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20 Profitable Small Business Industries Ideas

A simple reason for starting a business is to earn a profit. So, which are the most profitable small business industries in India? What makes business ideas profitable? These are some common queries bugging up every aspiring businessman. So, let’s try to get answers to these queries. Some of the most profitable small business industries are real estate, food processing, clothes, chemical, and agrochemical. Apart from this household-based customized products are also in high demand. If you have capital and passion for starting a business here is a list of 20 Profitable small business industry ideas.

small profitable business industries ideas

20 Profitable Small Business Industries Ideas            

Manufacturing Small Business Industries 

(1) Designer Cloth Manufacturing

Embark on the journey of designer cloth manufacturing, tapping into the evergreen demand for unique fashion. With low capital investment and the flexibility of a part-time home-based venture, expect a generous 30-40% profit margin.

(2) The welding Unit

Establish a welding unit specializing in the fabrication of iron and steel products. From window grills to customized orders, this business can kick off from a small shop, offering a lucrative niche in the market.

(3) Wood Working

Venture into woodworking or furniture making, where craftsmanship meets profitability. Customize wooden products based on demand, commencing this business with a small shop and modest startup capital.


(4) Package Drinking Water

Tap into the rising demand for pure drinking water by initiating a package drinking water supply business. While substantial investment is required for water filtering and packaging plants, the health-conscious market ensures a successful venture.

(5) Plastic Product Manufacturing

Explore the low-cost, high-demand realm of plastic product manufacturing. From mugs to water storage containers, the market for these products is vast. Success in this business hinges on effective sales and marketing strategies.

(6) Jewelry Production & sale

Delve into the intricate world of jewelry production and sale. While expertise and training are essential, the high-profit margins make it a worthwhile venture. The beauty of this business is that it can be initiated from the comfort of your home.

Food Based Small Business Industries

(7) Restaurant

Embark on the restaurant business, a highly profitable venture dependent on location and the quality of food served. Offering tasty fare at reasonable prices can establish dominance in the market.

(8) Snacks Making

Cater to the modern preference for ready-made snacks with a snacks-making business. Starting from home or a small shop, this venture promises profitability in the snack-loving market.

(9) Rice Mill

Enter the lucrative domain of rice milling, addressing the substantial demand for rice in India and abroad. Although approvals and machinery installation are prerequisites, the profitability of this food processing business is substantial.

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(10) Oil Mill

Explore the edible oil mill business, producing oil from items like peanuts, olives, and fruits. Acquiring oil milling machinery is crucial for this venture, presenting a profitable opportunity within the food processing sector.

(11) Dairy

Embark on the production and sale of milk-related products, meeting the perennial demand for dairy items. This small and profitable business can be initiated with a modest shop and capital.

 Home Based Small Business Industries

(12) Customize Gift Making

Unleash your creativity with a home-based customized gift-making business. In a world where gifts are integral to celebrations, this venture offers a successful and personalized touch. Commence this business from the comfort of your home.

(13) Chocolate Making

Embark on a home-based chocolate-making business, tapping into the high consumption of chocolate in India. With low initial investment, this venture promises sweet success from the confines of your home.

Real Estate related Small Business Industries

(14) Real Estate Agent or Broker

Explore the unorganized sector of real estate by becoming an agent or broker. This zero-investment business idea boasts significant profits and is open to anyone willing to navigate the real estate market.

(15) Interior Designer

Leverage creativity and skills by entering the realm of interior design. This real estate-related small business can be initiated from home, promising substantial returns in the world of aesthetic transformations.

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Service-related Small Business Industries

(16) Recruitment Firm

Initiate a recruitment firm, addressing the increasing demand for job placements. With a small office space and a network of contacts, tap into the employment market, offering services for which students and professionals are willing to pay commissions or fees.

(17) Smart Phone Sale and Repair

Seize the booming mobile phone business by offering smartphone sales and repair services. This venture requires both skill and capital but promises substantial returns in a world where smartphones are ubiquitous.

(18) Automotive equipment leasing

Invest in automotive equipment like luxurious cars and offer them on rent. This business idea, requiring capital, opens the door to significant profits by catering to the demand for high-end vehicles.

Others Small Business Industries

(19) Commercial and Industrial Machinery Equipment Rental

Explore the massive capital-intensive business of renting commercial and industrial machinery equipment. While the initial investment is substantial, the potential for massive long-term profits makes it a compelling business idea.

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(20) Consultancy & Sub Contracting

Capitalize on domain expertise, skills, and manpower by delving into consultancy and subcontracting. Big companies are willing to pay handsomely for top-notch consultants and contractors, making this business idea lucrative for those with the right skills.

In conclusion, the mentioned business ideas are tried, tested, and proven to be successful. If there’s a profitable business idea you think we’ve missed, share it in the comments section. Additionally, feel free to share your thoughts on these business ideas and pass on the knowledge to your friends and colleagues on Facebook and Twitter. Your journey to entrepreneurial success begins with the right idea and execution!

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