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30 Home Based Business with low investment

Home Based Business – Leaving a 9 to 5 job and starting own business is a dream seen by millions of the people. However, very few can pursue their dream. This is mainly due to lack of business acumen or requirement of capital for starting own business. If you are going through a similar phase here is a simple solution. Keep your 9 to 5 job as it is and try home-based business.

So, excited to start new income in part time!

Here is a list of 30 Home Based Business Ideas that are proven and worth trying. Most of the home-based business ideas given below can be started with low investment. For better understanding, I have divided the home based business ideas list into the following categories.

#1 Product Based Business Ideas

#2 Service Based Business Ideas

#3 Online Business Ideas

Home Business

30 Home Based Business with low investment

Product Based Business Ideas

#1 Network Marketing

A first home based business idea is to join a networking marketing company. It is a zero investment part-time business. In this business, you need to sell products of network marketing companies. You will get a commission for this. The success of this business depends upon your networking skill & social contacts.

#2 Insurance Agency

You can become an insurance agent and open your own insurance agency to earn money part-time. You need to sell insurance policies to the customer to get commission income. You can sell life insurance, health insurance, and general insurance policies.

#3 Chocolate Making

Chocolate making is a very good home based business idea for women. In this business, you need to make chocolate at home. The raw material and recipe for making chocolate are easily available. You need to market your business well to get success in this business.

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#4 Customized Gift Store

The customized Gift store is next on the list. In this business, you need to prepare customized gifts for the customers. Few examples are a photo frame, printed t-shirt, printed mug, stationery items, etc. You should be creative and expert in making a gift.

#5 Home Bakery

Home bakery business means a business of backed items such as bread, cookies, cake at home. If you are expert in cooking and make baked items you can start this business. You need to establish contacts with local stores for selling your homemade products.

#6 Candle Making

Candles are used exclusively as decorative items as well as for religious purpose. Candles are easy to make and require a minimum investment. At an initial stage, you may face challenges in establishing a candle making business. You need to work hard for selling candles.

#7 Papad & Pickle Making

Papad & Pickle making is very good home based business idea for women. Papad & Pickle making can be started from home. In this business, you need to make order based papad and pickle. You can sell papad and pickle in the local market as well as international market.

#8 Used Book Store

The education field is evergreen field. Books are used widely in the education field. Many students prefer to used books to save money. So, starting used book store at home could be a very good business option. The investment required for this business is very low.

#9 Detergent Making

Detergent is FMCG item and used in every house for washing cloth. If you have expertise in manufacturing of detergent you can start this business. You need to work at the packaging and marketing your products. Make sure to study domestic demand and completion before entering this business.

#10 Dry Breakfast

One of the simple home based business ideas is dry breakfast or nasta business. It is more suitable for female, however male with cooking knowledge can also start this business. The success rate associated with this business is very high.

Service Based Business Ideas

#11 Appliance Repairing Services

A breakdown in the home appliance such as TV, Fridge, washing machine and geyser are very common. People always seek help for the repair of home appliances. In order to address this problem, you can start the appliance repairing service business. You need to employee two-three people for offering these services.

#12 Tuition Class

Tuition class is one of the best part-time home based business ideas which can be started from home. In this business, you need to give coaching to the students. You should be expert in teaching various subjects. You need to invest money for buying blackboard and benches.

#13 Accounting Services

Finance and accounting service is next on the list of home based business. Accounting services business requires knowledge of accounting and associated software. Most of the small and medium organization outsource finance and accounting services.

#14 Match Maker

Matchmaking or marriage bureau is next in the list. This business is suitable for female. You require a database of a male and female candidate for marriage. Initially, you need to place a lot of efforts for this business.

#15 Mobile/Computer Repairing

Mobile & computer repairing is a very good business option. You can start this business from home. You need to do a course of mobile and computer repairing before starting this business. Mobile and computer repairing is one of the best business with very good market potential.

#16 Beauty Parlor

Female with experience and knowledge in beauty treatment can open own beauty parlor at home. If you are not aware of beauty treatment it is better to do some course before starting beauty parlor.

#17 Real Estate Agency

Real estate agency is a business option where you need to help people in buying, selling or renting properties. You can earn good commission income via real estate business.

#18 Travel Agency

A travel agency is a business where you need to arrange a travel plan and book ticket and hotel for the people. You can open a travel agency at home. It is a good idea to opt for the franchisee of already established travel agencies.

#19 Yoga Instructor

Yoga instructor is a new and lucrative career option. You can become yoga instructor by doing yoga course. Once you learn yoga you can start your own yoga class.

#20 Event Planner

Event planning is a business where you do the planning and execution of big events. If you are good at management and planning skills you can become an event planner. It is a good option where you can earn a lot of money.

Online Business Ideas

#21 Freelancing

Freelancing is first in the list of online business ideas. Freelancing is a very good business. Freelancing means doing projects online and earning on a project basis. The projects are mostly related to IT-related such as website development, SEO, data entry project, etc.

#22 Blogging

Blogging is one of my favorite online business ideas. In blogging, you need to make your online blog and share unique content on it. Once your blog gets the popularity you can earn money via advertising or affiliate marketing.

#23 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular online business option. In affiliate marketing, you need to sell products and services of your affiliate company. You will be paid with a commission on every sale. You can use WhatsApp, Facebook or your own website for affiliate marketing.

#24 Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a job profile where you need to assist online in completing various jobs such as sending e-mail, typing documents, data entry, office work, etc. You will be paid on an hourly basis. There are many online websites offering the job of virtual assistant.

#25 Online Consultancy

Online consultancy is next in the list of home based business idea. Here you need to make your own website offering online consultancy. Alternately, you can search for the website offering consultancy jobs to people.

#26 SEO Consultancy

Search Engine Optimization is pressing need nowadays. Webmasters and website owner are ready to spend money for good SEO services. If you have learned SEO or know SEO you can start your SEO consultancy business online. There are many people who are earning their lives on SEO consultancy.

#27 Starting Youtube Channel

You can start a YouTube channel and make money. You need to upload unique videos on the channel. You can use high-quality camera or software for making videos. Once your channel reaches recommended subscribers you can apply for the YouTube Channel Partner program for placing advertisements on your videos.

#28 Online Courses & Teaching

This idea is for a skilled person with good educational background. In this idea, you need to start your own website and put an online course. You can charge a visitor on a subscription basis. Another option here is to join websites offering these types of services.

#29 Online E-commerce Store

Online E-commerce store is a place where people can buy and sell their products and services. It is a very good idea but requires a team of competent people and moderate investment. You need to face a lot of competition in this business.

#30 Content Writing

Content writing is a part-time home based business idea. Many bloggers and website are looking for a good content writer. In this idea, you need to produce unique content for bloggers or website owner. You will get money for the content written by you. The amount depends upon the type of content and word count.

Over to You

I will be adding new home based business ideas in the above list as and when I come across. If you have any home based business ideas to be added here you can contact me via comment section or contact us page. If you like this post, do share it with your friends and colleagues.

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