Top 10 Personal Finance blog you must follow

top personal finance blog

Today I am going to share details about top 10 personal finance blog of India.

You must follow these blogs, if you want to keep yourself updated about latest happening in financial market. These blogs provide information about financial planning, investment, insurance, retirement, stock market, loans, gold, real estate, income tax & review about various financial products.

These blogs are authored by diverse personalities some of them are financial experts but others are IT professional, Engineers or Home maker.

Ranking method:-

In order to rank blog we have used most accepted and accurate ranking method on Internet Alexa. Alexa is web analytics portal which provide information about websites. Alexa India ranking used in this post is as on 17/2/2014.

Top 10 Personal Finance Blog India:-

(1)  Jagoinvestor

Alexa India Rank -4987

Jagoinvestor is top on list. This blog covers all aspect of personal finance right from investment, insurance, stock market, product reviews and much more. This site also runs forum where you can post your queries.

About Author:-

Author of this blog is Manish Chauhan who is from IT background. Manish has also written number of books on finance.

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(2)  TaxGuru

Alexa India Rank -5413

Tax Guru as name suggests this blog provides all information about taxes. Income Tax, Sales Tax , Service tax, Excise & all types of legal advice.

About Author:-

Author of this blog is CA Sandeep Kanoi. As Sandeep is CA by profession is he carries good amount of subject knowledge.

(3)  Basu Nivesh

Alexa India Rank -14834

Basunivesh is personal finance blog aim to educate each individual in dealing their financial life, making him/her aware about mis-selling which may come into his/her life at any time through any means.

About Author:-

Author of this blog is Basavaraj Tonagatti he is from banglore. Basavraj is Certified Financial Planner and share lot of insight about every topic. Success Story of Basavaraj Tonagatti

(4)  Bemoney aware

Alexa India Rank -15970

Bemoney Aware is blog covering multiple topics on finance like investing, loan, income tax. This blog contains more than 270+ articles.

About Author:-

This blog is handled by Kirti, a software consultant, a woman, residing in Bangalore. Kirti is not from finance stream but carries good amount of knowledge about finance.

(5)  Onemint

Alexa India Rank -19653

Onemint is blog related to personal finance, technology and economics. This blog helps others to make better decision about money.

About Author:-

This blog is maintained by Manshu Verma. Manshu is MBA with Finance. He is passionate about finance, technology and economics and share the same on his blog.

(6)  My Investment Ideas

Alexa India Rank – 21014

My Investment Ideas is blog sharing information about new investment ideas. Not only that this blog provides information about latest news related to finance.

About Author:-

This blog is managed by Suresh KP from Hyderabad. Suresh KP had 15 years of rich experience in field of investments and financial planning.

Top articles by Top personal finance bloggers of India

(7)  Get Money Rich

Alexa India Rank –27565

Get Money rich blog share information about stock market , investment, personal finance, real estate, gold and mutual funds.

About Author:-

Author of Get Money Rich is Manish Choudhary. He is Project Manager by profession and manage construction part of steel plant.  Although he is not from finance field he share good amount of information about finance on his blog.

(8) SubraMoney

Alexa India Rank – 36158

Subra Money contains more than 1000 articles on diverse topic related to personal finance. You must follow this blog to enhance your knowledge.

About Author:-

Subra Money is initiative by P V Subramanyam, a Chartered Accountant by qualification and a financial trainer by profession. He has 20 years of rich experience. P V Subramanyam has also written book on finance.

(9)  TFL Guide

Alexa India Rank – 41626

Teach Finance Literacy Guide is blog which share information about financial planning, investment, insurance, gold and lot of other stuff.  TFL Guide help to prevent mis-selling of financial products.

About author:-

Author of  TFLGuide is Hemant Beniwal, Certified Financial Planner. Hemant Beniwal is management graduate in finance and carries 14 years of rich experience in finance industry.

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(10)  Money Excel

Alexa India Rank – 45658

Money Excel is blog which will help you in achieving excellence for money. We talk about financial planning, investment, finance product review, real estate, gold, business, stock market etc.

About author:-

Money Excel is blog by Raviraj and Shitanshu. Raviraj carries 10 year of rich experience in field of insurance and investment. Raviraj is finance graduate. Shitanshu by education is engineering graduate but passionate about finance, economics and politics.

Way ahead:

We have done enough research to make list of  Top 10 personal finance blog of India. If you find any discrepancy in given information please write back to us.

If we missed any personal finance blog and if you feel that should be added here please write back to us and we will try to include it here.

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