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Powerful Sales or Business Proposal – How?

Do you want to prepare a powerful sales quotation, business proposal, sales proposal? Or are you looking for persuasive copywriting? 

Well, in this post, I will share the structure of persuasive copywriting including basic principles and the formula you can use to craft a sales message by following step-by-step instructions.

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Powerful Sales or Business Proposal – Persuasive Copywriting – How?

In any business proposal or sales proposal, you need to include 10 magic components. 

These components are the headline, opening, credentials, offer, bullets, testimonials third-party verification, value justification the problem solution scale, risk reversal Guarantee or promise, call to action & urgency.  

This is the formulaic approach to crafting sales copy.

#1 Headline 

Effective headline writing strategies – State the claim as a question – Would you like to make 1 Lakh or 5 Lakh or one million in the highly lucrative real estate market in Surat? 

New subject headline – Discover the life-changing career where you control your schedule and determine the lifestyle for you and your family.

In the headline insert the most emotionally charged ideas that don’t describe the exact product you’re selling but appeal to the customer’s motivation for needing the product.

The purpose of the headline is not to sell but to get them to read the first paragraph the purpose of the first paragraph is to get them to read the second paragraph. That’s it you want to take your customers through this logical sequence.

If you are holding their attention there are three things they’re going to do next on your website –

  • Skim
  • Scroll 
  • Scan

When they scroll through and see the media videos and pictures first or some of the bigger words whatever jumps out.

#2 Opening 

Besides your headline now you have your opening the opening sets the criteria for whom the proposal is intended. and what they stand to gain by reading it.

Now that you’ve captured their attention with the opening paragraph move on to explaining what your product service or website page is about.

One of the best ways to do the opening paragraph is sometimes leading with a question or a vivid picture to make the reader imagine. 

For example, imagine setting up your schedule and making more money from a single deal than you’re making in a whole year working for someone else. Imagine earning your current income and then adding a side income by working part-time. 

#3 Credentials

Why should I listen to you?

Why should I listen to what this person has to say?

To answer these types of questions you need to establish credibility in this part it’s okay to talk about yourself your expertise and the clients you have had now you’ve hooked them in with a headline and the opening now you are in the right place to answer their question. 

#4 Offer

Offer your solution to the customers in the proposal. What exactly do you do what is the customer going to gain by buying? 

What do you have in your offer? 

For example, we offer the most flexible and convenient class options to help you become successful asap.

If you cannot come to live classes or you have a very busy schedule enroll in our online class option.

The best proposal anticipates the objections that your prospects might have you handle them ahead of time.

You already answered the questions or objections.  

#5 Bullets

A bullet is a brief statement that identifies a single benefit offered by your product or service. For example, feature easy to use the benefit.

These bullet points reduce the stress of customers and provide more confidence about your product and services and help them to decide faster. 

#6 Testimonials third-party verification 

Provide third-party verification that your solution does what it claims to do. Say I’m a consumer I’m skeptical how do I know you’re telling the truth as far as I’m concerned? I just stumbled upon you online I see your website how do I know you are not going to take my money and run?

I don’t know I’m not comfortable giving you my credit card information to answer these doubts provide some testimonials.

  • What have other people experienced?
  • What can other people say about your products and services?

Ideally, you should have video testimonials if you cannot get video testimonials then get written testimonials attached with a picture. The more specific and detailed the review the better a fleshed-out testimonial would include the full name the city they’re from and their occupation the more specific the more detailed the more credible testimonials are powerful.

#7 Value Justification 

People like to weigh their options they always have this scale in their mind to compare their options. So you want to talk about how valuable your product service or solution actually is to the user.

Highlight the value of your offer and do it in a way that contrasts the price in a favorable way.

On the other way, how can you make it a no-brainer for them –

  • How can you make it so that they can easily justify the price? 
  • How can you get them to say this is a no-brainer I want to do this.

#8 Risk Reversal 

The longer your guarantee the more orders you’ll get and the less likely that you’ll receive refund requests.

Risk reversal is one of the biggest objections from entrepreneurs.

I am afraid if I offer guarantees people would take advantage of me and they would send back my products I will get ripped off the truth is all of those worries are guaranteed to happen anyway but you also get much more sales.

Does it matter if you’re getting a few refunds when you’ve also increased your sales volume significantly it is truly irrelevant?

If your refund rate is so high that it affects your profitability then that simply means your product or service needs to be improved.

# 9 Call to Action 

Now that you’ve made your case made. Your sales argument captured their attention, established credibility, and showed them that other people just like them have experienced results. They can finally see exactly how you’re going to solve their problem.

At this point, you want to make ordering as easy and obvious as possible.

If you want them to call you give them a toll-free number in big print.

You want them to click on a link that takes them to buy action.

Don’t make assumptions about what your customers are aware of make sure to add in your copywriting things like in the comfort of your home or office at a time that works for you or tell them the feature you can take it online. 

#10 Urgency 

Now that the customer knows the price and they want to buy why would they want to buy now?

That’s what’s missing in most offers because people procrastinate. So, give a deadline on when to take action otherwise if a customer thinks about something too long they end up not buying after all.

Procrastination kills sales summarize the offer and give them the other value the bonuses they’re going to get in the limited offer you can say that the discounted rate can only be offered within a specific date range before it expires.

Some examples are time scarcity four days left or quantity scarcity four spots left/booked. seven times today four people viewing right now few spots left. 

Over to you

If you master Powerful Sales or Business Proposal or in other words Persuasive Copywriting you can lead the market and get whatever target you want in sales.

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