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15 Best Home Based Business Ideas for Housewives & Moms

Home based business is blessing for the housewives and moms. Home based business ideas can be started with low investment and require very less time. Nowadays many housewives and moms are looking for home based business. They are keen to earn more money by doing part time business in the spare time. In order to help them, I am here with 15 Best Home Based Business Ideas. These ideas are somewhat flexible in nature as being a housewife you need to give sufficient time to your family and children. So, let’s take a look at best home based business ideas that can make you financially independent.

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15 Best Home Based Business Ideas for Housewives & Moms

Cooking based business Ideas for Housewives & Moms

Chocolate Making

Chocolate making is evergreen home based low investment business idea. As per me, it is a perfect business for the housewife. In order to start this business, you need a license as food manufacture from FSSAI. In this business, you need to make chocolates and sell. You will need a help from someone as you need to wrap the chocolates to make it attractive. In order to sell the chocolate, you can tie up with shopping malls or local grocery shops.

Capital required for chocolate making – Rs 5000 – Rs 10000

Expected profit margin – 20%

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Cake Making

The second home based business idea is cake making. Cake making doesn’t require many resources, tools or equipment. You just need skill and training for cake making. You should be extremely good in making a cake in order to withstand in the market. Selling of cake can be done from home. In addition to that, you can tie up with local bakeries to increase the sell.

Capital required for cake making – Rs 5000 – Rs 10000

Expected profit margin – 20 – 30%

Cooking class

The third business idea for the housewives and mom is a cooking class. It is pure ladies based business idea. In order to start cooking class, you should be very good at a culinary skill. You also need small space at home along with multiple cooking facilities to start this business.

Capital required for cooking class- Rs 20000 – Rs 25000

Expected profit margin – 30%

Skill & Product based business Ideas for Housewives & Moms

Candle Making

The next home based business idea for housewives is candle making. Candles are widely used nowadays not only for religious purpose but also as a decorative item. To start this business you need to learn a technique of making a candle from wax. You can refer a book or attend a training program for the same.

Capital required for candle making – Rs 10000 – Rs 15000

Expected profit margin – 15-30%

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Greeting Card Making

Greeting card making is small home based business. Demands of greeting cards are increasing and greeting cards are required on almost every occasion. So, starting a greeting card making business could be very good bet. This business requires less capital and more creativity.

Capital required for greeting card making – Rs 500 – Rs 2500

Expected profit margin – 40%

Customize Cloth making

The next home based business for housewives is cloth designing. This business requires more money as you need to procure multiple types of equipment and you also need manpower for making customize clothes. You can create a facebook page or WhatsApp group in order to sell these clothes.

Capital required for Customize cloth making – 1 Lac

Expected profit margin – 30%


Blogging is most popular home based business for everyone including housewives. In order to become a successful blogger, you need to be very good in term of content creation and knowledge. Today blogging is a primary source of income for many.

Capital required for Blogging – Rs.5000

Expected revenue – Variable

Silver Jewelry Business

Jewelry is one of the most favorite topics of ladies. If you love jewelry and ready make a small investment you can start your own silver based jewelry business from home. It is a profitable business. However, it requires time to establish yourself in this business.

Capital required for Blogging – 1 Lac

Expected profit margin – 40%

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Service based business Ideas for Housewives & Moms

Match Making

Matchmaking is a simple business that can be started from home. You just need biodatas of unmarried male and female candidate to start this business. You need to give very less time to this business.

Capital required for Match Making – NIL

Expected Revenue – Variable

Account Keeping

If you are a commerce graduate with expertise in accounting you can start home-based accounting business. Many small companies are looking for people who can effectively manage account and prepare a balance sheet for them. It is an evergreen business without any investment.

Capital required for Account Keeping – NIL

Expected Revenue – Variable

Form Filling or Data Entry

Computer savvy super moms and housewives can go for form filling or data entry operation business. Many websites offer job-related to form filling and data entry. You will be paid once you complete the data entry job.

Capital required for Data Entry – NIL

Expected Revenue – Variable

Beauty parlor

The beauty parlor is best part time home based business idea for housewives and moms. You need to take training before starting a beauty parlor. It requires a time to establish yourself as a good beautician.

Capital required for Beauty parlor – Rs.25000

Expected Revenue – Variable

Other business Ideas for Housewives & Moms

Tuition Class

Tuition class is next small business ideas that can be started from home. Teaching and learning skill is a must in order to start this business. Initially, you can start with few students, with growing demand you can plan to convert your small tuition to big coaching class.

Capital required for Tuition Class – Rs.5000

Expected Revenue – Variable

PTC Jobs

If you are good at operating computer you can plan to take up PTC Jobs offered by various websites. PTC job means pay to click job. This type of job will pay you money for clicking and viewing an advertisement.

Capital required for PTC Jobs – NIL

Expected Revenue – Variable

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Play Group

The demand of play group is increasing in many cities in India. If you have a suitable place and money for investment this business is for you. In order to start this business, you need to decide play school course and take appropriate permission from the government. After doing that you need to buy all kind of play school equipment like furniture, toys, educations aids etc. Once it is done you need to recruit staff for the play group.

Capital required for Play Group – 2 Lac

Expected Revenue – Variable

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15 Best Home Based Business Ideas for Housewives

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