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40 Online Business Ideas with low cost

It is easy to start an online business nowadays. You just need few technical skills and internet connection which is available at a cost of peanuts. There are so many opportunities available for starting an online business. Here are 40 Online Business Ideas that you can start right away with a click of a button. These online business ideas do not require big investment even you don’t need an exclusive office to start with.

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40 Online Business Ideas


A first online business idea is blogging. Blogging means sharing useful content to the reader online on a website. You can select your own niche and start blogging. You can make money via advertising, affiliate marketing, info products and via other avenues.

eBook Author

If you love writing you can think of writing book and publishing it online. You can either publish an ebook at your blog or you can get it published to an online platform like amazon.

Virtual Assistant

A requirement of a personal assistant is now fulfilled by Virtual Assistant. You can offer your services of virtual assistant online. There are many websites that post requirement of virtual assistant online. As a virtual assistant, you just need to complete basic work of personal assistant online.

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Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is a person that manages social accounts of leading brands. Social media manager moderate and create content such as video, image and other marketing material for social media. A good social media manager are always in demand.

Social Media Consultant

Another online business is a social media consultant. A social media consultant is expert that helps clients online instead of actually managing the account of the client.

Social Media Influencer

A social media influencer is a user on social media who had established credential in a specific industry. He/she carries a lot of followers online. He/she can influence the business and increase sale of product and services. If you have 5000+ social media follower you can think of becoming social media influencer.

Online Course Creator

Online course creation is another online business idea. If you have technical skills you can create an online course and sell them on your website, email list or YouTube.

Sell your own products

One of the simplest forms of online business is selling your own products. You can sell product either by making your own site or on facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites.

E-commerce Store

In line with the idea of selling own products, you can plan on starting your own e-commerce store. You need to make an investment in order to start your own e-commerce store.

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Business Coach

A business coach is a person that provides expert guidance about business. If you have the legal knowledge and business expertise you can become a business coach. You can become strategy execution consultant where you need to execute strategy designed by business coach or management. You can offer this services online via email or video chat or offline.

SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimization is a specialized field. Many online companies opt for SEO services. If you are very good at Search Engine Optimization you can set up your own business for providing SEO Consultancy.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business option. In affiliate marketing, you need to become an affiliate of various online store to help them to sell their product. You will be paid commission on every sell.

YouTube Channel Partner Program

Become a YouTube channel partner and earn a lot of money. In order to do so, you need to shoot and upload a unique video on YouTube channel. After gaining popularity you need to apply for YouTube channel partner program. This program is for placing an advertisement in the video uploaded by you.


A podcaster is a person that creates an audio file similar to a radio broadcast. You can also start your own podcast and sell advertising or sponsorships online.

Customized product Store

If you can make a handmade customized product, you can set up your own online store of a handmade product. It is a very famous idea there are many stores like this which are selling customized products online.

Web designer

Next online business idea is web designer. If you have technical expertise in designing website and WordPress themes you can plan to start your own web design business online.

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Build Mobile Apps

The next business idea is building an app. In order to build the app, you should have technical knowledge about android programming. Once your app is ready you can place it online or on google play store. Earning from an app is possible by the making it paid product.

Graphic Designer

Another lucrative online business is a graphic designer. In this business, you need to design unique graphic for your client. It will be used for making an advertisement.

Domain Flipping

A Flipping domain is next online business idea. You can earn a handsome return by flipping domain online. However, you need to do research before buying a domain name. There are many online websites that provide a facility of domain flipping.

Freelance Writer

A demand of writer and content creators are growing. If you are good at writing you can offer your writing services to clients online.

Product Sell on Facebook

The next online business idea is selling product on Facebook. Facebook provides facility to make your own store or group online. Other like-minded people can become a member of this store or group and you can carry out marketing for product sell.

Create own Word Press Themes

A technical expert with knowledge of programming can create own WordPress theme. Once your themes are ready you can sell it online and earn a lot of money.

Create Word Press Plugin

The next online business idea is also related to WordPress. You can create WordPress plugins for achieving new functionality in the WordPress. This plugin can be sold to earn money online.

Sell Photos Online

A creative person with knowledge of clicking good photograph can think of starting a business related to photos. Unique photos are used for creating an advertisement. There are many websites ready to deal in photographs online such as photodune, istockphoto etc.

Online Travel Agent

Today lot of people prefer to book bus, train, air ticket online. So, starting online travel booking portal could be a profitable affair. You need to do tie up with bus, hotel and other travel operators.

Artificial Jewelry Website

Selling artificial jewelry is another lucrative business option. You need very low capital in order to start this business. However, managing logistics is a difficult task.

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Hosting Paid Webinars

A highly skilled person with extraordinary skill can host a web-based seminar, presentation or video. It requires unique skills to build and host a webinar. To host webinar you should be an owner of the website which is well known, with good traffic ranking.

Online book library

The next online business idea is online book library. In order to establish this business, you need to do investment as you need various books. You can keep subscription amount or membership fees along with a deposit for online book library.

Online Food Delivery

One of the unique online business is food delivery. In this business, you can partner with hotels and fast food center. Delivery of food on time is key to success in this business.

Online Tutor

Education is an evergreen field. If you have the skillset to teach students you can start your own online business or online teaching. You can do this either by making a video or conducting one to one training. This is a unique way of generating online income.

Online Advertisement Creator

The online advertisement has a huge market. Good Advertisement creators are always in demand. If you can offer your advertisement services to a business you can earn a lot of money.

Virtual Tech Support

Unlike virtual technical assistant, another option is virtual tech support. It is a profession where you need to support individual or business in solving technical problems. You can earn a lot of money via virtual tech support.

Online Customer Support

Online customer support is somewhat related to virtual tech support. However, in online customer support, you need to solve administrative and product related query of the customer.

Chatbot Maker

Making chatbot is another lucrative business option. Every website is now making chat bot for automatic response. If you are technically sound you can start own chatbot making business.

Press Release Writing

A press release is used to inform public about news, product, and services. If you have good writing skills you can become press release writer.


A proofreader is a knowledgeable person about language, grammar, and spelling. A proofreader is an author that act as editor for a client who wants to send work online.

Resume Writer

Resume writer is a person that helps writing a resume to the client. Apart from that, you can also help a client in writing cover letters.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is another lucrative online business idea. In this business, you need to manage and maintain websites of the client. You can charge fix yearly cost for this work.

Video Ad Creator

There are two types of video ADs. First is Video advertisement and second is text or image ad appearing on the video. If you are expert in creating an ad you can earn a lot of money.

Financial Consultant

A financial consultant is a person that helps clients in making a right investment decision. If you have knowledge about finance you can become a certified financial advisor and provide service online.

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