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How to save more money with limited income? – Practical Examples

How people waste money or how people save more money with limited income? Both these titles are appropriate for this post. If you have problem of limited income and unlimited expense or if you are very bad at spend management here is something interesting for you. I am herewith practical examples how people waste money which can be saved. How to save more money with limited income – Practical Examples (1)    Cook the Food The first practical example witnessed by […]

How I saved Rs 30000 a year on household expenses? – Save More Money

Money saves the money savers, keeping this reality in mind topic for today’s discussion is how to save more money? Saving more money is equally important, like making more money. Small saving done at various stages of life leads to big corpus. So, here is strategies that I have used to save Rs 2500 per month. That’s about Rs 30000 a year – enough to pay tuition fees of my son. Save More Money – How I saved Rs 30000 […]

80 Best Tips to Save Money

How to save money – It’s the first week of month and you must have got your paycheck. You must be happy as you will be able to spend money on shopping, restaurants, movies and all other stuff. But as the days goes this happiness turns in to sadness due to unavailability of money. Don’t worry you are not alone there are many friends like you who suffer badly at the end of month due to bad spending habits and […]

10 Tips to Save More Money While Shopping Online

Online Shopping provides multiple benefits like saving money, easy comparison, convenience etc. Due to various advantages online shopping trend is increasing In India. Do you carry out online shopping? Do you want to save more money while shopping online? If yes, here are 10 Tips to save more money while shopping online. 10 Tips to Save More Money While Shopping Online Discount Coupon & Promotional Codes Always use discount coupon or promotional codes while shopping online. Discount coupon or promotional […]

40 ways to save money in India with tight income

In India to get good job and higher income is dream of many. Especially if you are starting career you will likely to remain in tight income situation at beginning. In tight income situation it is very difficult run household expense. What happen when you cannot match your expense with your salary? But natural you need to control your expense and need to find ways to save money. Today we are here with 40 ways to save money in India. […]