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How to open NPS account online?

NPS Account

NPS or National Pension System is one of the most popular investment options available now a day. NPS not only offers pension benefits it also offers multiple tax benefits. Under NPS, individual can open a personal retirement account and accumulate a retirement corpus. This retirement corpus will help individual to meet the financial requirement at old age.

Under NPS you can open following two types of accounts.

Tire 1 NPS account –

Tire 1 NPS allows limited withdrawal before the age of 60 years. The minimum contribution amount in Tire -1 NPS account per year is 6000 Rs/-.

Tire 2 NPS account –

Tire 2 NPS is simple saving bank account. You can deposit or withdraw money from this account anytime without any restrictions. Tier 1 account is mandatory for opening Tier 2 account. The minimum contribution amount in Tire -2 NPS account per year is 1000 Rs/-.

If you are serious about retirement planning and willing to open NPS account, here is simplest way to open NPS account online.

How to open NPS account online?

NPS online – ICICI Direct

ICICI direct offers facility to open Tire-1 and Tire-2 NPS account online. Steps for opening NPS account online with ICICI direct are given below.

  • Log on to ICICI direct
  • In order to login to ICICI direct you must have an online trading account with ICICI.
  • After Login click on NPS section.
  • Under NPS section click on “Subscribe NPS
  • An online form will be opened asking about basic information and nomination details.
  • Once you submit this form your NPS account will be opened.

nps icici

NPS online – Axis Direct

Online facility to open NPS account is also available to Axis direct customer. Steps for opening NPS online with Axis direct are given below.

  • Open Axis Direct website.
  • Click on Apply now button.
  • Provide basic information for opening NPS account and you will able to submit an application for opening NPS account online.

NPS online – HDFC Securities

HDFC offers the facility to open NPS account online. Steps for opening NPS  with HDFC are given below.

  • Login to HDFC site using Trading User id Password
  • Click on Online NPS
  • Enter your details & Print the form
  • Attach KYC docs & forward it to nearest HDFC sec branch

NPS is regulated by PFRDA. PFRDA is also planning to start facility to enroll online account for NPS.

Hope you find above information useful. Do share your experience with us about opening NPS account online.

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