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10 Best website to compare insurance policy online

compare insurance

Do you compare insurance policy before buying? If No, you may be doing a biggest financial mistake. Today we have a number of options available online to compare insurance policy before buying. We all know that there are numbers of insurance policy available in the market and it is quite confusing to find out a best insurance policy. In order to help you out in a selection of best insurance policy here is a list of 10 Best websites to compare insurance policies online.

10 Best website to compare insurance policy online

Compare insurance

These websites not only offers a facility to compare life insurance you can even compare health insurance, car insurance using these websites. These websites ask for information like your age, insurance amount, your annual income before giving an actual quotation. You are requested to give correct information to get a quotation. Some website offers call back facility. You need feed your mobile number on the site and you will get a call from a representative.

I personally use Policy Bazaar and My Insurance Club for comparison of insurance policy. These websites give a very good user interface and you will get best insurance deal in less than a minute.

So, Forget Insurance agent and use these best websites to compare insurance policy online. In order to help you here is few useful tips about life insurance, health insurance and car insurance is given below.

Useful Tips about life Insurance –

Lower premium at early Age – Life insurance policy premium is calculated based on your age. At a younger age, lower premium is charged. You should plan to buy a policy at an early age to avail lower insurance benefits.

Know how much Insurance is required – Prior to buying insurance policy you should be aware about your present and future financial commitments. You should opt for Life insurance term plan which offers high coverage at low cost.

Inflation Factor – While buying life insurance you should take inflation factor int0 account. Insurance cover of 30-40 Lakh might sounds sufficient today. However, 30 years down the line this cover won’t be sufficient. While buying insurance consider how rising price will affect your future financial requirement.

Claim settlement ratio – Select insurance company which is best in claim settlement ratio. You can refer to IRDA site to know more about claim settlement ratio of various companies.

Online Policy – Online insurance policy are somewhat cheaper as no insurance agent is involved in process. It is convenient to buy a policy online, but after sale support is the biggest pain in online policy.

 Compare Policy – You must compare insurance policy before making the purchase decision. You can use online website mentioned above to compare insurance policy.

Useful Tips about Health Insurance –

Individual or Family Floater – Individual policy is for individual and family floater is for entire family. You should choose a family floater plan for health insurance.

Renewal Period – Renewal period is an important factor for selection of health insurance. Your health is likely to get deteriorate with growing age. You should select health insurance policy which can be renewed life-long.

Waiting Period for Pre-existing Diseases – Pre-existing diseases are not covered at the initial stage under health insurance policy. You should check for the time taken to cover these diseases in your plan.

Cashless claim and Hospital Network – You should review and obtain information about Hospital Network coverage offered by health insurance policy. An Insurer with a broad list of the hospital in its network across India should be given a preference.

For more information visit Buying Health Insurance Policy Guide India.

Useful Tips about Car Insurance –

Add-on Benefits – Some car insurance comes with additional add-on benefits with cost you should get complete information about add-ons available and its benefits.

Renew on Time – You should always renew car insurance on time. The laps of policy means an additional process of resurveying. Earlier renewal means extra benefits with some insurance companies.

Avoid False Declaration – Any False declaration in policy means laps of policy at any stage. You should avoid doing false declaration while buying car insurance.

Discount on Security Features – If your car is equipped with central locking arrangement or anti-theft alarm system you are likely to get a discount on the premium of car insurance.

Hope you find this information useful. Do share your experience about these websites.

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