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Top Large Cap, Mid Cap & Small Cap Stocks For Investment in 2018

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So far 2017 seems to be very good year for the stock market. Sensex gained nearly 22% since January 2017 till Oct 2017. Favorable economic environment, political stability, and transparency were some of the positive factors that lead to positive momentum for the stock market. It is expected that stock market rally will continue in 2018 also. If you are planning to invest in the stock market I have something interesting for you. I am here with Top Large Cap, Mid Cap & Small Cap Stocks for Investment in 2018. Before revealing stocks for investment in 2018, let’s take a look at some multibagger stocks produced in 2017 under large cap, mid cap and small cap segment.

Multibagger Large Cap, Mid Cap & Small Cap Stocks 2017

Large Cap Stocks

Top large cap stocks of 2017 include Bharat Finance, India Bull housing, Tata Steel, Hindalco, Reliance Industries, Maruti Suzuki, Indusind Bank, Yes Bank ,HPCL, HDFC Bank and HUL.

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CAGR returns given by these stocks is given below. Out of these stocks, Maruti Suzuki and Indusind Bank were recommend stock by me last year.

Large Cap Stocks

Mid Cap Stocks

Mid Cap stocks have given very good performance in 2017. Top Mid Cap Stocks of 2017 includes Future Retail, India Bull Real Estate, L&T Finance, Jindal Steel, Dewan housing, TVS motors and Vakrangee.

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CAGR returns given by these stocks is given below.

Mid Cap Stocks

Small Cap Stocks

Top Small cap stocks of 2017 include stocks such as India Bull Ventures, HEG, Graphite India, Venkey’s India, Bhansali Engineering & Himadri Specialty Chemicals.

Out of these stocks,  India Bull venters has given 1300% return in past 10 months.  CAGR returns given by other stocks is given below.

Small Cap Stocks

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Top Large Cap, Mid Cap & Small Cap Stocks For Investment in 2018

Top Large Cap Stocks

Bajaj Auto

CMP – 3150 Rs/-

Target Price – 3900 Rs/-

Bajaj Auto is first large cap stock for 2018. Bajaj Auto is a leader in Automobile sector of India.

  • Bajaj Auto is planning to expand their export market list. Soon the company will be exporting two-wheelers in a country like Thailand. This will improve company’s revenue.
  • The company has new product portfolio in the pipeline such as Platina ComforTec, Quadricycle That will increase volume growth of the company.
  • The company is expected to post a very good result in upcoming quarters.

Maruti Suzuki

CMP – 7872 Rs/-

Target Price – 9200 Rs/-

Maruti Suzuki is next large cap stock for 2018. Maruti Suzuki is leading automobile manufacturer of India.

  • In last 5 years, this stock price has increased by 5.7 times. This stock was trading at Rs.1370 in Oct 2012 and currently trading at Rs.7872.
  • In last year stock has given 44% CAGR return.
  • The premium segment Nexa car Baleno and S-cross launched by Maruti is doing well. Apart from that new version of Dezire is also getting popular.

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CMP – 1139 Rs/-

Target Price – 1430 Rs/-

L&T is next in the list of large cap stock for 2018. L&T is a diversified group with a prime focus on engineering and construction.

  • Upcoming Infrastructure boom and development project will definitely help L&T to increase the revenue.
  • L&T is also dealing in the defence business. This business has vast opportunities. New Make in India movement and government policy will also help L&T in defence business.
  • Strong order book and execution capacity is plus point for L&T.

Top Mid Cap Stocks

Cochin Shipyard

CMP – 571 Rs/-

Target Price – 700 Rs/-

Cochin Shipyard is the first mid cap stock for 2018. Cochin Shipyard is the largest shipbuilding and maintenance facility in India.

  • Cochin Shipyard is sitting on the healthy order book.
  • Cochin Shipyard enjoys very good customer base including Navy and Coastguard.
  • Robust financial performance and very good management.
  • Dealing and both commercial and defence ships.

TV Today Network

CMP – 362 Rs/-

Target Price – 450 Rs/-

TV Today network is another mid cap stock for 2018. TV Today is in the business of media and news channel business.

  • TV Today is at a leadership position in Hindi News Channel market. The company is expected to exit from radio business.
  • Increase in spend by corporate on Advertisement will give benefit to this stock. Additionally, the upcoming election will also help this company in increasing revenue.

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Mannapuram Finance

CMP – 104 Rs/-

Target Price – 180 Rs/-

Mannapuram Finance is next mid cap stock for 2018. Mannapuram Finance is Non-Banking Finance company providing loan against gold.

  • Mannapuram Finance has started new home loan and insurance business. This business will surely boost the revenue of this company.
  • Mannapuram has also entered into the business of domestic and forex money transfer business.

Top Small Cap Stocks

Asian Granito

CMP – 490 Rs/-

Target Price – 550 Rs/-

Asian Granito is first small cap stock for 2018. Asian Granito is ceramic wall and floor tile manufacturing company.

  • Asian Granito has a strong footprint in the domestic and international market. A company financial performance is improving. Last quarter company posted a very good result.
  • A company is also exploring untapped market and export opportunities.
  • Although completion is rising on this segment but with introduction of new product and increase in distribution network company is expected to do well.

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TCPL Packaging

CMP – 645 Rs/-

Target Price – 750 Rs/-

TCPL Packaging is another small cap stock for 2018.  TCPL Packaging is dealing in paper and packaging. TCPL is like a proxy for FMCG industry.

  • TCPL enjoys good clientele like Hindustan Unilever, Godrej, Dabur, Godfrey Philips etc.
  • It is high entry barrier business as it is very tough to establish packaging business like TCPL.
  • Packaging facility of TCPL is near to customer location. So, the company enjoys cost competitiveness.
  • TCPL has impressive track record of growth and financial performance.

Karur Vysya Bank

CMP – 130 Rs/-

Target Price – 200 Rs/-

Karur Vysya Bank is next small cap stock for 2018.  Karur Vysya is private sector bank headquarter in Tamilnadu.

  • It is expected that loan growth of KVB will pick up FY18 onwards.
  • Asset quality of bank is likely to get stabilized next year.
  • The increased number of branches will add new revenue. We can expect good business growth going forward.

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Over to you –

What is your take on these stocks?

Do you think these stocks will able to give good returns in the future?

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