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7 Upcoming Innovative Business Ideas in India

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Innovative products and Innovative business ideas are always in demand. If you are searching for innovative products or upcoming innovative business ideas, here are Top 7 upcoming business ideas in India that can be started with a small investment.

All these business ideas are future ready and based on innovative products derived from extensive research. The chances of getting success by selecting these business ideas are very high. So, without wasting time let’s take a look at Top 7 Upcoming Innovative Business Ideas in India.

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7 Upcoming Innovative Business Ideas in India

Smart Dustbin with Free WiFi

The first Innovative product is Smart Dustbin with Free WiFi. This innovative dustbin generates free Internet WiFi single once you fill dustbin with sufficient amount of waste. The popularity of this product is on the rise. Be it domestic or public this product is useful everywhere. Event Planner and Caterers are using this product to offer value-added services to the client. You can either design your own smart dustbin or can start trading of available smart dustbins. It is an upcoming small-scale business with promising future.

free wifi dustbin

Self-Stirring Mug

Self-Stirring Mug eliminates the need for a spoon for stirring. You have to just press button and a stirring process will be completed. It is an innovative product with a very good market in India. One can use this product as a household item and as a gift. It comes with battery and other electronic accessories. The process of manufacturing such mug is very easy. A readymade kits are mostly available from electronic item manufacturer. Another innovative product is Tea Cup with Biscuit pocket. You can easily get information about this product online.

self stirring mug

Heated Butter Knife

Heated Butter Knife is another innovative product. This product is a boon for health-conscious people. It is a special type of knife designed to be used in Cold butter. It helps for melting of butter. It also optimizes quality of butter to be applied. The manufacturing process of the product is very easy. As it is innovative product chance of getting success is very high.

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Laser Keyboard

Laser Keyboard is a virtual keyboard used as computer input device. Once you start this device image of the virtual keyboard is projected on the surface. It senses the keystroke pressed on the surface of the projected keyboard. It is connected to the computer via Bluetooth. You can manufacture such device easily provided you understand the technology used in this product.

laser keyboard

Moss Carpet

Moss Carpet is a new innovative product. This product is used in front of the bathroom it increases oxygen level and freshness in the bath area. This carpet can be used in the aquarium and also in the home area. The process of manufacturing moss carpet is very easy. The cost involved in manufacturing is also less. The demand for these type of product is expected to increase in future.

Diet Food Store

Diet Food is now an integral part of our life. We have become health conscious. Going to the gym doing exercise and yoga is our daily routine.  Thus starting a Diet Food store will surely turn out to a profitable affair. You need to be careful in selecting the area for the store. Select a posh area and serve delicious diet food.


Virtual Reality and its accessories

Virtual reality and gaming is an upcoming trend. Thus starting a business related to virtual reality accessories or gaming could be another profitable affair. You need to invest several lakhs in order to start this business.

I hope you like above upcoming innovative business ideas.

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7 Upcoming Innovative Business Ideas in India

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