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The Strategies Followed by Insurance Adjusters During Settlement Negotiations in Florida

In the aftermath of an accident in Florida, the injured parties could face multiple challenges that would include medical bills, vehicle repairs, and lost income while recuperating.

Florida, being a no-fault state, requires both parties to raise an accident claim with their insurance companies, irrespective of who was responsible for the accident. If you need compensation for injuries or property damage, dealing with an insurance provider can be a difficult and complicated process.

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Say, for example, that you are recovering from a car accident in Florida and have filed a claim with your insurance company, hoping for fair compensation. But when the amount comes in, it is extremely low, lower than you had hoped.

As it happens, insurance firms have their own set of tactics to reduce compensation as much as possible. This is where Florida personal injury lawyers can step in with their top negotiation skills and knowledge to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Some of the most common strategies employed by insurance adjusters to devalue your claim are as follows:

1)    Disputing Liability

One of the most frequent strategies insurance firms use during settlement negotiations is disputing liability. They may use the below tactics:

  • Shifting the blame: Insurance firms may try to blame you for the accident even if the evidence suggests otherwise.
  • Pursuing comparative negligence: Insurance firms may also try to claim that you have partial responsibility for the accident, hoping for a reduced payout.

2)    Lowball Settlement Offer

Another frequent strategy that insurers employ is to suggest a lowball settlement offer, which is way below what you deserve fairly for your injuries or damages. They hope that, out of desperation to clear out your financial dues, you will settle in for the reduced offer without any negotiation.

3)    Questioning the Severity of Your Damages

Insurance companies try to tone down the seriousness of your injuries or damages by arguing that they are not as severe as you claim. They will dissect your medical documents, questioning the need for specific interventions, surgeries, or medications.

Also, they may try to pin it on any pre-existing illnesses as a probable cause of your current injury.

4)    Delaying the Settlement Process

Insurance firms are skilled at delaying claims because they know that the longer the process takes, the more likely claimants are to become frustrated, experience financial difficulty, and ultimately agree to a lower amount than their claim is worth.

5)    Pressuring You for a Quick Settlement

Insurers may employ various strategies to drive claimants into accepting low settlement offers. Threats of more delays, a feeling of urgency, or a suggestion that this is the best deal available are a few examples of strategies used. Lowball offers don’t consider future medical expenses related to your injury.

How Personal Injury Lawyers Can Assist You

Experienced personal injury lawyers can help you combat biased insurance company tactics in the following manner:

  • Proper estimation of the true worth of your claim, taking into account present and future damages
  • Determine any possible omissions that could add to the strength of your claim.
  • Advocate on your behalf to get fair compensation.
  • Put together a compelling case.
  • Keep thorough records of all medical expenses, prescriptions, bills, physician notes, and suggestions.

Dealing with insurance firms on your own puts your compensation at risk. Personal injury lawyers represent your rights and interests in court so that you can focus on your recovery.

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