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Small Charges that adds up to big money


You’re a hard worker and, more importantly, a good saver & investor. Yet, sometime you feel that your monthly budget is over stretched. That might be due to small invisible charges or fees you simply ignore knowingly or unknowingly. Remember these small charges add up to big money.  We are herewith some example of these small charges adds up to big money.


Today most of the service avail from bank is chargeable. Bank keeps on deducting money from account such charges are:-

  • Duplicate Bank Statement / Passbook –  50-100 Rs/-
  • Reissuing Net banking/ Phone banking password -50- 100 Rs/-
  • Stop payment charges – 50-100 Rs/-
  • ECS dis honored charges -200-300 Rs/-
  • Record copy of cheque -100 Rs/-
  • Signature Verification charges -100 Rs/-
  • Minimum Quarterly balance charge -500 Rs/-
  • Account closing before one year  -100  -250 Rs/-

So before availing service do understand charges for them to avoid last minute shock.

Prepayment Penalty:-

Though prepayment fee has been abolished for home loans, it still exists for car loans. “There’s no reason why it should be levied on car loans. Most customers get confused about the calculation of the prepayment fee since it can be as high as 10% if you prepay a loan within six months, and 5% if you do so within a year.

Credit cards:-

Complaints more rampant than in credit cards, before going for any credit card do check about annual charges. Most banks offer you a free credit card but that is only for 1 year. Next year onwards you have to pay fee 500 -1000 Rs-/. Even some banks also impose charges for non-usage. So if you don’t swipe card within year you will be charged for non-usage.

Real Estate:-

You are planning to buy house than you must be ready to pay extra charges. Apart from doing payment to builder you have to bare additional cost of doing registry. Registry cost is just one cost builder may charge you following:-

  • Development Charges
  • Lawyer Fees
  • Cost of Extra bill (In case of home loan requirement is higher)
  • Share Transfer fees of society( During purchase of Old House )


If you are planning to purchase new car or old car, be prepared to pay more than you had intended to.

Most of people consider ex-showroom price as final price but remember that dealer charge lot of other thing like transit fee or warehouse charge. Not only that you have to be ready for paying extra money for insurance and RTO passing.

If you’re a new car owner, be prepared that your free servicing will come for a price. You may find that you’re paying for wheel alignment or body polishing, even if you hadn’t asked for it.


If you are planning to purchase desktop remember that you have to pay additional cost for software like operating system, processing software and antivirus.


The most common complaint, especially in case of prepaid connections, is the automatic subscription of a value-added service. Starting from Hello Tunes and cricket updates to astrology and travel tips, if you receive this kind of updates via SMS don’t wait for bill to come check with your service provider this message shall cost you some money.


Nothing is free in this world including entertainment when you shop or dine out of go for movie remember you are paying extra charges in following way.

  • Service Charge – Every time you dine out at restaurant you are paying service tax.
  • Parking charge – Most of the Cinema hall and Mall charges extra money for parking car
  • Online Movie Ticket Booking charge – When you book a movie or show ticket online, you have to pay a convenience charge of Rs 10-150, depending on the cost of the ticket.

So, remember to scrutinize all your spending, bills and statements to know which of these charges you can avoid or can, plug to save more money.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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