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How to become Rich? – 6 Reasons why you are not Crorepati?

You can also become rich.

You can also become successful.

You can also become crorepati.


Well, you need to work on yourself and take several steps.

  • Change yourself
  • Change your mindset
  • Learn new high-income skills.
  • Quit 9 to 5 Rat race

The first thing that is required to become rich is to change a mediocre mindset. Don’t limit yourself to a 9 to 5 job.

Remember – A job can give you a decent income but cannot make you rich.

To become rich you have to do things that rich people are doing.

Rich people never trade time for money.

So, Stop Trading time for money.

How to become Rich?

If you are doing a job and happy about it fine this post is probably not for you – You can skip this post and you can do whatever you want.

But if you are somebody in a job and not happy, not satisfied

Neither you are happy neither you have passion for what you are doing nor do you have money guess what you should find new ways.

New ways are –

  • “Trading Value for Money”
  • “Trading Knowledge for Money”
  • “Trading Skills for Money”
  • “Solve Problems for Money”

Because poor people sell time rich people buy time meaning they buy speed.

But your argument would be it is not easy to quit my job and start something new at this age.

You might say

I Don’t have enough money..

That is not a problem.. That is the symptom root cause is something else.

I don’t have time..No that is not a problem. .. That is a symptom root cause is something else.

So let’s try to understand the root cause & reasons you are being stuck … where you are…

  • Why is it that you can’t become carorepati?
  • Why is it that you are not becoming millionaire?

So here are six reasons why you are not carorepati.

How to become Rich? – 6 Reasons why you are not crorepati?

#1 Single stream of income.

That is the biggest root cause because of which millions of people are living middle class and suffering and cutting the cost, cutting the corners.

Let’s not go to travel…Let’s not do this..Let’s not do that…That is because of a single stream of income..

You know 90% of the people on the earth have less than 2 streams of income that is the root cause.

Remember you can not become rich or successful with a single stream of income.
Imagine if you have 5 streams of income. You have 5x your…income already. If you have 3 streams of income…you have 3x your income. Already….I will tell you….how to build multiple streams of income.

Now let’s take a look at reason Number 2

5 Best Legitimate ways to get rich fast

#2 No Vital 21st Century Skills

If you don’t have vital skills which skill do you have…you have functional skills….
What is the difference between vital skills and functional skills?

A lot of people even don’t know what is the difference between functional skills and vital skills.

Let me tell you

Functional skills are the skills that can be replaced by people, systems, and processes easily.

Functional skills have nothing unique to it. These skills can be learned by anybody anytime easily.

Now let’s talk about Vital Skills. Vital skills are unique skills. These skills have four elements
#1 Imagination
#2 Creativity
#3 Persuasion and Negotiation
#4 Leadership

If any of the skills you have includes any of these elements means you have vital skills.

Let’s try to understand this concept with an example.

A typewriter is a functional skill or a vital skill?
It is a functional skill. It is a skill that market place does not value anymore.

Pizza delivery is it a functional skill or a vital skill?
It is a functional skill. Whatever good you do with these skills you will not get paid high these skills.

It is a low-income skill.

Then what are high-income skills?

There are 100 such high-income skills such as Sales, Closing the deal, digital marketing, content creation, AI, IoT ..There are so many examples.

Why these skills are high-income skill because they can not be replaced easily and it contains the element of vital skills.

These high-income skills will remain in demand for the next 5 to 10 years.
Now let’s jump to the third problem.

#3 No Passion

It is one of the biggest problems. You are doing a job or business for which you are not passionate…


Because it is paying your bills.

The fourth Problem that most the people are stuck with is

#4 Trading time for money.

Remember poor & middle-class people sell time. Rich people buy time…
Because rich people have a rich mindset they value time and they buy speed.

The fifth problem is

#5 No Social Media Presence.

You might be thinking social media is a gimmick it is just for selfies, food, travel, and time pass.

No……my dear friend

Social media is one of the most powerful weapons for you to build your brand to market yourself in the 21st century.

Social media is to sense social signals and to get real money out of it.
You can market your business and grow and attract people to you using social media.
But How many people are using social media for brand building and lead generation?

It is the opposite.

Social Media is using people.

  • We are not consuming content.
  • Content is consuming us.

Remember – Rich people are creators. Poor people are consumers.

And last but not least.

#6 No plan or Roadmap for Freedom

Most people have no plan or roadmap for freedom.

If you want to become rich. If you want to enjoy financial freedom. You need to plan to become financially free.

If you don’t have an exact plan …How you will become financially free?

In your entire life whenever you require a plan somebody gave you a plan.

Plan about education that how you can pass school, high school, how you can get a degree and all….

In Corporate also somebody gave you a plan that how you can grow from the bottom-most position to the topmost position.

But in real life. We don’t have a plan.

Why…Because we have never thought of…

When we want to go from one place to another places we have a plan or roadmap or we make use of Google Map….

But in real life…do we have a plan for financial freedom….
If you already have a plan for financial freedom – No worries!

But, if you don’t have a plan…

Stay tune and keep visiting to know more about types of income, high-income skills, and a lot more……

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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