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Job to Business – Scripted Life to Unscripted Life

How to move from Job to Business – Scripted life to unscripted life. Recently, one of my friends asked me this question – I am doing a job, is it good to start my own business? Can you share your thoughts on the same?

Job in my opinion is modern-day slavery. Today, many people are living a scripted life. Scripted life means jugglery that doesn’t allow you to think beyond the limit. Well, it is not your fault.  

Because from childhood, you have been programmed for scripted life by different people. Go to School, Get a Good Grade, Get a Degree, Get a Good Job and Life would be settled. 

You are being programmed to do a job. However, if you are in a job and planning to start your own business here are 4 life-changing principles from the book Unscripted by M J Demarco.

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Job to Business – Scripted Life to Unscripted Life

#1 Become A Producer Not A Consumer

In 1926, World’s Work Magazine has published an interview with a big businessman. In this interview, the question asked was – Why you have started giving two days’ leave to your worker for the same salary? 

The answer given by the businessman was, “Consumption Powers the scripted Mechanism”. He said, “Workers are producers and they are consumers”. By giving more leave they will try to consume more, clothes, food varieties, facilities, and services. By which consumption will increase. And to fill that consumption. We will ask them to produce more stuff like clothes, and food varieties from them. By which our profit will increase. And they will get trapped in this system.

For example, to buy an expensive smartphone, if you have to spend your monthly salary, Then remember that you have worked 30 days not for yourself but for that smartphone company. And if you want to get rid of this trap. Then you have to change your side.

You have to become producer from consumer. If you will consume less then you will have more time to produce.

There is a very good quote – “In a gold rush, don’t dig for gold, Sell shovels”. This means When the whole world wants to dig for gold, Then instead of digging for gold, Sell the things that will be used for digging the gold.

Many people complain that influencers, actors, and cricketers earn more money than doctors. At that time they are not aware of the “Law of Affection”. The law of affection means the more people you will affect positively, the more money you will earn.

And this is the reason that actors, cricketers, and influencers earn more than doctors. Because thousands of people go to see movies, cricket matches, or shows of influencers by buying tickets for thousands of rupees.

They make money in various ways including advertisements, affiliate marketing, and many more. Many people even purchase recommended products from influencers. 

This means cricketers, actors, and influencers are money-making machines. They affect millions of people and by which, they also earn millions of dollars.

The law of Affection says that You can earn $1M in two ways. One is “Affect a lot of people” which is called Scale.

And the second is “Affect people a lot” which is called Magnitude.

Scale means selling a $10 product to 1 lakh people. And magnitude means selling a $100000 product to only 10 people.

This magnitude technique is used by many brands like Louis Vuitton, Zara, Armani, and many more.

If you also want to start any business, you should focus on magnitude instead of scale. 

#2 Don’t Chase Events, Follow The Process

The top performers, you see on stage or on screen, are the result of deliberate practice done for many hours behind the curtain.

People living scripted life think that actors make blockbuster movies suddenly. They think that some youngsters make mobile apps that become multi-million dollar companies.

In actuality, it is not like that. There is a very long process hidden behind every event. That many people don’t see.

That I’m telling you by giving a real-life example. When you go to the mall to buy some groceries, then notice the things in others’ carts, almost 90% time you will find it’s an exact match.

Like in someone’s cart, if you see wafers, drinks, cookies, or fast food, then their body will be something like that.

Because the things they purchased will eat for weeks. This means they bring a chain of processes from the grocery stores. And the end result of that process seems to be their fat body.

You would have seen such people. After getting a business idea, they first make a logo and business card. In which is it written, founder and CEO of XYZ company. At that time they are the CEO of a company that has no products, no customers, and no profits, This process is known as Action Faking. Action faking means facking action without taking actual action.

For example, buying Nike Shoes before joining the gym is “Action Faking”. But going to the gym regularly by using the things available to you is Action Taking.

To come from scripted life you have to be an Action Taker not an Action Faker.

Because the owner of an idea is not who imagines it first. but one who executes that idea first.

The best example is Elon Musk. Because World was talking about Clean Energy, Electric cars, and trucks. And Elon Musk presented it to the world.

Elon thinks that people want the best solution to their problems. They don’t care about your Degrees, Marks, and Awards, So the things that matter is your Output and nothing else.

But you have to follow that process to get the desired output. Because Amazon also starts with one-line coding. And Harry Potter Book Series also started with writing a paragraph.

#3 Build A Brand, Not Just A Company

You have to build a brand not just a company. Have you ever asked a shopkeeper? Does the inventor of the product you are buying have a college degree or not? Never, why? 

Because a good product matters to you, not the degree of the inventor.

You also choose a doctor by the people’s recommendation not by seeing a degree. So if you build something and then made it a brand, not just a company, you can sell products or services at your own cost.

For example – Have you ever seen Ads for sports car companies like Ferrari or Lamborghini?

You will never see. Because they don’t run TV ads. Because they know, The people who watch TV. They don’t have so much money, that they can buy their cars.

“Be Specific”, don’t sell your products to anybody. Everybody will not buy your product.

And you can not create a brand with only a logo and website. But it is earned by your constant action and reputation.

#4 Graduation Is Not The End Of The Education

Many people don’t try to read or learn after graduation. They think that graduation means the end of education. But it is not true.

Your real-life starts after graduation. How you will use the things you have learned up till now?

You should keep learning even after graduation. The information you need to learn something, that is available on the internet.

Only you have to prioritize step by step, the solutions to the problems you want. When people start reading. Then they have a question. Which book to read? Then the answer is you should read the book that will give the best solution to your current problems.

This means If you have no money then reading books related to investing will be waste of time. Instead, you should read some books that teach you some skills. 

By which your earning increases. If you are a student. Then first focus on Self-discipline and Habit building.

You can come out from a scripted life job by learning something and implementing that in real life to solve people’s problems. 

So keep learning and keep growing.

Many great inventors and entrepreneurs in the world like Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Sam Walton, and Elon Musk have lived an Unscripted Life.

I hope these 4 principles will help you to move from Scripted Life to Unscripted Life.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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