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Top 5 Best Health Insurance in India 2024

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Health Insurance plans are designed for providing health coverage to the insurer. Buying the best health insurance policy has become one of the mandatory requirement today.

A cost of medical treatment is skyrocketing, if you are worried about growing medical expenses you should buy a proper health insurance policy. There are multiple health insurance policies available in India. People often get confused when selecting a best health policy. In order to help you here is a list of Top 5 Best Health Insurance in India. Prior to disclosing the name of top health insurance policy here are factors for shortlisting health policy.

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Factors for shortlisting Health Insurance Policy

Age Limit – A chance of a medical problem is higher in older age. This means you should select a policy for the maximum permissible age limit. It is advisable to go for lifetime renewability plan.

Network Hospital – Insurance companies offer cashless facility into network hospitals. You should select a plan which provides maximum network hospital coverage.

Waiting Period – A waiting period is a time for which you need to wait before applying for the claim. The waiting period varies between 30 days to 60 days. You should buy a policy with a minimum waiting period.

Sub-limits – Sub-limit is a limit applied by insurance companies on the coverage. The sub-limit is applied for certain specific medical expenses. You should check for sub-limit condition carefully.

Additional Features – You should think beyond basic medical policy and check for additional features. Additional features mean some unique features such as alternative treatment coverage, day care treatment etc.

Add on Coverage and Riders – You should choose the insurer that offers various riders and add-ons to expand your medical coverage.

Exclusion – You should be aware of things which are not covered under medical insurance. It is known as exclusion. Take a close look at your health insurance policies to know the exclusion list before finalizing the policy.

Premium Rates – You should compare the premium rates before buying a health insurance policy.

Top 5 Best Health Insurance in India 2024

#1 HDFC Life Easy Health

HDFC Life Easy Health insurance plan is one of the best health insurance policy. Key Features and benefit detail of this plan is given below.

  • This plan covers a person in the age group of 91 days to 65 years. This policy can be issued to an individual as well as family members.
  • One can take coverage up to 50 Lakh using this policy.
  • This policy provides 60 & 90 days pre and post-hospitalization coverage.
  • You can get up to 8% discount for stay active benefit.
  • This plan covers 144 types of day-care expenses.
  • You can opt for additional coverage for a critical illness under this policy.
  • Apollo Munich provides very good cashless hospital network coverage.
  • Maternity expense is covered under this policy.
  • Domiciliary Treatment expense is covered up to a certain extent.
  • The premium rate of this policy is reasonable. It is one of the reasons this policy wins against Optima Restore Policy of Apollo Munich.

#2 ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance- iHealth

ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance – iHealth is next in the list of best health insurance plans. Key features and benefit detail of this plan is given below.

  • This plan provides lifelong renewal facility.
  • This plan covers Medical expenses incurred during hospitalization for more than 24 hours, including room charges, doctor/surgeon’s fee, medical bills, etc.
  • This plan covers 30 days pre and 60 days post hospitalization expenses.
  • Cashless hospitalization facility is available at network hospitals.
  • No medical test will be required for insurance cover below 46 years and sum insured up to 10 Lakh.
  • The benefit of wellness services and wellness points.

#3 Religare Health Insurance – Care

Religare Health Insurance is a comprehensive health insurance plan that provide coverage to you and your family against financial risk associated with medical emergencies. Key features and benefits of this plan are given below.

  • Religare Care plan provides maximum age coverage. No restriction is placed for maximum age.
  • This plan provides lifelong renewal facility.
  • The wait period of this plan is 30 days for any illness except injury.
  • This plan provides day care coverage and 30 days pre and 60 days post hospitalization coverage.
  • It also provides coverage for an organ donor and alternative treatment expenses.
  • You can get domiciliary hospitalization coverage under this plan.
  • This plan is suitable for senior citizen also. It can be purchased even at an older age.

#4 Bajaj Allianz Health Guard

Bajaj Allianz Health Guard is one of the best health insurance policy of Bajaj Allianz. It provides complete coverage for health expenses. Key Features of Bajaj Allianz Health Guard is given below.

  • The plan offers cashless facility at more than 4000 network hospitals across the country.
  • You will get a lifelong renewal facility in this plan.
  • This plan covers 60 days pre-hospitalization and 90 days post hospitalization coverage.
  • Daycare expense and organ donor expense are covered under this plan.
  • You can enjoy daily cash benefit under this plan.

#5 Niva Bupa Health Companion Health Insurance Plan

Niva Bupa Health Companion Health Insurance Plan provides different types of customized insurance policies. You can select the plan as per your need. Benefit details of a mentioned insurance policy are given below.

  • This plan comes with three variant individual, family floater and family first.
  • This plan provides coverage up to 1 Cr sum assured.
  • All day care treatments are covered under this plan.
  • This policy also covers organ transplant and domiciliary treatment coverage.
  • You can get hospital cash option in addition to the in-patient treatment benefits.

Over to You –

Selecting a health insurance policy is not a child’s play. You should evaluate all health insurance policy carefully and select the best health insurance policy.

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