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Upstox Vs ProStocks – Discount Stock Broker Comparison

Upstox vs ProStocks – Upstox & ProStocks is leading online discount stock brokers. Let’s do a side-by-side comparison of Upstox and ProStocks features, brokerage, trading platform, and other facilities.

Upstox is India’s fastest growing discount stockbroker. Upstox offers a completely paperless account opening facility. You can do trading in different segments such as equity, mutual funds, commodity, currency, futures, etc. Upstox offers intraday trading @ Rs.20 which is very low.

On the other hand, ProStocks is a Flat Fee Online stockbroker. ProStocks is famous for an unlimited trading plan. You can do trading in equity, currency, and future using ProStocks. ProStocks offers intraday trading @Rs.15 per trade.

If you are planning to open a new trading account or planning to change from an existing stockbroker, this post is for you. In this post, we will compare Upstox and ProStocks side by side.

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Upstox vs ProStocks – Discount Stock Broker Comparison  

Upstox Review

Upstox is a leading discount broker in India. Upstox was previously known as RKSV Securities. Upstox offers equity trading, derivatives trading, futures and options trading, and currency trading services. You can open 3-in-1 account and get an instant account transfer facility at Upstox. Upstox has more than 1 million active traders. Features of Upstox are given below.

Upstox Key Features

  • Free Demat & Trading Account
  • Open Demat Account in a single day paperless and online
  • The facility of trade on the move using mobile app
  • Upstox provides two different types of trading account to suit investor trader requirement
  • Trading platform on desktop as well as mobile
  • Facility to invest in the mutual funds
  • Trade report and earning facility
  • Advanced Charting and Analysis Facility for professional traders
  • Technical analysis and data-rich user interface

Upstox Charges

Equity Delivery TradeZero
Equity Intraday TradeRs.20 per trade or 0.05% (whichever is lower)
F&O TradesRs.20
Options TradesRs.20 per lot
Currency FutureRs.20
Currency OptionsRs.20 per lot

Account Opening and AMC Fees

Account Opening Charges – Rs.150

AMC Charges – Rs.300 per year

Upstox Brokerage Plans

Basic Plan

Basic Plan comes with a facility of Rs.20 per trade or 0.05% whichever is lowest for equity, future, commodity, and currency. The basic plan provides up to 12x leverage on the cash segment.


Priority plan comes with a facility of R.30 per trade or 0.10% whichever is lower for equity, future, commodity, and currency. Priority plan provides up to 15x leverage on the cash segment.

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Upstox Trading Platforms

#1 Upstox Pro Web

The Upstox Pro Web is a very good trading platform. It allows you to trade on the web with flexibility and versatility. You require a desktop, laptop or mobile with a browser for using this platform. You can access Upstox Pro Web using any browser such as firefox, mozilla, chrome, Internet explorer. However, it is recommended to use Google Chrome to use this platform.

Upstox Pro Web allows you to create five different workspaces on a single screen. In each workspace, you can add charts, quote panel, order book, watchlist, etc. You will get the facility of pinning stocks to the watchlist. Traders will get more than 100 technical indicators and trade can be placed directly from technical charts. The drag and drop facility is available for faster trading. A trader will get the facility of options strategies building. You will get an options chain that allows you to place four orders simultaneously. You will get historical data as well as a feedback facility.

#2 Upstox Pro Mobile

Upstox Pro Mobile app is the best trading app that allows trading from anytime anywhere with ease and a lot of flexibility. You will require very good internet connectivity to use this app. Upstox Pro Mobile app is available for Andriod as well as iOS users.

Upstox Pro Mobile app allows you to trade in stocks, F&O, currencies via a single platform. You can use a charting tool for trading. You can use a universal search tool for searching stocks. You can create multiple price alerts that update instantly. You can customize the watchlist facility.

Upstox Pro Mobile does not provide the facility of investing in IPO and Mutual funds. This app does not provide a facility to access the portfolio on mobile.

