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Top 10 New Business Ideas for 2019

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Are you looking for New Business Ideas? Well, let me tell you something, you are not alone. There are many young and dynamic people looking for new business ideas. They aspire to start a new business, but due to lack of capital or good business idea, they avoid starting a business. If you are one of them, here is something interesting for you. Here is list of Top 10 New Business Ideas for 2019. Every business idea given here is unique and contains a lot of business potential.

Some of the business ideas require skills, investment and licensing while others require only a few bucks and internet connection. You can decide which business idea is more suitable based on your skills and affordability.

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Top 10 New Business Ideas for 2019

#1 Digital Consultancy

The world is moving towards digitalization. So, the first new business ideas for 2019 is starting a digital consultancy. Digital has become a buzzword. Each and every business is now adopting digitalization and Industry 4.0. Digital gives a lot of business benefits. If you are from a technical/engineering background with a great understanding of digital you can open your own digital consultancy. It is a very lucrative business idea.

#2 Small Robot Toys Making Business

The second new business idea for 2019 is a small robot toy making business. This idea requires very good technical skill and electronic background. So, if you are capable of making small robot toys you can grab the market in the year 2019. The toy made by you must be easy to use and affordable.

#3 Diet Food Making

Overweight or excessive obesity is one of the most common problems observed by many individual nowadays. It is mainly due to the lifestyle where no physical exercise is involved. To reduce the weight people mostly adopt diet food. Thus starting a diet food making is one of the very good business options. One of the most popular treatments for reducing weight is Keto Diet. If you can prepare keto diet you can quickly grow in this segment.

#4 E-waste Recycling Plant

Usage of the electronic component is skyrocketing nowadays. Once these electronic components complete the useful life it becomes e-waste. The e-waste contains a lot of components including gold and silver. If you have expertise in processing electronic waste, you can start your own e-waste recycling plant.

#5 Smart Home Appliance

A Smart Home Appliances are set of internet connected devices which can be monitored or operated from anywhere. Every home appliance is becoming smart now. Starting from a speaker, clock, light, doorbell, fridge, water heater, cooking utensil everything is becoming smart. If you have the knowledge you can convert appliance to smart and sell it. Another idea is to do trading and installation & configuration of smart home appliances.  

#6 Chatbot Business 

The next new business idea in the list is chatbot making business. Today almost every website prefer chatbot. A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation through artificial intelligence and sends response via auditory or textual manner. Chatbots helps business to do work automation. It also helps to increase customer satisfaction. If you are technically sound you can establish your own business of making customized chatbots based on business requirement. It is a new booming business with a lot of scopes.

#7 Remote Employee Monitoring

Remote workforce has become very common nowadays. Checking productivity and knowing about the actual time spent on the work is very important for the employer. If you have IT-related knowledge you can design your own software for tracking employee productivity. This could be a very good startup business idea.

#8 Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness is the program that is designed to support employee wellbeing. Every organization opts for the corporate wellness program. If you are an expert in designing corporate wellness program you can start your own business related to corporate wellness. It is one of the best evergreen business idea.

#9 E-Bike Sell & Repair Services

Selling electronic bike or starting electronic bike repair service is the next new business idea. The demand for electronic bike is growing and in the future, we may see a huge rise in the usage of the e-bike. Thus starting E-bike sell and repair is one of the very good lucrative business options.

#10 IoT Business

The next in the list of new business ideas is IoT (Internet of Things). Today almost everyone uses multiple gadgets. Internet of Things or IoT is a business of connecting this device together with internet, collecting information and developing a fruitful solution. The solution could be for business or for personal purpose. IoT concept is just started in India. If you have skills you can establish a very good business using IoT concept.

Over to you –

No matter what type of business you will start in 2019 or how much capital you have, I am sure that at least a few ideas from my list will match your criteria.

If you have got any new innovative business idea which is not covered above, don’t forget to share it via comment section given below.

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