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How to Become Rich? – 3 Powerful Money Mantras

How to become rich? – I asked these questions to so many people on social media and I got different types of answers. But, the most common answer that I have got from various people is – You need to generate passive income to become rich.


The answer is somewhat correct with passive income you can become rich. But you might not know the darker side of passive income. To help you, I have created my own 3 powerful wealth mantras that help you to become rich and successful in life.

how to become rich?

How to become Rich? – 3 Powerful Money Mantras

#1 Passive income is a myth

Yes! Passive income is a myth. You see definition of passive income is you will get money without doing anything. You will make money even if you are sleeping. It is correct up to some extent but to generate passive income, you need to make a strong system. It demands a lot of planning, effort, and time.

The majority of people are not ready to put their effort and time to build a system that generates passive income. Because efforts, consistency, and hard work that is required to build this system are very difficult compared to what they have seen in the pleasing photographs of businessmen on Instagram and other social media.

Let’s try to understand this by example – Big businessman like Mukesh Ambani, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos can live their entire life from the money they have earned and the system they built. They have established a system that makes money even if they work or go on vacation. But still, they go to work every day.

On the other hand, the common man always thinks that how he/she can make money without working but in life. In short, how they can generate passive income. The word passive income to them is making money without working but in real life, there is nothing called passive income.

From real estate to investing money to selling products online all businesses require constant efforts. The reasons are market changes, needs of people changes, and government policy changes.

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So what to do in that case?

As per me, you should replace your passive income with leverage income.

Leverage income means using someone’s time, effort, and technology to generate maximum output (wealth) with minimum effort.

Examples of Leverage are –

Name of CompanyLeverage Type
Amazon & FacebookInternet
Swiggy & ZomotoDelivery Boy
Ola & UberTaxi & Vehicle of Other people


leverage income

Entrepreneurs are generating maximum wealth using leverage today. This means you need to make use of resources and technologies to generate leverage income. You can become rich using leverage income.

#2 Importance of Wealth Tringle and high-income skill

The second important wealth mantra is understanding wealth tringle.

You see wealth can be generated in two ways – the slow way and the fast way.

Slow way

The slow way is a traditional method of generating wealth. I called it a slow lane. It means getting good marks from school, take a good degree, and getting a decent income job. Save money and invest in various schemes to generate wealth.

There are two problems in the slow lane. The slow lane is very slow, and it is dependent on others. Your employer, your investment, and other aspects. In short, you have no control over the slow lane.

Fast way 

Fast way means building a system that satisfies the wealth triangle. Wealth tringle is made up of 3 sides.

  • High-Income Skills (Income)
  • Scalable Business (Cashflow)
  • High Return Investment (Networth)

High-Income Skills – High-income skill is a skill that helps you to generate a lot of money probably $10000 per month. We are slowly moving towards a skill-based economy from a job-based economy.

Companies are looking for skills and not degrees. That’s why the majority of companies are delegating, outsourcing, and making use of digitalization to reduce manpower.

This means you need to develop high-income skills before starting your own business. High-income skills can help you to become rich quickly and easily.

You see wealth is not created it is transferred. If you can deliver high value in the market you can get more money.

That is the reason that the hourly fees of highly skilled business coaches and speakers are a higher compared yearly package of a normal employee. Because in a few hours that speaker or consultant delivers a lot of value to the business that turns out to be a huge profit. Which can never be done by a normal employee. That is the reason the company gives higher fees to business coaches and speakers.

E.g Management Guru Stephen M.R. Covey American businessman and guide charges $50000 for a live event and $30000 for a virtual event.

Consulting, Copywriting, digital marketing, and public speaking are high-income skills.       

Let’s try to understand copywriting – If you have the skill to write (present) something in an influential way. A way via which people get impressed and purchase the product/service.

Suppose one company is selling its product online on the internet. This company has a conversion rate of 1%. That means only 1 person from 100 purchases the items from the website and the company’s turnover is 10 Cr.

As a copywriter, you make some changes to the website of the company. You made changes to the product heading, and product description and made them influential. You have also designed an advertisement for them.

With your efforts, the conversion rate of the company doubled and become 2% and turnover is also increased to 20 Cr. This means with your effort as a copywriter company can sell more products and earn more profit. And the company will surely pay higher money to you as a copywriter.

Many people think that you need to work more to generate more income but another way is to learn high-income skills to generate more income.

Scalable Business – Scalable business is a business that can be expanded globally with minimum resources and investment.

This means you need to bring your high-income skill to the internet and using the leverage of the internet you can expand your business. Because in future internet based business will be growing further. Where your social capital can become your financial capital.      

The best example of social capital as financial capital is Kylie Jenner’s American Model & Business Woman. She becomes the youngest billionaire in the world with an Instagram fan following.

You may be thinking that real estate is your real asset but in this digital world your intellectual property, your customer, their database and even your brand reputation is one type of asset.

Think in a manner that Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the Internet is one type of bank where you need to deposit your talent. And based on the market value of your talent you can withdraw the money that you want.

High Return Investment – High return investment is the third side of wealth tringle. High return investment is a type of investment that gives you higher returns compared to –

  • Stock Market
  • Mutual Funds
  • Real Estate
  • Gold or
  • Crypto Currency

The investment that gives maximum return is self-investment. That means learning new high-income skills.

The stock market can crash, real estate can go down, and gold can give negative returns but the skill that you have learned never fades away.

Using this wealth tringle many artiest, YouTubers, Bloggers, Digital marketers, and Instagram influencers have generated a lot of wealth without starting big businesses.

#3 Money is Neutral & Amplify your personality 

Money is not bad, money is not good it is neutral & money is an amplifier. It amplifies your personality. It does not matter that you have a bad personality or a good personality. Money amplifies you.

If you person is bad and he/she generates wealth it will be used for bad causes and if a person is good and he/she generates wealth it will be used for noble and social causes.

E.g Ratan Tata, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett donate a lot of wealth to charity because it is their personality.

This means if you get the money it amplifies your personality.

Final Words

So, we have learned 3 powerful money mantras

Passive income is a myth. You need a leveraged income to become rich. You need to understand the wealth triangle. Understand wealth tringle invest in self and learn high-income skills to become rich. Self-investment is the best investment that gives you the highest returns. Money is neutral and it amplifies your personality.

Apply these powerful money mantras and become rich.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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