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Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme – SGB Calculator Download

SGB Calculator – The Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme (SGB), introduced by the Government of India, offers an excellent opportunity for investors to earn returns on their gold investments without the hassle of physical storage. The SGB calculator given here is designed to help investors know the investment return on Sovereign Gold Bond so that they can plan their finances accordingly.

You must be aware that investing in gold is considered a safe and lucrative option. Gold serves as a protection against inflation. Every investor should include Gold in their investment portfolio. Therefore, it is logical to explore – What the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme entails and the process of calculating returns with the SGB Calculator.

What is the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme?

The Indian government introduced the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme (SGB) in 2015. The goal is to offer investors a safer option to physical gold and decrease the country’s dependence on gold imports. SGBs are bonds issued by the government, valued in grams of gold, providing investors with both consistent interest income and potential capital growth tied to the gold market price.

Objectives of the Scheme

  • To provide a safe and effective investment option in gold for investors.
  • To decrease the need for physical gold and reduce gold imports.
  • To encourage the use of household savings for productive investments.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Denomination – SGBs are issued in denominations of one gram of gold and multiples thereof.
  • Interest Rate – Investors earn a fixed interest rate of 2.5% , payable semi-annually.
  • Tenure – The bonds have an eight-year tenure, with an exit option available from the fifth year.
  • Tax Benefits – Capital gains tax arising on redemption is exempted, and indexation benefits are available for long-term capital gains.

Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) issue dates 2024-25

The RBI is expected to release the first installment (Series 1) of the Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) 2024-25 in June 2024, based on historical patterns. In the past, the RBI has released four sets of SGBs during the financial year (April-March), beginning with the Series 1 release in June. Still, RBI has not made any announcements regarding the SGB 2024-25 series.

Sovereign Gold Bond 2023-24 Series IV

Subscription Period

Issue Date

Investment Limit


Issue Price Per Gram

12 February 2024 – 16 February 2024

21 February 2024

1 gm to 4 kg

2.5% per annum

Rs. 6,263

How the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme Works 

Eligibility Criteria

Indian residents, including individuals, HUFs, trusts, universities, and charitable institutions, are eligible to invest in SGBs. You can also invest on behalf of a minor.

Application Process

Investors can apply through banks, post offices, Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL), and designated stock exchanges. Applications can be submitted in both online and offline modes.

SGBs can only be issued by RBI on behalf of the Central Government, and they are traded on the Stock Exchange.

You must adhere to the Know-your-customer (KYC) requirements while investing in SGB. Submitting copies of identity proof like PAN Card and address proof such as a passport, driving license or Voter’s ID card is required to complete KYC verification.

The interest rate is fixed at 2.5% per annum, payable semi-annually. The bonds have a maturity period of eight years, with an option to exit from the fifth year onwards.

SGB Calculator – Download

The Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme Calculator is designed to help investors estimate their returns from SGB investments. It provides a detailed breakdown of interest earnings, capital appreciation, and overall returns.

Using an SGB investment calculator allows investors to prepare for the future and guarantee they have enough savings to achieve their financial objectives.

The calculator uses the provided inputs to compute the total returns over the investment period, taking into account the fixed-interest earnings and potential capital appreciation based on the gold price trends.

Inputting Necessary Details

  • Enter the SGB Issue price per gram
  • Enter the Units in Grams.

Interpreting the Results

The calculator will display the total interest earned, the capital appreciation, and the overall returns at the end of the chosen tenure. It will also show the annual breakdown of interest earnings.

Click Here to Download SGB Calculator.

SGB Calculator Download

Advantages of Investing in Sovereign Gold Bonds

Security and Safety

  • SGBs eliminate the risks and costs associated with storing physical gold.
  • The bonds are backed by the Government of India, ensuring high security.

Interest Earnings

  • Apart from potential capital gains, investors earn a fixed annual interest rate, adding to the overall returns.

Tax Benefits

  • Interest earned is taxable as per the investor’s income tax slab.
  • Capital gains tax on redemption is exempted, offering significant tax advantages.

Why You Should Use SGB Calculator?

The calculator provides a precise estimate of returns, aiding in effective financial planning. Investors can compare the projected returns from SGBs with other investment avenues like fixed deposits, mutual funds, and physical gold. By projecting future returns based on current market conditions, the calculator helps in making informed investment decisions.

This means by using this calculator you can do accurate investment planning by comparing it with other investment options and knowing returns.

After understanding how SGB works and calculating returns you must be thinking about investing in SGB Online. Here are the steps –

How to Invest in SGB Online?

It is very easy to invest in the Sovereign gold bond online. The facility of investing in SGB is available at almost every commercial bank. The investment can be made via Internet banking or via a demat account.

Internet Banking – ICICI Bank

A step-by-step method for applying for a Sovereign Gold Bond online at ICICI Bank is given below. You can use a similar method for applying of SGB at other banks.

  • Login to your ICICI Online Internet banking account using your user id and password.
  • In the navigation bar, you will find the Investment and Insurance section. Click on Invest Online under this section.
  • Here you will find the option to Invest in SGB. Click on the Invest Now button.
  • You will be prompted to enter the number of Units. Once you enter Units system will calculate the total investment amount.

Apply SGB Bond

  • Now you need to enter your DP ID and DP Client ID, if you want to hold bond in Demat Form.
  • Input your personal details including date of birth, and PAN Number, and Click on the submit button.
  • You will be taken to the payment page. Once you make a payment, the system will show confirmation message. The Units will be credited to your DP account shortly.

Demat Account

For Demat Account holders buying SGB is very easy. You need to log in to your online demat account. You will find the link to buying bonds in the FD/Bond section. Fill up the online form and make the payment online. The units will be credited to your demat account on the issue date.

For buying SGB online you will also get a discount.


The Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme offers a secure and profitable way to invest in gold. By using the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme Calculator, investors can make informed decisions and maximize their returns. This tool is essential for accurate investment planning, enabling comparisons with other investment options, and forecasting future returns.

Whether you have a passion for gold or you’re seeking a reliable investment opportunity, utilizing an SGB investment calculator can assist in reaching your financial objectives. If you’re prepared to begin investing in gold and reap the benefits of SGB, it’s time to utilize an SGB calculator right away!

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum and maximum investment in SGB?

An investor/trust can buy 1gm to 4 Kg/20 Kg worth of gold every year. The limit is fixed for the financial year.

How is the interest on Sovereign Gold Bonds calculated?

Interest is calculated on the initial investment amount and paid semi-annually. The interest is simple interest at the rate of 2.5%.

Can I exit SGB before maturity?

Despite having a maturity period of 8 years, the Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) can be cashed in early on coupon payment dates starting from the 5th year of issuance. There will be a fee of ₹150 plus an additional 18% GST for rematerialisation or redemption.

How accurate is the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme Calculator?

The calculator provides an accurate estimate based on fixed interest rates. You can get the total interest amount earned on investment using this calculator.

Can I use the SGB calculator for partial withdrawals?

Typically, the SGB calculator is designed for full investment tenure calculations. For partial withdrawals, consult with your financial advisor for precise estimates.

Does the calculator account for tax benefits?

While the calculator estimates gross returns, tax implications can vary. It’s advisable to consult with a tax professional for personalized advice.

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