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22 Business Ideas in 2023 Small Investment only 1 Lakh

Business Ideas – Leaving a 9 to 5 job and starting own business is very good idea. No tension of boss.  Freedom to set your own working hours. No limit on income. These are some lucrative benefits of starting your business.

There are many young and dynamic people who are keen to start own business. However, due to lack of money knowledge they drop the idea of starting business.

If you are one of them, this post is for you. In this post, I will solve both these issues. I am going to share list of business ideas that can be started with small investment of 1 Lakh.

For better understanding I have classified these business ideas in following categories.

#1 Manufacturing business with low investment

#2 Food based business ideas with low investment

#3 Product based business ideas with low investment

#4 Service based business ideas with low investment

business ideas 1 lakh

22 Business ideas in 2023 Small investment 1 Lakh

  • Manufacturing business with low investment

#1 Face Mask

Face mask is in huge demand and likely to remain in demand. Face masks are of multiple type such as cloth mask, surgical mask and N95 respirators.

You can start cloth mas and surgical mask business in low investment less than 1 Lakh. Surgical face masks are made using non-woven fabrics and plastic material two or three layers. You can opt of handmade face mask or purchase machinery for bulk face mask manufacturing. You will at least need face mask machine and mask inner loop welding machine to start with.

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#2 Sanitizer Dispenser Manufacturing  

The usage of Sanitizer is growing. Good sanitizer is required almost everywhere. Here you have two different business options. You can go for manufacturing of sanitizer or you can manufacture sanitizer dispenser.

Raw material required for making sanitizer is glycerin, alcohol, isopropyl and chemical. You require deep understanding of sanitizer making before starting business. Another alternative is starting business of sanitizer dispenser. You need to invest money for buying sanitizer dispenser manufacturing machine. You also need small space for starting this business.

#3 Handmade candles

Handmade candle making is one of the best business idea. Candles are usually remains in demand starting from traditional to religious to decoration purposes during festivals. Candle making can be starting from home.

You require raw material such as wax, perfume and string for making candle. You can initially start with handmade candle.  At later stage you can go for candle-making equipment.

#4 Incense sticks

Incense sticks are in demand in India as well as abroad. Incense sticks are used in religious activity and in meditation in many countries across the world. The incense sticks are easy to make. You will get automatic or semi-automatic machine starting from Rs.75000. You require small space to do manufacturing of Incense sticks.

#5 Handmade Chocolates

Chocolates are mood changer and usually remains in demand. It is easy to make chocolate at home. You require raw material such as sugar, chocolate cream and packaging material to make chocolate. The business of making handmade chocolate can be started with low investment of Rs.40000 to Rs.50000. This business holds a good range of success rate and profit.

#6 Disposable plates and cups

Disposable plates and cups are used in almost every events, picnic and functions. As disposable plates and cups are inexpensive and easily available it is also used by street vendors and hawkers. This means disposal plates and cups making is evergreen business option. You require approximate investment of Rs.60000 to start this business.

  •  Food based business ideas with low investment

#7 Pickles making

Handmade pickle is first in the list of food based business ideas with low investment. It is traditional business option especially for women. Pickle is famous in India as well as abroad. Pickle making can be started from home also. There are variety of options to make pickles. You require small investment of Rs.25000 to start this business.

#8 Sweet and Snacks

Sweet and Snacks making is one of my favorite business idea. You require to be expert in making sweet and snacks. You can also recruit manpower that will help in making sweets and snacks. Investment required for starting this business is approximately Rs.50000 to Rs.75000. You require small shop to start this business.

#9 Home Made Nasta

Many people prefer homemade nasta (breakfast). Thus starting homemade nasta business could be very good business option. You can start this business from home. Investment required for this business is in the range of Rs.25000 to Rs.50000. You can keep home delivery or hire a place where you can make nasta.

#10 Tiffin Service

Tiffin service is evergreen business idea for food lover. This services are generally required by paying guest and office people. If you are good cook who can prepare healthy and tasty food in economic range this business is for you. This business can be started from home or from small shop. You need to invest roughly Rs.40000 to start tiffin services.

#11 Food Truck

Food Truck is next in the list of business ideas with low investment. In this business, you require old truck or tempo which can be converted to food truck. This idea is gradually becoming popular in India. You require good cook for making food. You can start with snacks and fast food. Once your truck is popular you can add multiple other food products.

#12 Tea or Fruit juice kiosk

Tea stall or fruit juice kiosk is next in the list. You require to invest approximately Rs.15000 to start tea or fruit juice kiosk. You require suitable place preferably nearby office area to open tea or fruit juice kiosk. It is very good business idea with small investment.

  • Product based business ideas with low investment

#13 Computer Hardware Shop

Computer hardware shop is first product based business idea. Computers, laptops and peripheral are in huge demand. You can start this business from home or you can take small shop to start this business. You need to find out customer for the computer and IT related product. The investment required for this business is 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh.

#14 Garment business

Cloths the basic requirement of human being has become style statement. People prefer stylist cloths for wearing. If you have expertise you can buy cloth at lower cost and sell it at higher price. Garment business can be started from home or from small shop. You can start this business from Rs.50000.

#15 Newspaper agency

Newspaper agency or newspaper distribution is good business option due to higher commission margin. The commission payout take place quickly. As newspaper agent you need to collect newspaper from depot early in the morning and carry out distribution. You require distribution boys and transportation arrangement for the same.

#16 Flower shop

Opening flower shop is one of the very good business option in India. Flowers are used for giving gift and in religious purpose. Flowers are also used in festival for decoration purpose.  You can either involve yourself in buying and selling of flower or you can produce flower at farm and sell it to the customer with higher profit margin.

  • Service based business ideas with low investment

#17 Pest Control Services

Pest control services is one of the most popular service based business idea. In this business, you need to take annual contract of pest control services. You need to employee manpower who will do pest control services on site. Investment required for this business is Rs.30000 to Rs.80000.

#18 Real Estate Brokerage Services

Real estate brokerage service is low investment business. You require small shop for starting this business which can be taken on rent. This business can also be started from home.  You need to help customer in buying, selling or renting property. The earning would be commission.

#19 Tuition and Hobby Class

You can also start tuition or hobby class. Tuition class or hobby class can be started from home. You just need black board and few students to start tuition class. You require knowledge of various subjects for starting tuition. Alternate is starting hobby class such as drawing class, dance class or music class.

#20 Job consultant Services

Good job consultant is in huge demand. As a job consultant you need to help candidate in finding job. You require good contact with various employers looking for candidates. You will get commission from employer as well as job candidate.  The investment required for this business is in the range of Rs.40000 to 1 Lakh.

#21 Interior Decorator

Interior Decorator is a responsible person for reusing and beautifying space. If you have completed civil related course or architecture course you can become interior decorator. Initially you need to work hard to find out customers. Once established you can earn lot of money as an interior decorator.

#22 Insurance Agency

Insurance Agency is one of the best low investment idea with 1 Lakh investment. In this business, you need to take insurance agency of insurance companies and sell insurance products such as general insurance, life insurance etc. You can earn every good commission on insurance polices.

Over to you

I hope you find these 22 business ideas interesting. Share these business ideas with your friends help them to start their own business.

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