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30 Small Manufacturing Business Ideas

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Today many people are keen to start own manufacturing business. If you are one of them you are the right place. Today, I will share 30 Small Manufacturing business ideas. A small manufacturing business can be started at home or small rented location. The cost of equipment or manufacturing machinery required for starting a business is very low. These types of business are expected to give very good returns on capital investment. So, let’s take a look at 30 manufacturing business ideas with low investment.

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30 Small Manufacturing Business Ideas

1. Textile manufacturer

The first manufacturing business idea is textile manufacturing. You can produce a raw fabric or other textile products to sell to individual or business. It is a capital intensive business. This business requires space and machinery. In addition to this, you need to evaluate market before starting this business.

2. Furniture Maker

Furniture has become an essential part of our life. Office, home, school or any business requires furniture such as chairs, tables, cupboards, beds, wardrobes etc. If you have enough space and if you want to produce large scale products, furniture making idea is for you. You require skill manpower in order to start this business.

3. Candle manufacturer

Candle manufacturing business can be initiated as small scale part time business. Candles are used as decorative items and for religious purpose. Apart from this scented candle is very popular and highly marketable. As per me, candle making is profitable small scale business.

4. Belt maker

Belt making is another small scale manufacturing business that can be started from home. You can involve yourself in mass production of leather related items and sell it to consumer or wholesaler. Make sure to conduct a proper market survey and feasibility study before starting this business.

5. Bread Maker

The next manufacturing business idea is related to food. You can become a baker and start your own bread manufacturing business. You need to understand ingredients and making process of bread. You can establish mass production by establishing machinery.

6. Biscuit Making

Starting biscuit making plant is one of the most profitable manufacturing business idea. You will need machinery such as laminators, mixer, oven, Flour Sifter, Spreader etc. You also need to work on recipe, packaging and marketing of biscuits.

7. Candy Maker

Candy making is next in the list. This business can be started even from home. A raw material and ingredients are readily available in the market. You need to work towards making unique candy. You can spend more money on decoration and packaging.

8. Ice cream manufacturing

Ice cream comes in different flavors, colors, and forms. This business can be started at small scale or at large scale. For large scale business, you need to make large investment in plant and machinery.

9. Honey processing

Honey extraction and processing is another good small manufacturing business option. Honey is important ingredient used in various products such as medicine, candy, jam making, dairy products etc. In this business, you need to do honey bee farming and extraction of honey. You can use various equipment for processing of honey.

10. Jam Jelly Making

Jam Jelly making business idea requires the availability of raw material such as ripe fruits and other ingredients. This idea can be started with low investment.

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11. Hair Product making

You can also think of making fast moving consumer good product such as hair oil, cream etc. It is very easy to make hair oil at home. This business does not demand a big investment. However, you need to spend money on marketing of products.

12. Detergent making

The next home based manufacturing business idea is detergent or soap making. The process of making detergent is easy and require less investment.

13. Makeup Production

It may sound unusual but generally, women are fond of makeup and they spend a good amount of money on makeup at every occasion. Inspire by this you can think of starting your business for makeup production.

14. Electric Fitting production

Electric fitting production means manufacturing of electrical fitting such as modular switches, fan regulator, wires, switch board etc. If you have knowledge in electrical field you can start own electrical fitting production business.

15. Air Freshener producer

Air freshener is another product for mass production. There is a large market for air freshener and air freshener can be produced either in liquid form, gaseous form or solid forms. Unique and Pleasant smell is important while manufacturing air freshener.

16. Embroiderer

Embroidery business is high skill business. Embroidery can be made via hand also as well as via machine also. As a embroiderer you need to make unique design. You can make use of computer or machinery for doing this. You may even employ people for applying embroidery on cloths.

17. Paper making

Paper making is another business. Papers and stationary always remain in demand either in education or in the business field. Starting a paper manufacturing business is easy and low cost.

18. Jewelry making

One high investment business idea is jewelry making. This business requires a capital investment based on jewelry type. If you are going to produce gold or diamond jewelry you need to invest more money.

19. Pencil Rubber Manufacturing

Pencil and rubber are essential items used by student and teachers. It seems, there is a large market for pencil and rubber. You can plan to start a business related to these items.

20. Carpet making

A carpet has very big market in India as well as outside. Carpets are hand made or machine made. Carpets are made up from cotton, wool and yarn. You can use looms or weaving machinery for making carpet. Investment required for carpet manufacturing business is moderate.

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21. Tool Manufacturing

Tool manufacturing is next in the list of manufacturing business ideas. Tools are of different types such as wood working tools, engineering tools etc. The process of making each tool is different. In case of metal tool it goes via design and fabrication. If you are planning to manufacture tool it is advisable to go for standard tool instead of customized one.

22. Automotive part making

Another big manufacturing business idea is automotive part manufacturing. This business requires skill, knowledge, and investment for plant and machinery.

23. Ceramic Tile Maker

Ceramic Tile and ceramic product has very big market. Ceramic Tiles are made up from clay. If you have knowledge of ceramic tile manufacturing you can start this business. Investment require for this business is moderate.

24. Smartphone Accessory making

There is a large market for mobile phone accessories such as earphones, Bluetooth device, casing, batteries, battery chargers and power banks. If you can produce high quality accessories you can even think of exporting it.

25. Plastic Bag making

Handbags come in various size, colors, and shape. In addition to that bags can be customized. The business of bag making can be started with low cost. The space requirement for this business is also less.

26. Fertilizer producer

The next business is fertilizer manufacturing. This business can be started on a small scale. No experience or skills required in order to start this business.

27. Chalk manufacturer

Small items such as chalk always remain in demand, especially in education sector. You can study the local market and start your own business as chalk manufacturer.

28. Kitchen Utensil maker

Kitchen Utensil making means doing metal and plastic work. Kitchen utensil such as cooker, choppers, scissors, keepers are widely in use. The demand of kitchen utensil will never end. Thus starting kitchen utensil manufacturing business is very good business option.

29. Toy Manufacturing

The next business idea is toy making. Toy’s are in various forms, size & colors. Toy’s are also customizable in nature. You can plan this business at the low end and expand at a later stage.

30. Hair Band making

Last manufacturing idea is hair band making. This idea is somewhat related to hand plastic bag making which can be started from home also.

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Over to you –

I hope mentioned 30 manufacturing business ideas has inspired you in starting your own business. Analyze and take appropriate decision to start your own small manufacturing business based on your skill, experience, and knowledge.

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