20 Types of Loans in India

Loans are beneficial, especially to middle class and poor people. You can fulfil your dream by taking loan. Loans can help you to avail facilities such as home, car, study etc. There are different types of loans available in India. You can select a loan based your requirement. However, it is good ideas to explore the various loan options before taking loan. Here is information about 20 Types of Loans in India. Loan is money which a borrower takes from […]

Online Jobs for Students – Easy without Investment

College students running out the pocket money can easily make money from online jobs. If you are a college student and serious about making online money here is legitimate & trusted online jobs. All these online jobs are easy and can be started without any investment. In order to start this online job, you don’t need a college degree or even experience certificate. You just need your laptop with internet connection and few hours per day. You can earn $200 […]

7 Ideas to Create a Second Income

It is good that you have a job and you are regularly earning money. However, if your pay is not enough and you are looking for second income I am here with some smart ideas to create a second income. Believe it or not in today’s time, a second income is a necessity. The reason why you should build the second source of income is given below. Second income helps you to increase your saving. If you are planning to […]

New PPF Rules – Premature Closure Relaxation

New PPF Rules – PPF is one of the most popular investment options in India. PPF offers multiple benefits including tax-free interest income, tax exemption, and risk-free investment. If you are holding PPF account this post is for you. PPF Rules are recently revised by the government of India. As per recent notification dated 13th Feb 2018, Finance ministry has proposed an expansion in the scope of benefit for PPF scheme. At present, there are multiple acts with respect to […]

Virtual Trading Apps for Stock Market Trading

Do you know what is virtual trading? Virtual Trading is a concept of doing trading online in the virtual world. It is mainly done for the purpose of learning. In India, many people avoid stock market investing. The main reason is lack of knowledge and skillset required for the stock market trading. However, these factors are addressed with an advancement of technology and internet. You can use smartphone virtual trading apps for learning stock market trading using virtual money. This […]