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10 Good Stocks for investment – 325% return in past one year

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Did you hold Manappuram Finance, Kakatiya Cements and Virinchi in your stock portfolio? If yes you would be one of the happiest investors in the current market conditions. One thing which is common among all these stocks is all these stocks have given a return in the range of 150% to 325% in last one year. Apart from Manappuram Finance, Kakatiya Cements and Virinchi there are 10 other good stocks that have given a magnificent return in past one year.

10 Good Stocks for investment – 325% return in past one year

Manappuram Finance

Manappuram Finance is a gold loan company instrumental in giving loan against physical gold. The increase in profitability, fall in bond yield and the increase in gold price are preliminary reasons for the increase in manappuram finance stock. Manappuram Finance has given 325% return in past one year. Manappuram growth story is likely to continue in future also.

Kakatiya Cements

Kakatiya Cements is engaged in cement and sugar business. Kakatiya Cement has posted two-fold growth in net profit and sales in the last couple of quarters. The boom in the infrastructure sector, smart city project, and good moon are major plus points for this company. Kakatiya cement was able to generate 235% return in past one year. Looking at the prospects of cement and sugar sector it is good to invest in this stock.

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Dalmia Bharat

Dalmia Bharat is diversified group dealing in cement, sugar, power and refractory manufacturing. Dalmia is country’s third largest cement group. The company has posted 77% profit growth in last quarter. Operating margin of company is also growing. Dalmia Bharat seems to be most preferred stock in the cement sector. Dalmia Bharat has given 176% return to the investor in last one year.


Virinchi Technologies limited is Hyderabad based IT product and Service Company. Virinchi deals with a unique product called as QFund that is used extensively in US market. In addition to that company is also instrumental in healthcare and manufacturing industry. Viranchi has given 148% return to the investor in last one year. Virinchi is a good stock for investment and it is recommended by stock by porinju veliyath.

Thirumalai Chemical

Thirumalai Chemical is chemical sector company. It is multi-bagger small cap stock recommended by dolly khanna. Thirumalai chemical has given a magnificent return of 143% return in last one year. You can plan to invest in this stock for long term perspective.

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Shiva Cement

Shiva cement is one of the oldest cement sector company. Shiva Cement is penny stock available below Rs.10. Shiva Cement has generated 142% return for the investor in last one year. However, this stock is not likely to give better return in future.

Heritage Foods

Heritage Foods is one of the largest private sector dairy company. Heritage foods is high growth, low debt, and low valuation stock. This stock is backed by finest investor like Dolly Khanna and Vijay Kedia. Heritage food has given 130% return in last one year. This stock is likely to do well in future.

Deccan Cements

Deccan cement is next stock in line that has given more than 100% return to investors in last one year. Deccan cements deals in cement and power. The main reason of an increase in stock price this year was increase in profitability. The profitability has grown by four times compare to previous year.

Meghmani Organics

Meghmani Organics is leading chemical company with diversified products and good customer base across the globe. Meghmani organics has given 104% in past one year.Dolly Khanna is also holding this stock.

Maharashtra Scooters

Maharashtra scooters is in the manufacturing of pressure die casting dies, jigs and fixtures, primarily meant for two and three – wheeler industry. Maharasthra scooters has given 101% returns to the investor this year. It is blue chip stock recommended by Raamdeo Agrawal.

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Note – Above return calculation is from Oct 2015 to Oct 2016.

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