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Invest 50 Rs every day to become crorepati


How to become a Crorepati? This is a very generic question without any readymade answer. To become crorepati is dream seen by every Indian, but very few can able to accomplish that. So if you are one of them who want to become crorepati but don’t know how to start with. I am here with a simple idea to become a crorepati. If you are 24 years old, then just by investing 50 Rs every day will make you crorepati by the age of 60. This means you need to make an investment of 1500 Rs/- per month in diversified mutual funds for next 36 years through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) to become a crorepati. The power of compounding effect is enough to make your millionaire.

How to become Crorepati?

Let’s try to understand this in detail with an example.

  • Suppose Mr.ABC is 24 years old
  • He saves 50 Rs every day. This leads to the aggregate amount of 1500 Rs per month.
  • He is a smart investor and invest this 1500 Rs every month in a diversified mutual fund through SIP route.
  • Assume that mutual funds give return of 12% per annum.
  • If Mr.ABC continue this process of next 36 years, he will become a crorepati.


If you are starting at early stage say at the age of 20 years you need to invest 30 Rs per day to become a crorepati. This opportunity is even available to older people, however, you need to invest more with growing age. If you are starting at the age of 30 years you need to invest 95 Rs day to achieve it.

You can access crorepati calculator from here.

Alternatively you can refer to following table to know investment required to become crorepati –

Investment required  per month to become Crorepati
Time Frame (Years)Time frame (Months)6%10%15%18%

How to make this process faster?

Now you must be thinking that 36 years is the longer time period to become a crorepati. Can we become crorepati faster? Well it all depends upon following

  • Willingness to invest higher amount
  • Starting investment at early stage
  • Selection of asset class which can provide better return

I have taken an example of mutual fund which gives a return of 12%. If mutual funds in which you invest your money generate higher returns say 15% you can become crorepati at a much early stage. Another way of fastening this speed to invest in equity. As equity can generate return up to 18-20%.


Key to become crorepati is to invest money regularly in a correct asset class which grows at higher rates (12-20%).

So when you are planning to invest 1500 Rs per month?

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Shitanshu Kapadia
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