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One Nation One Card – Key Features Benefits – Review

one nation one card

One Nation One Card is a new Mobility Card. It is India’s first indigenous card that can be used to make payment across all segments including metro, suburban railways, bus, shopping as well as withdrawal. In short, One Nation One Card is the replacement of all other cards.

Let’s try to understand this by example. As of now, you might be using different cards when making use of a train or other transport mechanism. Let’s say you are from Mumbai and using Mumbai Metro as well as local suburban train for commuting. At this juncture, you need to purchase metro card and ATVM smart card. Another alternative is to stand in a queue for buying tickets. One Nation One Card (ONOC) eliminates this pain and enable the end user to make payment using a single card. Another advantage of this card is it works across all Automatic Fare Systems across the country. This means you can travel anywhere and use this card for payment requirement.

One Nation One Card is recently launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. It is also known as National Common Mobility Card. It is compliant with “Make in India” initiative and launched in association with National Payment Corporation. In this post, I will share complete information about One Nation One Card.

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One Nation One Card

ONOC means a single card for making all financial transactions. ONOC is a similar concept like GST. In GST, the government had introduced One Nation One Tax concept where all indirect taxes were replaced by GST. In ONOC all transport related cards will be replaced with a single card. A User will be able to use a single card to make payment of travel fare and all other utilities such as metro fare, parking fees, toll tax etc. The purpose is to use one card for all payment systems.

While traveling across the nation, you might have faced various issues like waiting in a long queue for getting tickets, handling cash, looking for changes etc. You can get rid of all these issues by means of using this card at payment terminals. Key features and benefit associated with One Nation One Card are given below.

Key Features & Benefits of One Nation One Card

  • It is the first indigenously developed payment ecosystem. It is supported by all automatic fare collection gates such as SWEEKAR and SWAGAT.
  • The card can be used to make payment for a bus, train, metro, parking place, toll, shopping and even for withdrawal of money.
  • This card comes with swipe-to-pay and contactless option. This means you can make a quick payment like your metro smart card.
  • The card is secured with EVM technology. It is a chip based card that ensures the security of payments at various POS terminals.
  • It is an open loop card that can be used on all POS and ATM machines.
  • This card provides provision of storing value (money) cards which can be accessed offline and speed up transactions.
  • The card contains reserved space (service area) on a card for storage of monthly passes, tickets and financial inclusion products.
  • Along with traveling, people can also use it as a prepaid, credit or debit card with support from 25 partner banks including SBI, PNB, etc.
  • Cardholders can also avail a cashback of 10% at Merchant’s outlet and 5% at ATMs when they travel abroad.
  • This card is also accepted at Discover and Diners Club International merchants and ATMs.

Should you opt for One Nation One Card?

The one nation one card helps you to eliminate all travel related problems. You can also save time as you need not to stand in queue for buying tickets. If you are frequent traveler or love to travel across country, you should opt for this card.

This card ensures seamless travel across metros and other transport system. It also acts as debit card which can be used for withdrawal of money as well as retail shopping and purchases.

How to Apply for One Nation One Card?

The One Nation One Card is like RuPay debit/credit card. This card is available with more than 25 banks including state bank of India. This card is also offered by PayTm.

As of now online method of applying for this card is not available. You need to contact your bank. To apply for One Nation One Payment RuPay card. At the first instance this card will be available in the urban area and at the later stand rural population of country will be covered for this card.

As per me, it is wonderful initiative by the government of India. It will boost cashless transaction and it will also help travelling user in reducing his/her pain.

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