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What is required for Balance Successful life?


The world has transformed amazingly in past few decades. Today, money is considered as the most essential part of our lives. People are ready to do anything for money.

Every person has a different opinion about money but the most common derivation of each view is ‘Yes money is everything’.  And your success is defined by how much money you earn. So success is synonyms of money for many. Everything that we do today is mostly for the sake of making more money. So sound philosophy is Successful life = More Money.

I simply disagree with this fact. Money is not everything for successful life. Basic Ingredients of Balance successful life apart from money are:-


First ingredient of balance successful life is time. I have seen many people who said to be successful but they always runs out of the time. They always remain busy in one or other activity. They spend their life time in order to earn money. They end up in making more money but they run out of time to spend this money. Money can be earned but time cannot be. Imagine person earning lakhs of rupees per month but not spending quality time with Family.

This time and money make vicious circle called as “Time Trap” & most of the people cannot come out from this circle.

So money is important but time is equally important.


Second thing you require in balance successful life is happiness. Remember with more money you can purchase more things but cannot purchase happiness, it is something internal.

If you earn more money by getting promotion or by making good business deal this will cause happiness but this happiness will be momentarily. It does not bring constant sense of joy. Part of the reason is that you don’t know what to do with this additional money.

Financial Security:-

Third important thing for balance successful life is financial security.  In other word one should reach to condition of having the resources or money to support a standard of living now and in the foreseeable future.

Most of people agree with me here that if they do job or business way they are doing currently till retirement age also they won’t be financially secure. You have to plan your future income to become financially secure. 

Peace of Mind:-

Forth important thing which is required for balance successful life is peace of mind.

A peaceful mind will tell you what you have to do, how to make use of your skills, how to improve upon what you possess and what are the things you are short of. In today’s world money and peace of mind is opposite to each other. Person who has lot of money does not have time, happiness and peace of mind.


Satisfaction in life is another important thing. If I will ask you that how many of you are satisfied in job or business you are doing? Mostly your answer will be negative.

So point is you are not satisfied in work or business you cannot say that you are living successful life.

Fame & Recognition:-

Another thing which is required for balance successful life is fame and recognition. This may not be mandatory but you can place this in good to have category.

It gives another set of feeling if you are well known personality. This could not be that important for balance successful life but you can’t ignore it.


Most important ingredient for balance successful life is freedom. Freedom is the condition of being free and the power to act or speak or think without restraint.

Freedom is important to everyone. If someone is deprived from this innate right, he will definitely feel as if he is not a respectful human being.

Typical example is people who are doing Job most of the time it is observed that whatever work they are doing they are not doing with freedom. They are being derived by superior or boss.

Now as we know basic elements of Balance successful life let us try to find out who is living balance successful life, most of people I come across are missing one or other component mentioned above.

If we take example of Super star Amitabh bacchan most of people agree that he is successful, yes indeed he is successful but still basic ingredients of balance successful life like Time & Financial security is lacking in his life.

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Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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