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Dear Friends,

There is a lot to understand in the world of personal finance today. We all have different needs we all want to buy multiple houses, we all need lot of money, we all want to retire early and rich. We try to address this by doing saving, investment & financial planning.

Sometime dealing with these decisions is confusing & difficult. This is where our personal finance calculators come in.  Each personal finance calculator is designed to provide valuable insight into the long term effect of each financial decision.

Our loan repayment calculator will help predict the effects of making any type of loan repayment, in order to allow you to choose the way that works best for you.  Our EMI calculator will help you to know EMI for Loan.

Along with calculator we bring portfolio manager Equity & Mutual Funds – Excel based utility & several trackers for you.

Remember Personal financial decisions can make the difference between a happy and successful life and a regretful one. Use our personal finance calculators & portfolio manager to test each strategy, and master your financial success.

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Calculators –

  • EMI Calculator – Calculate how much EMI you need to pay for your Loan. Input loan amount, Interest and Tenure.

Portfolio Manager –

Forms –

  • New Form 15G –  Declaration Form by Individual or person claiming certain receipts without deductions.
  • New Form 15H –  Declaration Form by Individual above 60 year age for claiming certain receipts without deductions.

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