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One Word That Can Make You Rich 

What’s the one word, that makes people rich, millionaires, and billionaires?

Let’s take a pen and paper and do one exercise. Think for 2 minutes and write down one word that can make you rich. 

Now, what did you write down?

Did you write down luck? Timing, attitude, mindset, product, quality, team.

What did you write down?

I want you to imagine this. If you had ₹86400, in your bank account and someone stole ₹10 from you.

Would you throw away the remaining ₹86390? And try to get back to that person.

Or would you say, you know what forget it and move on?

I think you will say, let’s forget it. 

Imagine there’s a bank account, that credits you ₹86400, to your account, every single day.

But there’s one catch.

It carries over no balance. It means whatever you don’t invest, you don’t take out that day, it gets to zero.

Now, what would you do? You would draw every damn rupee now, wouldn’t you?

Well you know, we do have that bank account.

And that bank account is called time.

Every single day, you have, 86400 seconds, to deposit to your life, your time bank.

How would you spend that time?

It carries over no balance and it doesn’t allow any overdraft.

So, Make sure to spend your time wisely. 

You see you’ve heard of the concept of Return on Investment.


Now but here’s a more powerful concept and that is ROTI, and that is Return on Time Invested.

That’s correct.

Now you see most people when they think about that one word, that makes people millionaires and billionaires.

Very often, the word that comes to mind is what?

Struggle, you gotta work your face off. You need to work hard and spend a lot of years to become rich.

And you know what?

Struggle, that’s part of success. That is like the price of admission, to get in the future door.

You don’t even struggle, forget about even trying to get in the game without that word.

That’s just to get your foot in the door. But that’s not the word, that makes people rich, millionaires and billionaires.

When I was getting started, I was struggling.

Right, I was living in a one-bedroom apartment with my family. I was the sole earner and I had a lot to do to come out from the rat race to become financially free. 

I had bills to pay.

I was the only earner in my family.

I had to take care of my father as he was suffering from paralysis. The paralysis was mainly due to job pressure. 

And I couldn’t wait for 30-40 years.

I had to make some money and I had to make some money right now.

Nothing wrong with struggle, but that’s not what made me a multi-millionaires.

Now so what’s that one word?


One Word That Can Make You Rich 

That word is leverage.

I want you to imagine if you want to lift a big heavy stone.

And you try to do it with your two hands, right?

And it doesn’t even move. 

And you try your very best.

However, if we can use something like a long pole, use some kind of lever and we can lift that up.

Suddenly, with the same manpower, now I could lift that heavy stone.

That’s leverage.

The definition of leverage is maximum productivity with minimum effort.

Maximum productivity with minimum effort.

So, let me give you some examples.

There are many, many forms of leverage.

Many forms of leverage.

I give you, let’s say four today.

#1 Money Leverage

Imagine you are buying a piece of, let’s say real estate. A property.

And you borrow from the bank.

You put down your 5%, 10%, or 15%, down payment, you’ve heard of that concept.

And then you borrow the rest. Could be 80%, 85%, or 90%, from the bank.

That’s a Money Leverage. 

You’re using the bank’s money to create more wealth and to build your business.

Or, you want to buy some kind of new equipment, for your company and you go to the bank.

Or you go to an investor to borrow some money. 

That’s a form of money leverage, right? Or it could be a line of credit from the bank, that’s money leverage.

#2 Marketing leverage

Now, what do I mean by that?

Imagine if, let’s say I’m running an ad on social media.

And I create that ad once.

And I run that ad and it’s seen by 1000 people, or, 10000 people or, a hundred thousand people.

So even though I am not there, quote-unquote, marketing, and selling,

but my ad is working for me.

It’s being exposed, it’s being viewed by tens of thousands, or even millions of people.

Yes, that’s a form of leverage, it’s called marketing leverage.

#3 People Leverage

So what do I mean by people leverage? By having the team, hire someone to do the task, that may be your time, your hourly rate that is x amount of rupee and you can hire someone.

You can outsource talents, and you can delegate.

Someone whose hourly rate is a bit lower than you and who can handle certain tasks.

Having that team member, that’s people leverage. 

#4 System Leverage

For example, let’s say here for my bookkeeping, I am using Tally, to manage my finance.

To do the bookkeeping.

That’s a form of leverage, system leverage.

Or, let’s say I am managing my email list. I’m using an email system that allows me, to craft one message and it goes out to thousands of people.

Well, that’s an email system.

That’s technology, I’m leveraging technology to grow.

That’s another form of leverage.

There are many, many forms of leverage.

Now, let’s go back to the old question and think about anyone rich, a millionaire, or a billionaire.

They have highly, highly utilized, different forms of leverage in terms of finance, people, marketing, and system.

So that’s the one word that makes people, rich, millionaires, and billionaires – LEVERAGE. 

Make use of leverage and become rich. 

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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