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JioMart Distributor – How to start a business with JioMart?

JioMart Distributor – Now you can also start a business with Reliance Jio by JioMart. You must be aware that JioMart is set to create a history in grocery shopping. JioMart is an online platform launched by Reliance in association with WhatsApp. The prime purpose is to capture the unorganized grocery (kirana) market. JioMart will deliver groceries at the customer doorstep. The process used by JioMart is very simple. The platform will accept the customer order on the WhatsApp and get it delivered through nearby Kirana store. The nearby Kirana store will be JioMart partner

or JioMart Distributor.

The registration of JioMart Distributor is done online. If you are currently in the distribution business and you have adequate infrastructure as a grocery vendor, you can start a business with Reliance JioMart and earn a lot of money. Here is a complete guide explaining you how to register as JioMart Distributor and start a business with JioMart.

JioMart Distributor

What is the Business Model of JioMart?

JioMart follows an online to offline (O2O) business model. Here customers place orders online, but products will be delivered to the customer offline via the nearest local retail store. The routing of order take place internally by Jio. They offer free home delivery and even express home delivery options. The nearby retail store will get a commission for the order.

It is a unique business model which is likely to give benefit to more than 3 crore grocery stores. It will connect you with your neighbor shop via WhatsApp. The tag line for this business is “Desh ki Naiye Dukhan”. You can purchase more than 50000+ products using JioMart.

It is a win-win business model for everyone.

Benefits to JioMart

  • JioMart gets more business due to online presence.
  • Increase presence due to local partnerships.
  • No need to work on store and logistics.

Benefits to Customers

  • Customers can do hassle-free shopping online using Whatsapp.
  • The delivery of the product will be done faster as the order will be given to nearby retail stores.
  • Saving of Time as a product will be delivered at the doorstep.
  • More discounts and free return policy for returning goods.

Benefits to Retail Store (JioMart Distributor)

  • Retail store person (Kirnawala) will get more business
  • Commission income for the business.
  • GST related help
  • Discount on Jio Services

Prerequisites of doing Business with JioMart

JioMart vendor registration is open. If you are a retailer or shop owner and want to grab the opportunity to grow your business you can become Jio Partner. The prerequisites of getting Jio Mart distributorship are given below.

  • You should be doing a distribution business with a renowned brand
  • You should have sufficient infrastructure for doing business.
  • You should have adequate deposit or finance to run the business.
  • You should have a good relationship with the distributor for doing business.

If you fulfill the above criterion you can apply online and become JioMart Distributer. You need to submit the following documents while applying for distributorship.

  • Two passport size photographs
  • Voter ID or Aadhar card photocopy
  • Address document
  • Firm certificates
  • PAN Card
  • GST certificate

How to become JioMart Distributor?

If you are keen to apply for JioMart distributor, follow the steps given below for registration.

  1. Please visit the official website for the registration. Alternatively, click here for registration.
  2. Now click on the “I am interested” button.
  3. You need to fille up your personal details such as Name, Firm Name, Email, Address, City, Pincode, and Mobile Number.
  4. Enter the Text verification captcha and click on the Submit button
  5. You will get a message “Your lead created successfully”.
  6. Now Jio Sales team will verify the detail submitted by you and if suitable they will provide registration.

Why you should take Franchises of JioMart?

JioMart is backed by Reliance one of the biggest company in India. JioMart is expected to give stiff competition to the competitors Flipkart, Bigbasket, and Amazon. As per the expert’s belief, JioMart is likely to create a big impact on the grocery market. If you become a partner you can get more business and boost your income.

In this business, two popular communication platform Jio and WhatsApp will work together to grow customers by interacting with nearby store and making them part of digital association.

If you are planning to take a franchise of JioMart you should follow the registration steps given above.

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