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5 New business startup ideas


Startup Ideas – Today it’s startup boom. We see many young and dynamic people are establishing new start-ups on a daily basis. Every new entrepreneur is keen to become a successful business tycoon. As we know there is no shortcut to success, but new innovative startup ideas surely help in becoming successful. So here are 5 new online business startup ideas. Most of the startup ideas given below are online startup started by young entrepreneurs with low-cost investment.

5 New business startup ideas


Caricme.com is innovative startup business. Caricme is founded by Mr.Ritesh Rao, Mr.Rajesh Acharya and Mr.Kotresh. Caricme provides personalized caricature gift services to individuals. This site offers cool and unique personalize gift ideas for every occasion. From table-top showpieces to kitchen tiles, from plaques to mementos CaricMe use every object to canvas their creativity.

Creation of gift using caricature is a unique selling point (USP) of this startup idea.

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Attero is next in the list of new startup ideas. Attero is an integrated end to end e-waste management company. Attero is founded by Mr.Nitin Gupta and Mr.Rohan Gupta. Attero is involved in metal extraction. Attero finds out best out of waste and earns money on that. Attero is having pan India presence.


BreathingRoom is online startup established by Mr.Kaushal Sanghvi. BreathingRoom is the quickest way to book an office space, meeting room, board room, training room on an hourly cost basis. This facility is currently offered in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and Mumbai. You can book a space starting from 79 Rs an hour to 599 Rs an hour. You can get air-conditioned office space with free WIFI, projector, LED display.

Providing a quickest way to book office space is USP of this startup idea.

The Happy Feet

Thehappyfeet is a unique startup that provides foot relaxation and pedicure services at your door step. This startup is founded by Mr.Johnny If you want someone who helps you in foot relaxation you can avail services of this company. Currently, the happy feet is operational in Bangalore only. They offer two different packages called as foot rub and feet at treat to the customer.

Making the customer happy by doing foot massage is USP of this startup idea.

The Living Greens

The Living Greens is founded by Mr.Prateek Tiwari. The living green is an urban farming company. The Living Green helps customers to establish natural surrounding around them. This startup also helps in establishing fresh organic vegetable container at the rooftop. They also offer organic farming kit and readymade live green walls to the customer.

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Over to You –

Hope you liked 5 New business startup ideas mentioned above. If you have any other unique business ideas and if you want to share it with our reader feel free to share it with me by email.  Also, share your comment in the following section, because your comments are the fuel for me to write better in future.

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