7 New Innovative Business Ideas

innovative business ideas

Innovative business ideas are expected to see a big success. If you have dreamed of becoming Entrepreneur and if you are looking for new innovative business ideas here is a list of 7 New Innovative business Ideas. All these business ideas are an outcome of out of the box creative thinking.

7 New Innovative Business Ideas


Lendingkart is on the first spot of Innovative business ideas. Lendingkart is an online portal that provides fast, short term loans for the small businesses in India. Lendingkart was founded by Mr.Harshvardhan Lunia. Lendingkart has an innovative business model it taps the need of the underserved lending market. The company has tools based on big data to evaluate the credit worthiness of a borrower. Ledingkart  focuses on current year cash flow and business growth instead of looking into history. Entire application processing is online and takes less than 15 minutes. No collateral is required for offering loan.

Oneway cab

Oneway cab is next in the list of innovative business idea. Oneway cab was founded by Mr.Vivek Kejriwal. Oneway cab is based on the concept of charging only one way fare. It is but natural charges for two-way fare although you are traveling one-way because there is no guarantee of a passenger in the return journey. Oneway cab comes with innovative concept Return Fare, Not fair. If you book a cab with Oneway cab you need to pay only one way charges. Oneway cab is providing services online across India.

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Imagine you could book laundry service online with a click of a button. This innovative business idea is implemented successfully by Laundrynow in Ahmadabad. Laundrynow is founded by Mr.Shailendrasingh Yadav. This platform helps you to book for laundry service at your ease.


Salebhai is online platform for the specialized food items. An Innovative business idea of Salebhai was invented by Mr.Vishwavijay Singh. Salebhai provides a wide range of sweets, snacks, biscuits, chocolates, pickles and spices. It also deals in specialized items such as Agra’s petha, Lonawala’s chikki, Ratlam’s sev, Ahmedabad’s khakhra, Bengaluru’s chocolates, Bombay halwa etc.


Full form of DSYH is Don’t Scratch your Head. DSYH is founded by Mr.Suraj Vazirani. DSYH is an innovative business idea for the E-commerce marketplace. A logistic reconciliation is the biggest problem of the e-commerce industry. Once a product is sold money is delivered to the seller after deducting a commission, logistic and other charges. If e-seller registers on multiple sites it is very difficult to keep track of record of order and payments. DSYH online ERP solution is answer of this problem. It provides multiple modules like inventory management, reconciliation management, multichannel selling etc.

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Locanix is GPS based innovative business idea. Locanix is founded by Mr.Ruchi Surti. Locanix provides business solutions like tracking of vehicle based on GPS, Fuel monitoring and increasing an efficiency of machine, temperature monitoring etc. Locanix helps clients to reduce operational cost. Locanix operates on cloud-based SaaS model.


Matrubharti converts and publish an ebook in the regional languages. Matrubharti is founded by Mr.Mahendra Sharma. Matrubharti is free however premium version for offline reading is chargeable. This platform is available in multiple regional languages like Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Bengali.

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