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Top 5 Best TV Shows for Personal Finance

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Mostly we learn about personal finance by reading book or surfing article on the web. Although reading is one of the most effective methods for learning money management, you can also learn money management concept from anywhere including TV. TV can help you to learn money management. There are very good personal finance TV shows aired to improve your financial life.

Here is a list of Best TV shows to learn money management. 

Top 5 Best TV Shows for Personal Finance

Your Money

Show Time: – 6:30 PM

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TV Channel: – CNBC AWAAZ

You Money is personal finance program of CNBC AWAAZ. This program mainly focus on financial planning. Program talks about investment products, mutual funds, insurance, loan and credit cards. They invite experts from respective field to share knowledge. Viewer queries are also answered in this program.

Stock Talk

Show Time: – 8:30 PM

TV Channel: – CNBC AWAAZ

If you love to make money using Stock market Stock Talk is for you. Stock Talk is daily show. This show share information about Top Stocks. These stocks are suggested by market experts. This show also allows answers viewer queries about stock market.

The Property Show

Show Time: – 8:30 PM

TV Channel: – NDTV

The Property Show by NDTV is informative show about property investment. This show gives information about latest property option and property price. You will love to learn property tips and legal

Wealth Manager

Show Time: – Thursday, 8:30 PM and Sunday 6:30 PM

TV Channel: – Boomrang TV India

Wealth Manager Show cover need of the new age investor. This show features new topic related to personal finance in every show. You will find expert talking about real estate, mutual funds, stock market, gold and other investment product on this show.

Featuring one of the video from wealth manager about generation of wealth.

Smart Money

Show Time: – Friday 8:30 PM

TV Channel: – Boomrang TV India

Smart Money is a weekly show where financial planning expert will help you to manage your money smartly. This show help you to for investment planning, money management and wealth creation.

Hope you find this information useful. So, don’t waste your time take a remote and tune into Best TV shows for money management.

If you feel any other TV Shows need to be added in this list do share it in comment section!

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