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What To Look For In A Whistleblower Attorney Firm

Whistleblower attorneys are a vital part of exposing fraud as a whistleblower. Still, there are so many firms to choose from that finding your ideal option is not always easy. Between the sheer number of different firms and independent specialists, as well as the many different specialties they might have, it can take time to pick out an attorney you can trust.

If you want to make the search easier, it helps to know what elements or qualities matter the most for a whistleblower. A good attorney will be able to help you pursue the case you have uncovered, but a great one will be able to do this while also offering a greater chance of coming out on top.

But what should you look for when you need an attorney to support you through a process like this? More importantly, what kinds of things should you look out for to find an attorney who can offer you the best chance of success?

What To Look For In A Whistleblower Attorney Firm


An attorney who has experience with similar past cases is an invaluable asset to have, especially since each individual whistleblower’s case is going to be a little bit different. You want experts who understand how to do the work you are asking them to do and who have had some prior experience with the situations you will need assistance with.

In other words, you want somebody who understands what to do and how to do it. An attorney firm that is clearly experienced in working with whistleblowers can be far more reliable than one that does not have much experience to draw from, which can be a serious problem if your whistleblowing is a much higher-stakes case dealing with large-scale fraud.


While the firm’s overall reputation is not the only factor you should consider when selecting a whistleblower, it is an important element of the equation. A good reputation can show that the firm is generally reliable and often comes from the attorneys working well with their clients and delivering good results regularly.

While a less-than-perfect reputation is not a good thing if the company has changed over time or only has very occasional criticism, it is still important to look into why each attorney is being praised. For example, an attorney who is fantastic with smaller, easy-to-deal-with cases may not be the best choice if you are going up against a huge fraud case.

Basically, the reputation of a firm does not come from nowhere. Reviews, blog posts, social media buzz, or even a chat with people you know face-to-face can reveal quite a lot about how good the company really is.

Openness and Communication

Whistleblowers need to communicate effectively with their attorneys to get the results they want, and a good firm should be willing to communicate back in return. The more open and communicative an attorney is with their clients, the better, since it keeps the client in the loop and ensures they are not left with no real understanding of what is happening.

This can be important for a lot of reasons, but especially because it ensures that you can be as involved with the process as you like. Being able to keep track of your case is important if you want to ensure that everything goes the way it should, and the best way to do that is to have your attorney give you updates on how things are progressing.

Poor communication becomes even worse if you are inexperienced with legal cases as a whole. If an attorney will not communicate advice or information about what you are supposed to do, then it can be difficult to follow their advice, and this can be a serious setback for both the client and the case itself.


Attorney fees are another major element to consider. Some attorneys charge flat fees, others use the contingency method (where the attorney is paid only if you win), and others may offer completely different arrangements depending on the case and the amount of money you are able to offer them upfront.

Each attorney and each firm is different, so you are going to have to talk with your chosen specialist before you sign a contract or agree to anything. However, it is very important to know what the fees are going to be ahead of time, especially if you only have so much money to spare and can’t afford to pay that much upfront.

Safety and Reliability

While it is not always the top priority when it comes to picking out an attorney, safety and reliability are important, especially if your case is a serious one and you do not want any of the details to leak out. If an attorney can’t be trusted to keep your secrets, then there is no way you can trust them to fight for you and your interests.

Whistleblowers are legally protected by the government, but that does not necessarily make your status as a whistleblower a safe one. If a firm leaks any information to the wrong people or gives the fraudsters time to hide further evidence of what they have done, it could mean a ruined case and a potential risk to your own safety.

Being a whistleblower can be an inherently scary thing, and sometimes, it really helps to be working with legal specialists who know how to protect you properly. Even if nothing actually happens, you want peace of mind when trying to assemble your case.

What Next?

There are literally hundreds – if not thousands – of attorneys out there who can help whistleblowers gather their evidence and build their case, and while you may not always find the right one straight away, it is never impossible.

While there is a lot more involved than just looking for a “good” attorney, and it can be difficult to figure out the perfect specialist for your needs, there are always some factors you can rely on. Resources like the JD Supra whistleblower attorney articles can really help you get on the right track with your search, making it much easier to find firms that will suit your needs.

Once you start looking, you will quickly realize just how many different options are out there for you to explore. You may not end up finding a perfect fit the first time, but it does not take long to pick out some whistleblower law firm options that are worth exploring further.

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