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How rich is every Indian – Eye opening fact – Satyamev Jayate


It is known fact that India is poor country & Indian also believes it. As per data India is world’s third poor country. It is estimated in world bank report of 2010 that 32.7% of Indian fall below international poverty line of 1.25 US$ per day.

So asking question that “How rich is every Indian” itself is wrong, but in today’s episode of Satyamev Jayate Amair Khan has shown that although it is said India is poor, our country is rich & abundant in terms of natural resources.

The government owns all natural resources such as land, forests and mines, minerals, hydrocarbon, etc. Along with this, the government owns physical and capital assets in the country’s industrial and services sector. As India is democratic country people are supreme & all these resource must contain collective ownership of people (citizen of India).

It is very difficult to estimate value of all natural and physical resources owned by government but effort is made by Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability on request by Aamir Khan to find estimated value of all these government-owned resources in India to find per capita value of these resources.

As per estimate approximate value of only the stocks of hydrocarbons and part of the country’s mineral resources is Rs 5 thousand lakh crores.


If we divided this amount in to the population of the country, which is approximately 120 Crore, each Indian is worth more than Rs 40 lakh. This amount contains only estimation of mineral and natural resources. As per Aamir Khan If we include other resources like land, public sector companies, spectrum and all other things than it can be said that every Indian is crorepati.

Wealth of India:-

So if every Indian is crorepati why India is poor country?

India is poor because of poor governance, corruption & scams. Scams and corruption are now part of our life. Our hard earned money is getting robbed by politicians and government every day.

Many of you might not get agreed that how it is our money. Let me remind you that we pay money to government in terms of tax for infrastructure building, education etc.

You might think that I am not paying any Income tax because of low income, but you will be surprise to notice that we pay 20 Types of Taxes in India.

In our daily life from morning to evening we use multiple things which we have purchased from market. Once we purchase anything from market we have to pay tax (VAT).

  • For cleaning teeth we pay Tax (VAT on Tooth Paste)
  • For bathing we pay Tax ( VAT on Soap)
  • For cleaning Hair we pay Tax ( VAT on Shampoo)
  • For washing cloth we pay Tax ( VAT on Soap and detergent)
  • For water usage we pay Tax ( Water Tax)
  • For using petrol on car we pay Tax ( VAT on Petrol)
  • For house hold things and food we pay Tax (VAT)
  • For using Mobile and Internet we pay Tax ( Service Tax)
  • For doing Business we pay tax ( Professional Tax)
  • If we earn extra money we pay tax (Income Tax)
  • If we get big amount as Gift pay tax ( Gift Tax)
  • If we want to reduce our tension for Entertainment we need to pay tax (Entertainment Tax)
  • If we want to purchase house we need to pay tax(Stamp Duty, Registration Fees)

Only Birth, Death & Air is tax free rest all things are taxed in India 🙂

Remember apart from Income tax (direct tax) we pay lot of Indirect tax to government. It is estimated that Indirect tax income is more comparing to direct tax in India.

We have seen numerous cases of corruption & scam, both, on national level and on state level from independence. The CWG scam, Adarsh society scam, Telgi scam, Satyam Scam, Fodder scam (Chara Ghotala)  2G Scam & Coalgate scam are some of the well known scams. Scam is nothing but looting our own hard earned money.

All these scam happens because corrupt politician & corrupt person works for personal interest and not for nation.

We are here with all big scams details showing the amount which lost by the nation and because of these scams India is poor country of poor people.


India is poor country because of Indian only. We Indian are not ready to change we have accepted corruption and scam as part of our life. We just don’t want to do anything about it.

My dear friend’s time has come to save India from scam & corruption; we will have to do something because the line has been crossed. It’s now or never.

 I must say JAGO INDIAN JAGO. Do something to make India Rich.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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