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How to Increase business by motivating your sales team?

You can increase your business by motivating your sales team. Motivated sales team brings more business. If you are facing challenge of retaining your manpower especially sales team this post is for you. In this post, I will share proven ideas to motivate your sale team without spending a single penny.

There are two ways to motivate your sales team. You can motivate your team by increasing salary or commission. It is one of the best motivation but during bad business scenario, it would be difficult for you to spend money.  So, here are 5 proven ways to increase business by motivating your sales team.

Increase business

How to Increase business by motivating your sales team?

#1 Freedom to share & implement new ideas

You should give freedom to share & implement new ideas to your sales team. It is proven way to motivate your staff. Doing routine work may become boring in few days. If your teammates come up with new idea you should encourage the same.

If none of the people are coming up with new idea you can keep brainstorming session where teammates can share ideas related to increase the business. The best and most promising idea should be implemented.  This will increase their confidence level and they will feel motivated.

#2 Run contest and celebrate with winners

The second proven way to increase sales is keeping contest among your sales team. This contest would be for daily, weekly or monthly basis. The salesman who achieved maximum sales can be given Title such as “Sales person of the day” or “Hero of the day” or “Star performer”.

In addition to giving title, you can celebrate success by arranging small get to gather. This could be small tea samosa treat. These small ways can motivate your sales staff to increase business.

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#3 Set Target at the Starting of Month

You should set the target at the starting of the month. When you start your month without any target your energy gets wasted and you would not able to achieve anything in the last. Thus it is important to start month with target.

You should conduct meeting at the starting of the month and set target for the individual sales member. The target should not be moderate target. It should not be like that it can be easily achieved or tough to achieve. Make sure to write this target on the White board and update it on daily basis. Whenever your sales team see numbers on the white board they will stay focused and place efforts in increasing business and sales.

#4 Create atmosphere of competition and collaboration

Competition is important when it comes to increasing sales and business. The competition should be fair and healthy. You should create atmosphere or competition and collaboration in your company.

You should appreciate teammates who helps each other and work towards sharing knowledge with others. You should appreciate teammates who are key player and work in team collaboratively instead of pulling legs of other team members.

The positive atmosphere will surely help sales team to increase business.

#5 Make sales team feel valued

Your sales team should feel valued. In order to do so, you need to give attention to your team mates. You can make them partner in taking small but important decision such as where to keep stocks? which product to be ordered?  This will make them feel valued.

Appreciate your team members in public if they do good job. You should also participate in their happiness and grief. You can celebrate their birthday and job anniversary.

The bottom line is you should not take people working under you as taken for granted. You should feel them valued time to time. It is one of the best way to motivate your team member for increasing sales.

Over to you

I hope you liked ways mentioned above to increase business by motivating your sales team. I am sure if you follow the advice given above you will be able to achieve big sales target and grow your business.

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Shitanshu Kapadia
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