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How to get success in Sales?

How you can get success in sales? Well, many people are asking me this question. So, today let me share with you a simple, yet effective way to get success in sales.

How do succeed in sales? You see, when it comes to sales success, it has very little to do with positive thinking.

What you want, is a positive outcome. You cannot go to the bank and deposit positive thinking or your optimism. What you want is that commission check. So let me share with you my experience to get success in sales.

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How to get success in sales?

You see, most salespeople, believe in this nonsense that if they just think positively, nothing bad would happen to them.

That if they go into a sales meeting, they get on a sales call, and they are positive and everything will be fine.

Well, it’s like believing the idea if you are positive, and you go into a boxing ring, without preparation, you won’t get knocked out.

It’s as stupid as that. You see when it comes to closing, when it comes to sales, I don’t believe in positive thinking.

I believe in the positive power of negative preparation. What it means is I want to think of that as like a chess game, that when you’re going to play a chess game, what differentiates an amateur chess player versus a master chess player is what?

The master chess player knows steps ahead. That’s what makes that person a master chess player. 

What you wanna do as a closer, as salesperson is go into every single situation, every single sales conversation, be well prepared, so you know every single objection that your prospect might have and you’ll know exactly how to handle it.

And that’s how you get confidence. You see, the lack of confidence comes from a lack of preparation.

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What you wanna do is you wanna practice. You wanna practice and role play until you’re sick and tired of it. And then guess what, you practice some more. And that’s what I do.

You have to prepare yourself. I am shocked by walking into different stores, right, different sales conversations, dealing with so-called sales professionals, and how unprepared they are.

They do not ask the right questions, they don’t know how to find out about my needs, my pain points, they don’t know my hot buttons, and they don’t know anything about me.

They haven’t even done their due diligence. They haven’t done their research, learning more about the prospect.

It is ridiculous. So when I go in, I want to be well prepared. 

This means, I want to have a plan and the plan is this. A script. Some sort of script that I rehearse ahead of time, going into a conversation.

That I’m ready, I am prepared. Now you may be thinking, but Shitanshu, if I used a script, won’t I sound like a robot?

Won’t I sound, too mechanical? I’m not talking about those telemarketers where, you know, they call you and you’re saying, like –

  • “Hey sir, how are you today?
  • “Would you like to buy it?”

That’s not what I’m talking about. That is using a script all wrong. What a script is designed to do, is give you a game plan.

Just like going to a fight, you study the opponent ahead of time, right?

You know what moves they’re gonna make. And you prepare yourself.

You know what, that person, he is a very strong kicker. Well, let’s be ready on how to counter that. 

That person’s a very strong puncher. Well, let’s deal with that.

Let’s be well prepared. Another thing you wanna do is, you wanna have an objection handling script, meaning that you have every single possible objection that the prospect could throw at you, and you’re well prepared.

You know, okay, they’re gonna have the price objection, got it. You know they’re gonna have the budget objection. 

You know what got it, I know how to handle that. They’re gonna throw at you the, I wanna think about it. 

You know what, I know how to handle that. They’re gonna throw at you, well, but your competitors charge a lower price.

Guess what, no problem, I know how to handle that. You are well prepared. When you equip yourself with something like this, and you go into a sale scenario, you’re not relying on positive thinking and hope that you’ll get the sale, and hope that the prospect likes you, and hope that you will walk away with an agreement, with a deal.

No, you know going in, that’s what’s gonna happen. You’re walking in with confidence and clarity.

It’s not about relying on hope or luck. Oh, today, you get lucky and a good prospect will walk through the door. No.

You know exactly what is gonna happen, and you know what the outcome is gonna be. So, get yourself ready.

In the next post, I will share the process to improve your sales and increase your business. So, stay tuned and subscribe to my blog for the upcoming updates.

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