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3 Powerful Negotiation Secrets – Get What You Want

Negotiation is one of the most important skills in business as well as in life. You can get whatever you want in life if you negotiate well.

So maybe you are a businessman or maybe you are in sales.

Or even day-to-day life.

How do you negotiate so that you can get what you want?

Today I am going to share 3 Powerful Negotiation Secretes. 

3 Powerful Negotiation Secrets

3 Powerful negotiation secrets

#1 Start with NO

First, you need to detach yourself from the deal. Instead of going into a scenario, going into a negotiation mode that oh I got to close this deal, I have to get this deal.

If you get attached to the deal you will end up reducing the price to get the deal.

The minute you are not attached, the minute you start with no. 

You will stick to the price that you want and your chance of winning and getting a deal would be high.

It’s almost like you are going to go well with the deal but at the same time, you are not attached.

It is called a – Walk Away Power

The minute you say you know what, it would be nice if we do this deal.  

But I’m perfectly okay if we don’t do the deal.

So the minute you are okay to walk away from the deal then the other party, the person that you are negotiating with can feel that hey you’re not needy.

You’re not desperate, you’re here to work out a win-win deal.

And that’s very very good. So start with the no in your mind first so you’re not attached. 

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#2 Always Find the Hidden Motive

You need to always find out that – What is the hidden motive of the deal? In the other words – 

What motivates this party?

Not what they say –

  • Why do they want this deal?
  • What happens in case they don’t get this deal?

They might say they want this, they want that but what is it?

They might say oh I want this price.

Anything less than that I’m not going to say yes to.

Well, is it price or is it something else?

Could it be that if they don’t do this deal there’s some kind of deadline?

There might be urgency that you may not be aware of.

So if you talk a little bit of time and do your research or you ask if you know how to ask good questions.

Or you just find out maybe from the people around them what motivates this person?

What are the hot buttons to crack the deal?

Once you find that when you’re going in and you are not attached but at the same time you’ve done your homework.

Negotiation very often is about doing your homework right.

Whoever does the most amount of homework about the other person, will have an edge.

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#3 Ask for the Moon

So imagine you are negotiating a particular deal.

So when you just ask and say –

Hey, I want this. Well no I’m not going to give you that.

Well, I want this. Well, I’m not going to give you that.

Now you are fighting over this one thing right.

It either becomes a yes or no kind of scenario.

Instead, when you are asking for something, ask for the moon meaning this.

Let’s say there are three things you want out of this scenario right, out of this negotiation.

Don’t ask for three, ask for five or more.

So when you’re negotiating say okay I want one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, I want these things.

The other party will be like, they will freak.

They’ll be like no, that’s crazy, I’m not going to give you these things, you’re insane.

There is no way, there’s no deal to be made here.

And you’re like well hmm so what could you do?

Well, I’m not going to give you things.

The most I could give you is like four things or five things or three things.

Good, because those are the three things that you want in the beginning.

So when you ask for the moon, you give them a little bit of leeway to negotiate to kind of haggle right.

To know hey, you’re not going to get it all but if you get half of it, you get one-third of it, you’re happy and that’s what you want in the beginning anyway.

That’s the outcome that you want right.

So ask for the moon.

When you go for negotiation you need to practice a lot.

Remember – Practice makes a man perfect.

You got to practice almost with a straight face right.

You got to practice negotiating.

It should be very, very professional right.

But also believe that you’re not asking a lot because you’re greedy or anything like that.

It is hey you want to get the best deal right?

Everybody wants to get the best deal.

But at the same time, once you’ve done your research, you’ve done your homework.

You know the motives, what are the motives they have, then you can make it a win.

Because here’s what I did early on in business that I think was wrong.

That I was always trying to make it almost like I always win and other people lose.

And you might be able to do that if you have enough power.

But the problem is, people, don’t come back.

They don’t want to do business with you again.

So you might think you win short term but long term but you don’t get any repeat business.

You don’t get referrals.

You won’t have a very good reputation.

So at the beginning of my business career, I was a very hard tough negotiator.

And now I’m much softer.

I’m much more easygoing because I think now coming from a place of abundance.

Hey, you know what, I don’t need to grab all the chips on the table.

I don’t need to win all the time. 

I could make it a win-win.

I will not do a deal nowadays if it’s not a win-win.

That if I win, I want you to win.

I want everybody to win.

Because this way then you feel good.

When you feel good about the deal, you’re more likely to do another deal and then another deal and then another deal and another deal right?

So then you’re more likely to do that.

So I would say those three secrets combined to always strive for a win-win.

Over to you

So what you can learn from the above is Win-Win or NO Deal.

No deal is a better option than win-lose or lose-win.

I 100% am sure 3 negotiation secrets shared by me will help you in getting and cracking a better deal.

One more piece of advice, whenever you go for negotiation, do read these articles (3 proven secretes of negotiation) one more time and see the difference.

These magical secrets will work for you and you can get what you want from the deal.

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