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Where to invest money in 2015

Invest 2015

2014 is about to end and with the beginning of 2015, one big question might bug in to your mind is where to invest money in 2015? Before starting discussion on 2015 let’s do quick recap of 2014.

2014 was very good year for stock market. As expected and discussed earlier stock market (nifty) has given 32% return in 2014. This is highest return given by nifty in last 5 years. Gold & real estate were unable perform in 2014.

What Next? Will this trend continue in 2015?  Stock market will give positive returns in 2015? I am here with my own opinion.

Where to invest money in 2015?

Stock Market:-

I believe that 2015 will be average year for stock market. There are four different reasons for this.

(1) Increasing Value of Dollar:-

Day by day increasing value of dollar is big reason of worry for Indian economy. Rupee is depreciating every day. If rupee continues to depreciate import export business of India will be affected heavily and it will create negative impact for stock market.

(2) Reduction in Crude Oil Price:-

Reduction in crude oil price is positive for stock market, but it should be gradual and not like sudden nosedive.

To increase crude price, OPAC countries may reduce production of oil. Increase in oil price along with dollar price will create adverse effect on Indian economy.

(3) Russia Effect:-

Russia is on verge of getting junk rating due to weak economy. This declaration may cause negative impact across world and stock market may fall.

(4) Economic Reform by New Government:-

Current driving force behind stock market movement is economic reform by new government. FII is still pumping money to Indian stock market as they sees India as stable and investor friendly country.

Banking, Auto, Cement, IT and Pharma is likely to perform better in 2015.

What you should do?

Stay invested in stock market. Buy good stocks during down fall. Always invest for long term.

Fixed Deposit:-  

Fixed deposit or bond will not be good investment option in 2015.  Recently fixed deposit rate was reduced by leading bank SBI, ICICI and HDFC. Inflation rate is likely to increase in 2015 and reduction in rate like this is likely to continue in 2015 also.

What you should do?

Avoid fresh investment in fixed deposit. Instead of fixed deposit buy mutual funds or ELSS. 

Real Estate:-

Real Estate sector will remain positive in 2015. Home loan rate will reduce and liquidity situation will ease out this sector. Apart from this 100 smart city project by Indian government will also boost real estate sector.

What you should do?

If you are living on rent purchase property for self-use immediately. If you are planning to purchase property for investment, you should do that by now. Going ahead you will see rise in property price especially in Delhi, Mumbai and Banglore.


Gold will not shine in 2015. 2015 will be negative year for gold. Russia will be selling gold to save economy and this may cause reduction in gold price.

What you should do?

Avoid investment in Gold in 2015. Buy gold if it is extremely necessary.

Conclusion: – In 2015 you should invest in stock market, mutual funds & real estate. Avoid investment in fixed deposit and Gold.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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