Top Multibagger Stocks recommended for 2018

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The year 2017 was a magnificent year for the Indian stock market. Sensex started its journey from 26626 level and expected to end at 34000 level. In short, sensex gained 27% since January 2017.In addition to this S&P BSE Midcap index rose nearly 40%. The stock market has beaten almost every asset class except cryptocurrency bitcoin. A political stability, economic boost and GST implementation are few key events that affected stock market in 2017.

Soon we will be entering into New Year 2018. Union budget 2018, financial results of the company and global market condition are few factors that will drive the market in 2018. Let’s hope 2018 will be a very good year for the stock market investors.

Before moving ahead with Multibagger stocks of 2018, let’s take a look at 10 Multibagger stocks of 2017.

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25 Multibagger stocks of 2017

Top 25 multibagger stocks of 2017 are India bull ventures, Sanwaria Consumer Ltd, Venky India, Manasksia Steels, Avanti Feeds, Shakti Pump, SIL Investments, Philps Carbon Black, Sakuma Exports, Visaka Industries, India Gycols Limited, Panama Petrochem, Dhampur Sugar Mills, Ramky Infrastructure, Andhra Sugars, GNFC etc.

CAGR return of these stocks is in the range of 1138-100%.

multibagger stocks

Top Multibagger Stocks recommended for 2018

Potential Multibagger Stock from Large Cap Segment – 2018

Maruti Suzuki –

CMP – Rs. 9830/-

Target Price – Rs. 16000/-

Potential Upside – 62%

Maruti Suzuki is first potential multibagger stock for 2018. Maruti Suzuki is leading automobile manufacturer of India. Generally, multibagger stocks come from the small-cap or mid-cap segment. However, as per me, Maruti Suzuki is an exception. This year (2017) also Maruti has nearly doubled investors wealth.

  • In last 5 years, this stock price has increased by 6.5 times. This stock was trading at Rs.1500 in Dec 2012 and currently trading at Rs.9830.(2017)
  • In last year stock has given 91% CAGR return.
  • The premium segment Nexa Car Baleno and S-cross launched by Maruti is doing well. Design modification in Dezire is attractive.
  • Maruti is also planning to launch battery operated car by 2020 in association with Toyota. 

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Britannia –

CMP – Rs. 4750/-

Target Price – Rs. 6000/-

Potential Upside – 26%

Britannia is next potential multibagger stock for 2018. Britannia has delivered consistent healthy returns in the past. The company is on the growth trajectory.

  • Britannia is rapidly expanding distribution, continuously investing in R&D and manufacturing facility.
  • In last five years stock has grown by 9.5 times. This year (2017) Britannia has generated 68% CAGR returns.
  • The company is also increasing capacity and working on International presence. A Favorable market condition is also positive part of Britannia.

Potential Multibagger Stock from Small Cap and Mid Cap Segment -2018

Rallis India 

CMP – Rs. 251

Target Price – Rs. 380

Potential Upside – 51%

Rallis India is first potential multibagger stock in the small-cap mid-cap segment for 2018. It is chemical company & subsidiary of Tata Chemical Group.

  • Past performance of the stock is very good. Last year this stock has given 30% return to the investor.
  • EPS of this stock is increasing. Return on Equity is good.
  • A company is launching new products every year. A company has a very good distribution network.
  • The company is virtually debt free. 


CMP – Rs. 485

Target Price – Rs. 720

Potential Upside – 48%

Another very good potential multibagger stock is GNFC. GNFC is also one of the favorite stock of Dolly Khanna aka Rajiv Khanna. Few key points about GNFC are given below.

  • In last five years, GNFC has grown by 5 times. Last year this stock has given 126% return to the investor.
  • GNFC is in the monopoly business of manufacturing of TDI  (toluene diisocyanate). This chemical has wide application in a number of industries.
  • The recent anti-dumping duty on TDI will surely help GNFC to strengthen its position in Market.
  • A company is expected to become debt free by 2018.

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Over to You –

What is your take on these stocks?

Do you think these multi-bagger stocks will able to give good returns in the future?

Do share your opinion in the comment section.

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  1. raghu says:

    Greetings of the day Ravi Raj,
    I am new to stock Market & just 27yrs ,thinking to invest in stock.i inspired reading your blog.kindly,refer some companies which per unit price of rs.500-600 for long term which turns into multibagger.Guide me, to get knowledge in stock market.

    • Dear Raghu,

      As you are new to stock market, I would suggest you to start with mutual funds (balanced fund). Still,If you want to invest in direct equity, I recommend investing in bluechip stocks. Few good bluechip stocks are Bajaj Auto,Reliance Industries etc.

  2. Gaurav says:

    Bought 1000 shares of Sintex Industries at 31rs. Giving huge loss at the moment. Should I exit?

  3. George Mathews says:

    I have Baja Fiinance,Dilip Buildcon and Meghmani orgainics..they are not doing so well ecept Dilip buildcon.Should I sell Bajaj and Megmani or wait..if wait he to what level?

  4. B.SUDHAKAR says:

    Dear Raviraj
    I purchased Rcom @16.50 avg price 50000 shares any 2 months back lost any 2 lacks selling @13.25 .Can I buy rcom at this levels to cover my loss if it goes to 24-27

    • Dear Sudhakar,

      It is not advisable to invest in Rcom at current level.It is highly volatile stock and debt level on Rcom is very high. I suggest you to invest in other company to recover the loss.

    • Haroon Tanwar says:

      dear Sudhakar ,

      dont be a trader , study the stock , see what the company is making , see the investors , companies profile , its debt , its p/e ratio , and then buy , merely dont go on tip , See Wada pav available at 15 rs , u got r com at 16 , thats the price of wada pav , 100 % r com has got a good set up , even if it sells that it will be in profit , first company of D A , so just to keep the name of Father MA wont let the company down , he will support his brother at any cost , see the bulk buying going on check all these , try vikas ecotech & nila infra . these are good companies and may reach 100 rs in coming year

  5. SS Gupt says:

    Thanks dear Raviraj
    I always follow your blog and follow the insights for my investments.
    Carry on Doctor!
    With best wishes
    Shyam Sunder Gupt

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