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How to Increase Business? – 5 Powerful Sales Techniques

I am running a small business. Nowadays facing a lot of difficulties in the business. Kindly advice what to do? How to Increase Business?

This question was recently asked to me by one of the blog readers.

Well, it is a known fact that we are going through a bad phase. Almost every business is going down. For many people, it is a problem of survival. If you are in the same boat where your business is down and you want to increase your business & sales. You are at the right place. In this post, I am going to share 5 Powerful Sales Techniques. These techniques are proven and adopted by most of the successful businessmen. I am sure you will be able to bounce back in your business if you adopt these techniques.

Increase Business

How to Increase Business? – 5 Powerful Sales Techniques

#1 Make the customer hero 

The first sales technique is simple yet very effective. In this technique, your customer is your hero. If you want your customer to buy from you, tell their story not your story. In the story make sure you are solving a customer problem and making him/her hero.

Please understand the customer’s behavior before selling a product. Customer does not buy a product that places themselves as the hero in the story. They buy a product in which the customer is hero and the problem of the customer is getting solved by the product. In other word sell the solution show the benefits to the customer.

Let’s try to understand this by practical example. – You might have seen the advertisement of WhiteHat Junior. Every campaign of WhiteHat Junior Kid is projected as a hero with a surprise element that your Kid can make App in small age also.


The second Example is an insurance agent. If you want to sell an insurance policy, don’t project the insurance policy (product) as the hero. Keep your customer as a hero and tell him/her story. In story telling tell the benefit of the product and how it can sell customer’s problem. It is like in every movie hero struggle with a problem and a wise mentor understands that problem and solves it. In this case, you need to show your customer that how an insurance policy can change their financial conditions in the future and they can live a better life.

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#2 Relationship & Trust based sales technique 

The second important and most powerful sales technique is the relationship & trust-based sales technique. This technique says that creates a customer by making them a friend. Try to establish a relationship with the customer. Relationships and trust will always help to close sales.

Let’s understand this by practical example. Whenever I visit the nearby store the store person tries to welcome me by taking my name. He tries to give me importance. It is like creating a personal relationship with human aspects. This is to establish a trust to increase the sale. More Trust means more sales.

It is very simple people buy a product from the person to whom they trust. The second example could be a barbershop or salon. In 99% cases, we visit the same barber or hairdresser. The simple reason could be we trust them. They know our preferences like hairstyle. What we like don’t like etc.

It is like think relationship not transaction. Your relation with a customer would be more personalized rather than a business relation. Once you do that you will be able to establish trust with a customer. More trust more transactions. Less trust no transaction or fewer transactions.   

#3 Begin with Urgent Problem

The third sales technique is don’t solve the customer’s problem try to solve the urgent problem of the customer. If you want to find good customers try to find a person who is surrounded by problems. This model is also known as AIDA model. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

  • Attention – Find out the urgent problem of the customer and get customer’s attention.
  • Interest – Create interest in your product
  • Desire – Showcase benefits and generate desire
  • Action – Customer will take action and buy a product from you.

Another way of understanding this technique is by ARC.

  • A – Ask the problem of the customer
  • R – Recommend product solution for selling
  • C – Close the deal

#4 Dream Selling

Dream selling is one of the most powerful sales technique adopted by many people. In this technique, you need to sell a dream to sell your product. As we know everyone like a dream and they will be ready to spend money on the dream.

For example, you must have seen an advertisement of hair oil where they say – पाये 10 दिन में लम्बे, घने और चमकदार बाल. It is like dream selling only. It is impossible to have this type of hair in 10 days with hair oil. Another example like this is fairness cream where they said – क्रीम जो दिलाये तुरंत गोरेपन का एहसास

You must have seen the KBC advertisement. In KBC advertisement they do dream selling to increase viewership.

So dream selling is one of the powerful sales techniques that can be tried to increase business.

#5 Freemium or Sample-based sales technique

The last powerful sales technique is Freemium or sample-based sales technique. The alternative name of this technique is the experiential approach. In this technique experience of a product is given to the customer. It can be in terms of free demo, test drive, sample.

The richest person in India Mukesh Ambani has used this technique to gain customers for Jio. Jio Mobile SIM card was given as a free card with a free internet connection for the few months to gain customer confidence. Recently when Jio Fiber is launched trial is given for 1 month to attract the new customers.

Jio Fiber

Another example could be Fair & Lovely. Fair & Lovely sample pack of 15gm is sold @20Rs. A similar Fair & Lovely pack of 25gm is sold @60 Rs. This means once customer gains experience you can increase the product price and increase business.

Over to you

I hope the sales technique disclosed above with practical examples will help you in increasing your business. If you know any other powerful sales techniques which are not listed above, please share it in the comment section below. Please let me know which technique you like from above.

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