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5 Mobile App to Earn Money – Quick & Easy

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Do you know that you can earn money by using your mobile phone? Interesting right! Most of the people use smartphones for entertainment, playing games, watching movies and for work. However, the same smartphone can be used for making money. If you are spending most of your time on the smartphone you should use a mobile app to earn extra money. There are multiple mobile apps available in the market which allows you to earn extra money easily, conveniently and quickly. Of course, you will not able to earn a lot of money which will replace your current monthly income, but money is money and extra money every month is always welcome. Here is 5 Mobile App to Earn Money anytime anywhere.

These apps for making extra money can be downloaded from the official app store iTunes for Apple users and Google Play from Android users.

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5 Mobile App to Earn Money – Quick & Easy


Inbox Dollars is a money making app. It is a legitimate app that pays money for doing various activities online. The activities are like reading email, downloading apps, taking surveys etc.

How to make money using InboxDollars?

  • Download InboxDollars app and install it in your smartphone.
  • Register to InboxDollars through your email id.
  • Once you join you can see various offers along with payout amount.
  • You need to click on the task you are interested.
  • Once you complete the task, money related to task is accumulated.

Payout threshold is $33. It means when you reach this limit you will get money. This app is available in India, USA, and Canada. Payout and task offered in India is less compared to the USA and Canada.


mobileXpression is one of the legitimate mobile apps that is designed to understand the trends and behaviors of people using mobile internet. When you install this app, you will be rewarded with a variety of benefits.

How to earn money using mobileXpression?

  • Download a mobileXpression app and install in your mobile. You can earn credit instantly when you join.
  • You can continue to earn money credits by simply keeping the app active.
  • The payment method is a gift voucher, prizes and payout.

This app claims that it does not monitor your message, calendar etc. However, if privacy is a concern, you should not use this app. This app is available in India, USA & Spain.

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TaskBucks is an app that provides you with extra money for completing simple tasks. You can earn money starting from Rs 100. Apart from this, you can also earn money by referring to friends. TaskBucks also offers free mobile recharge, free Paytm Cash and various offers on Ubar, Book My Show etc.

How to earn money from TaskBucks?

  • Download TaskBucks complete simple tasks and earn money.
  • Invite your friends, family and earn referral money.
  • Participate in daily contests and win free mobile recharges.

You can get payment via Mobikwik or Paytm. You can also use this money for recharge of your mobile.

MOBROG Survey App

MOBROG is research based app that pay money for completion of survey. You need to complete the survey about product and services to earn money.

How to make money from MOBROG Survey App?

  • Download free MOBROG app and install it on your smartphone.
  • Enter details about yourself and your interests in to complete the profile.
  • Take a part in surveys and get paid for your view.

MOBROG pays from Rs.30 to Rs.250 per survey.

ChampCash App

ChampCash is another referral based app for making money. You just need to refer your friends on this app. If your friends join, you will be paid money for a referral. Apart from that this app offers multiple challenges for earning money.

You can also earn money for watching videos, completing offers and completing surveys.

Apart from above 5 Mobile App given above there are many other apps such as AppKarma, StreetBees, Simply Tasks, BeMyEye, GiftPanda, GeIt, CashPirate, Verse, GrabPoints, AppDown, Gift Hunter Club, App Trailer etc.

All these apps mentioned above are completely free. You can uninstall them anytime. I have used a few apps for earning extra money. I would recommend checking the authenticity of apps before using.

Point to consider when making money with Mobile App

  • All apps are not available to users of all the countries. Make sure to check availability of app and payment method before using these apps.
  • Don’t expect to earn regular monthly income or lot of money from mobile app.
  • Make sure to check authenticity of app before downloading and using. Some mobile apps earn money by showing advertisements.
  • Download mobile app from legitimate source play stores.
  • Check for threshold pay out limit of mobile app before using.
  • Most of the mobile apps pay via Paypal make sure you hold Paypal account or facility to accept payment online.

Over to You

I hope Mobile App to earn money mentioned above is useful to you. Anyone with a smartphone, internet connection and some basic knowledge can make money from these apps. So, what are you waiting for download these apps on your mobile and start earning extra.

Do you use any other mobile app to earn money? If yes, do share it in the comment section given below.

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