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10 Mid Cap Small Cap Stocks by Dolly Khanna, Porinju & Kedia for 2018

Recently we had discussed 10 Multibagger stocks of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Porinju, and Dolly Khanna. All these stocks had given multibagger returns to investors in 2017. These stocks were from Small-cap and mid-cap sector. Midcap and Smallcap stocks still hold many such hidden gems that are expected to give a handsome return in 2018. Ace Investors such as Dolly Khanna, Porinju Veliyath, and Vijay Kedia are masters of picking stocks from Smallcap and Midcap segment. It makes a sense to look […]

18 Multibagger Stocks 2018 recommended by Stock Experts

CNBC TV 18 has arranged a special show “18 for 18- Top Stock Ideas for 2018” to find out potential multibagger stocks for 2018. Four popular stock market experts SP Tulsian, Prakash Diwan, Ambreesh Baliga and Mehraboon Irani have chaired this show and recommended 18 Multibagger Stocks for Investment in 2018. All these stocks are fail-safe stock and expected to shower multifold returns to the investors in 2018. Before discussing 18 Multibagger stocks for 2018 let’s take a look at […]

Top Multibagger Stocks recommended for 2018

The year 2017 was a magnificent year for the Indian stock market. Sensex started its journey from 26626 level and expected to end at 34000 level. In short, sensex gained 27% since January 2017.In addition to this S&P BSE Midcap index rose nearly 40%. The stock market has beaten almost every asset class except cryptocurrency bitcoin. A political stability, economic boost and GST implementation are few key events that affected stock market in 2017. Soon we will be entering into […]

40 Multibagger Stocks Up to 200% return in 2 Years

A Multibagger stock is a stock that gives multifold returns to the investor. A stock that doubles its price is called two-bagger stock. If stock grows 10 times it is known as 10 bagger stock. If it grows by 100 times it is 100 bagger stock. Multi-Bagger stocks are undervalued stock with strong fundamentals, future business potential, and strong corporate governance. Examples of multibagger stocks in India There are several stocks in India which have given multifold returns to the […]