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20 Small Business Ideas in India for High Profits – 2024

20 Small Business Ideas in India – There are multiple small business ideas available across the Internet. You need to select the best business idea considering your skill set and future business potential. Well, if you are planning to start a new business in 2024 and looking for small business ideas I have prepared a list of 20 small business ideas that can help you to generate big money in 2024.

All these business ideas given in the list are selected based on a few basic requirements such as –

  • Future business potential and profitability.
  • It can be started with low or medium investment.
  • The skillset required for these business ideas is moderate and does not require long-term experience.
  • It can survive in the adverse economic situation also.


A few business ideas from the list are home-based and others required you to rent a premises and hire a certain number of employees.

So, now without taking much of your time, let’s explore 20 Small Business Ideas in India for 2024.

small business ideas20 Small Business Ideas in India for 2024

#1 Solar Power Office and Home

Electricity is a basic requirement for a human being. Electricity is required for residential, commercial as well as industrial applications. Solar energy is a powerful source that can be used for the generation of electricity. In this business, you need to sell solar power plants and solar project solutions. You need to install a solar grid at home or office premises and generate energy from the grid. You will need a solar panel grid, solar inverter, battery, wires, and competent manpower for the installation and maintenance of the system.

#2 Warehouse or Inventory Management for e-commerce

Most online e-commerce companies are running out of warehouse and inventory management across cities. This gives birth to a new business called warehouse or inventory management. This business requires a lot of manpower and space for the warehouse. In the initial stage, you can start this business from a small city and later stage you can expand.

#3 Vertical Farming & Gardening

Vertical farming & gardening is a promising business ideas for the future. In this business, you need to take an assignment to build a garden in the office or home area. In addition to that, you can start vertical farming in which you need to beautify walls by growing plants. Most small and medium businesses opt for vertical farming. Thus it is a very good business option.

#4 Wearable Business

Wearable products such as a smartwatch, rings, wristbands, pins, and smart devices are becoming popular nowadays. Most of these products are imported. You can start the business of importing wearables for selling them here. It is going to be a lucrative business option. You need to carry out proper market research before starting this business.

#5 Travel Planning

Travel planning is a lucrative career option. In the travel planning business, you need to plan travel for people. You should have good knowledge of hotels, bookings, and routes. This will help you in planning travel for the people. You can take a franchise of famous travel companies to quickly establish your business. To generate invoices you can make use of the Zintego Invoice Generator. Zintego helps you to generate invoices from the desktop as well as from Mobile.

# 6 Organic Food Store

Organic food is food that is grown naturally without using fertilizer and chemicals. Organic food is becoming popular in India. Thus starting your organic food store could be a lucrative business option. It is recommended to do a tie-up with farmers directly for getting a constant food supply of vegetables and fruits.

#7 Antique Dealer

An antique dealer is a person that deals in antique items. To become an antique dealer, you need to start gathering antique showpieces, and items. You will lot of money to start an antique dealer business. These types of items are purchased by high-net-worth individuals in India as well as abroad.

#8 Online Coaching

Online Coaching is next on the list of business ideas for 2024. You can start an online coaching business from home. Firstly, you need to prepare content for various subjects. You can prepare videos and post them on YouTube or you can give subscription-based online coaching using Skype, WebEx, zoom, or other coaching tools.

#9 Internet & Cyber Security

The incidents of hacking and security incidents are increasing rapidly. This gives birth to a new career option called a cybersecurity specialist. In this business, you need to help companies in protecting their infrastructure, application, and websites from cyber-attacks. You have to undergo a course to get expertise in this field. Once your business grows you need to employ people as a helping hand.

#10 Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a lucrative business option. In this business, you need to develop a mobile app based on customer requirements. You can design even your mobile app or game for making money. You require a team of extremely knowledgeable people in Android and iOS app development.

250 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment in 2024

#11 Weight Loss Center

Weight loss is one of the most discussed topics among everyone. You can start your weight loss center. In a weight loss center first, you need to design a weight loss plan with exercise, a diet plan, and using medicine. It is a good idea to get certification and experience before starting a weight loss center.

#12 Stem Cell Business

The Stem Cell business is one of the most popular growing business options. A stem cell is a biological cell that is used for fighting against life-threatening diseases. In the stem cell business, you need to collect, test, and preserve stem cells from donors. The stem cell is to be kept at a lower temperature. It is a capital-intensive business with very good business potential.

#13 Home care for elderly  

Home care for the elderly is a popular business option. In this business, you need to provide manpower for home care. You can tie up with nearby hospitals and doctors to get client lists for the business. Initially, you need to do a lot of hard work for establishing this business.

#14 Internet Advertising

Internet advertising is a promising business option. The usage of the internet is growing all over. The Internet is widely used for advertising. You can start your own internet advertising trading business. You can accept advertisements from the business and give them to a popular website at a specific place. This advertisement could be text-based or image-based. You can earn a lot of money in this business.

#15 Internet and mobile infrastructure building

Internet and mobile infrastructure building are next on the list of business ideas for 2024. The usage of the internet and mobile is growing. Many companies are looking for contractors to help in building the internet and mobile tower infrastructure. If you can invest money and a lot of manpower you can start this business.

#16 Food Truck & Fast Food Business  

A food truck is an evergreen business option. It is a low-cost business. In this business, you need to modify a truck or vehicle for accommodating food stoves and other items. You will need a good cook to help you in this business. Good taste and an economical price is important to get success in this business.

#17 Recruitment Services

Recruitment service is an evergreen business idea. The level of unemployment is growing all across. People are ready to spend money on getting a good job. Thus starting your recruitment agency is a very good business option. You need to do a tie-up with the organization looking for good candidates. You can earn a good commission income from this business.

#18 Foreign Visa Consultancy

Starting a foreign visa consultancy is next on the list of business options. You need knowledge of the visa rules of various countries before starting this business. Many aspiring candidates are looking for a visa abroad in Canada, the USA, and Australia. If you have expertise and manpower you can start this business.

#19 Real Estate Business

Real estate is an evergreen business option. There are multiple ways to start a real estate business. A simple way is to start a real estate agency. Apart from that, you can start building a construction business. You will need big capital in order to start building construction and material business.

#20 Import Export Business

Import Export is a business of facilitating trades of goods and commodities between domestic and foreign companies. In order words, the Company buys goods internationally and ships in the domestic market. The usage of imported items is growing in India thus starting an import-export business makes sense.

Over to you

I hope the above business ideas will help you in selecting the right business option for 2024.

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