy futuristic and edgy vibes.

The three designs in silver pendants can be worded singly, interchangeably in pairs or even layered all together. They are super versatile in the sense that each silver pendant can be styled with different outfits – from formal to casual wear.

Final Word on Finding The Perfect Silver Pendant

While silver pendants serve as basic jewellery essential for certified ‘Silver girlies’, they are also an easy ornament of choice for the ones only starting to see the appeal of this shiny metal’s gleam.

From perfectly complementing alternative & unconventional silhouettes to elevating ethnic motifs – silver pendants can easily take an outfit from ‘good’ to ‘super cool’! So, scroll through catalogues of innovative jewellery brands like Mia by Tanishq to find your silver match.

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