#3 Upstox Pro Trading terminal

Upstox Pro Trading Terminal is a lightweight trading terminal that can be installed on the desktop. It is an application that allows you to buy and sell your stocks. You can analyze the stock and take buy and sell decisions with a click of a button. You will also get the option of one-click trade. You can personalize the dashboard and view of the trading terminal. You can create a workplace and stay organized while doing trading.

Upstox Pros

  • Low Brokerage trading facility
  • Mobile trading platform free of cost
  • Basic as well as priority plan
  • Multiple trading platforms
  • Facility to invest in Mutual funds
  • After market order, cover order and bracket order available
  • Online IPO facility using UPI available

Upstox Cons

  • Call and trade fee is charged extra
  • Unlimited monthly trading plans not available
  • Stock tips and recommendation are not available
  • 24×7 Customer service not available
  • Upstox NRI Trading and demat account facility not available

ProStocks Review

ProStocks is fastest growing online discount broker. ProStocks is famous for an unlimited trading plan. ProStocks allows the facility of trading in equity, F&O, and currency at BSE and NSE. It is one of the cheapest stock brokers in India. ProStocks offers 2 in 1 trading demat account. ProStocks offers an unlimited and flat fee trading plan. Features of ProStocks are given below.

ProStocks Key Features

  • Zero Delivery Charges and Flat Rs.15 per trade for Intraday and F&O
  • Lifetime Free AMC Demat Account
  • Free Trading and Demat Account Opening
  • ProStocks Deskop, Web based Mobile based platforms
  • Lowest Transaction charges
  • IPO Investment available but commodity trading not available

ProStocks Charges

Equity Delivery TradeRs.15 per trade (Flat Fee Plan) or Free for Unlimited Trading Plan
Equity Intraday Trade Rs.15 per trade (Flat Fee Plan) or Free for Unlimited Trading Plan
F&O TradesRs.15 per trade (Flat Fee Plan) or Free for Unlimited Trading Plan
Options TradesRs.15 per trade (Flat Fee Plan) or Free for Unlimited Trading Plan
Currency FutureRs.15 per trade (Flat Fee Plan) or Free for Unlimited Trading Plan
Currency OptionsRs.15 per trade (Flat Fee Plan) or Free for Unlimited Trading Plan

Account Opening and AMC Fees

Demat & Trading Account Opening Charges – NIL

AMC Charges – NIL (Free for lifetime with Rs.1000 one time refundable deposit)

ProStocks Trading Platform

#1 ProStocks Desktop

ProStocks Desktop is an application cum trading terminal. ProStocks Desktop is designed for frequent traders. It is a professionally designed tool that provides multiple facilities such as intra-day charts, live streaming, multiple markets in the same window, quick and easy ordering. It is a trusted platform by many traders.

#2 ProStocks Web

ProStocks Web is a website based trading platform. It is suggested for casual investors and traders. You require a web browser and internet facility to do trading using ProStocks web. You can get real-time access to market data along with live-quotes, news and charts.

#3 ProStocks Mobile

ProStocks Mobile is app designed for people who want to trade on the move. This app is compatible with Andriod as well as iOS platform. It is a secured, simple yet powerful trading app for the traders.

ProStocks Pros

  • Flat fee and unlimited monthly trading plan available
  • Call & Trade facility available which is low cost
  • Online IPO facility available
  • Multiple Trading platform available
  • ProStocks has very good customer service
  • Advance Interactive voice response system

ProStocks Cons

  • 3-in-1 Account is not available only trading and demat account available
  • Commodity Trading facility is not available

Upstox Vs ProStocks Comparison

Upstox ProStocks

Final Takeaway

Upstox and ProStocks both are very good discount brokers. However, when it comes to cost ProStocks is better as it provides flat trading with a fee of Rs.15 per trade. ProStocks also provide a facility of unlimited monthly brokerage plan. On the other hand, Upstox also provides trading with a fee of Rs.20 per trade and famous for trading platforms.

Which one is best as per you Upstox or ProStocks?

*Note – All information given above is collected from the stockbroker website as on 7/3/2022. The account opening charges, margin, and other fees, etc can vary from time to time. You are requested to refer to the stockbroker website for the latest information.

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