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Top Secret that can Make you Rich

Let’s talk about how money works. Today, I’m going to share a secret with you that guarantees you’ll be rich or you’ll be broke.

So I want you to think about how money came about.

Back then, it’s let’s say, I am a farmer and I grow vegetables in my garden, on my farm or I have some crops.

And then if I want to eat some other food and maybe you also have a farm of some sort and you have some other crop in the farm.

Back in the old days, if what we wanna do. If I wanna have some other crop, we need to trade. You’re gonna bring me the other crop and then you bring it to my farm, I’m gonna give you some vegetables in exchange.

It is a simple barter system. When you get to a point where people say, you know what? It’s kind of difficult to have everything that I want to trade with me all the time.

It’s difficult to have big items with me all the time. What can we do to just live more efficiently?

How can we make this a little bit more convenient for each other?

And people came up with the concept of money. Now back then, we’re talking about it could be like old days certain types of stones right?

And then precious metals or gold coins and things like that and now today
we’re talking about, of course, paper.

Rupees, bills, dollars, or even our digital currency. But that’s how money works.

Now, let’s talk about Top Secret that can Make you Rich.


Top Secret that can Make you Rich

You have to understand the world revolves around value. So if you understand the world revolves around value.

The business of making money is nothing more than a value and value exchange.

Once you realize that, that is how money works and that’s how the game works.

So what we do is we trade our time, if you’re an employee.

Our products or services, our expertise as an entrepreneur.

Our skills. We trade that and exchange that with other people for money.

What it means is, the more value that you could provide, the more money people are willing to trade you with it.

It’s that simple. So instead of just focusing on, I wanna make more money being all desperate and panicking, what you focus on is instead of becoming a person of success, become a person of value.

If you wanna make more money, the question you have to constantly ask yourself is how could I be a person of value?

How could I become more valuable?

How do you become more valuable to the marketplace?

Once you understand this, money is not an issue. Because the marketplace is always willing to pay good money for good value.

What’s the difference between someone making an INR 200 hour instead of someone making let’s say INR 2000 an hour as a doctor?

Someone making an hour, the marketplace is saying, hey you know what, you’re only worth INR 200 or INR 300 or INR 500 an hour, versus I’m willing to pay INR 2000 to spend an hour with a doctor.

The difference in value, not your person. Not a person, not valued as a person.

Value, the marketplace is willing to pay. And you notice, people who don’t make a lot of money, people who are struggling, or people making minimum wage, are easily replaceable.

They see someone working at a restaurant.

A waiter, waitress. Maybe they do a very good job, and they work very hard but if they leave or the boss or the manager fires them, they could be easily replaced.

When you could be easily replaced, you are not very valuable.

The more difficult you are to replace, the more valuable you are.

That’s the secret that will guarantee if you’ll be broke or you’ll be rich.

Now the next step, assuming you’re working hard, you are developing your skills, and you’re becoming more valuable in the marketplace.

What you really wanna get to is to become invaluable. Now, what do I mean by that?

Invaluable meaning, irreplaceable.

When you are invaluable in the marketplace, the marketplace will reward you handsomely because you are irreplaceable.

Let me give you some examples.

Michael Jackson. That’s invaluable because there’s only one Michael Jackson in the world.

Michael Jordan. He is invaluable because there’s only one Michael Jordan in the world and that’s why fans, of Nike are willing to spend millions and millions of dollars with one person because he’s invaluable.



All the celebrities. There’s only one of them. There are many other singers and dancers but there’s only one Beyonce.

Being invaluable also means you are wanted, you are needed, and you’re being desired by a large group of people.

The more people who desire you, who want you, who need you, the more invaluable you are.

The more difficult it is to replace you, the more invaluable you are, and the more invaluable you are, the more money you’re gonna make, and the more wealth you can create.

So become a person of value.

That’s how money works. It is a value and value exchange.

So ask yourself, what are you willing to do to be a person of value?

To become that valuable person in the marketplace.

And then maybe, eventually become invaluable.

That is the Top secrete that can make you rich.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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