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How RERA website helps you for home buying?

Now RERA website can also help you in your home buying process. Festival season has begun if you are planning to purchase a new house. Here is something interesting for you. You can take help of RERA website to gain information about project detail, developer’s credibility, amenities provided, built up area and lot of other things. This information will surely help you in taking appropriate decision. You may be aware that as per act it is mandatory to register all residential projects to RERA website. RERA will list information about the project on the website. You can make use of this information. Some RERA website has already started showing this information. In this post, we will take a look at how to see this information and how to make use of it?

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How RERA website helps you for home buying?

Follow the steps given below to get information about the property before home buying.

# Step -1 – Visit RERA website of the state where you want to buy property. Find out a section called as Registered Projects. In this section, you will find information about listed properties.

Let’s take an example of Maharashtra RERA website. MAHARERA has started this facility. From the homepage, you can go to Registered Projects section.

rera registered projects

# Step -2 – Select Register Projects radio button and enter information like Project Name, Promoter Name or Registration Number.

If you select “Advance Search” option you have an additional filter such as district, village, proposed date of completion, project type etc.

search rera website

# Step -3 – On search result, you can see Project name and Promoter name. If you click on view detail button you will be able to see complete information about the project.

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It will show complete information about the project including promoter detail, past experience, proposed date of completion, area, amenities, title certificate, building plan approval etc.

project detail RERA website

The information given on RERA website will help the home buyer in the following manner.

  • A home buyer can get accurate information about an ongoing project.
  • One can check credibility and experience of the developer.
  • To know a timeline of project, construction quality and default if any in the market.
  • To check the legal status of the project and get information about clearance certificate of the project.
  • To get information about layout proposed and planned, a clear title of the project as well as carpet area.
  • You will come to know about other crucial information such as facilities provided with a project.
  • You can also verify owner by looking at a photograph of developer given on the website.

Currently, this facility is available only with few RERA state website. Soon this facility will be available with other RERA websites.

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