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Hexa Income Framework – Why My Son Wants Only Rich Dad?

My Son Wants Only Rich Dad – No Poor Dad. 

You must have read the Famous book by Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad. The book talks about the comparison between Rich Dads and Poor dads.

The primary concept of the book is –

  • Poor to Rich
  • Job to Business 
  • Mediocre Mindset to Rich Mindset 
  • Fixed Income to Unfixed Income
  • Limited Income to Unlimited Income

Fortunately, God blessed me with both worlds. Poor and Rich. My grassroots are from a middle-class family. I was living in a 1 BHK apartment. My father was in the bank and he worked in a bank for 33 long years. He relied only on a single source of Income. 

Due to limited income, our lifestyle was full of compromise. My father was managing the expense circle and not the income circle. The time was like that. One day he told me son work hard and study well so that, You don’t have to do what I am doing today. I was an obedient child. I completed my engineering and started doing a job in MNC. Soon I realized that –

  • Do I need to rely on a single source of Income?
  • Do I need to remain Poor Dad?
  • Do I need to accept only Mediocre life?

I realized that I need not live poor dad life. I want to live a life of a rich dad. I started finding ways to make money part-time. I was blessed with a second income stream of Google Adsense and Now, I have multiple sources of Income. These Multiple sources of Income give me financial confidence.

All these were possible due to “High-Income Skills” and Passion. 

When I was doing a job my son used to tell me – Papa – 

  • You are super busy.
  • You don’t have time for your family.
  • Why we can not afford a big home and a Luxurious car?
  • Why we can not go abroad for a vacation?
  • Why I can not study at DPS School?

Well, At that time I could not able to answer him. But, I was knowing that I was living the life of a Poor Dad. And his questions were bugging me that My Son knows that we are living a middle-class lifestyle. He was fed up with the word – I Can’t Afford it. 

But, after living my job in 2021, today, I realized that now I am living the lifestyle of a Rich Dad. My Son Loves this life. Today, I have multiple sources of Income via Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Digital Marketing, Mentoring, and many others.  

Today My mindset is completely changed. Earlier, I was thinking that “I Can’t Afford it”. Today I think about “How I Can Afford it”. 

I am proud to say that I am an Infopreneur and 10x Multi Income Coach. I am living the life of my dream. I have absolute freedom and choices. 

I am Infoprenure & Mult-Income coach and today my son tells me – Papa –

  • You are the Best Dad in the world. You giving us a lot of time.
  • You are fulfilling my dreams. 
  • We are living a rich lifestyle. 

Papa, I pray to god every day, that I love this new avatar of my dad. The innocent child was not aware of the fact that his father has changed his mindset and everything has changed. His father is now Rich Dad. Rich in Money and Rich in Midset. 

My son loves his Rich Dad. Believe me or not Every Son Wants Only Rich Dad – No Poor Dad. 

Now, you must be thinking that How to become a Rich Dad? So, here is my answer backed by Hexa Income Framework. 

Hexa Income Framework – How to Become a Rich Dad?

Do you remember the Cash Flow Quadrant of Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki Book? 

That cash flow quadrant framework was based on EBSI.

  • Employes
  • Business Man
  • Self Employed 
  • Investors

Today, I will be extending this framework, because I believe that the cash flow quadrant framework is no longer valid in this skilled-based economy. We need something called Hexa Income Framework – EBSIEI.

This framework is based on the – 

  • Employee
  • Self Employed
  • Businessman
  • Entrepreneur
  • Infopreneur
  • Investor

hexa income framework - shitanshu

Let’s take a look at this framework and its component in detail. 

#1 Employee

The person who is doing Job is called a worker or employee. He lives fixed income life. Job is fixed, Income is Fixed, Working Hours is Fixed and Work is also fixed.

No freedom, No time, and No or Limited Choices.

#2 Self Employee 

The person who is doing business but managing everything on his own. He does not keep anyone as a helping hand. He feels he is superman. Examples are advocates, independent contractors, accountants, financial advisers, insurance agents, etc. He lives a slightly better life in terms of income but working hours are not fixed and work is also not fixed.

Limited Freedom, No Time, and No or Limited Choices.

#3 Businessman 

For me, Businessman is nothing but a trader. He purchases an item in X rupee and sells it in the market with X + Y rupee. He only focuses on profit and volume. He leverages things.

E.g – He purchases 1 KG of apples for 80 INR and sells it for 100 INR. He earns a profit. 

He lives a comfortable lifestyle. He has limited and better choices. 

#4 Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who has an idea and who works to create a product or service that people. An entrepreneur takes on most of the risk and initiative for their new business and is often seen as visionary or innovator.

E.g – He purchases apples, pineapple, and watermelon at a reasonable price. He established his juice shop at a good location. He hires the staff. He does marketing. He takes out the juice and sells the juice glass at a higher price. In short, he leverages more compared to a business person. 

He lives a lifestyle of a rich person. He has a rich mindset. He lives a dream life with freedom. He earns a lot of money. He has time and money and especially choices. 

#5 Infopreneur

An Infopreneur is someone who makes money from the information. He sells information and makes money. In other words, Infopreneur is an entrepreneur who specializes in the sale and distribution of information and expertise. Example of infopreneur is blogger, vlogger, podcaster, e-book author, online course, webinar, coaches, etc. He makes online money.

E.g – He purchases apples, pineapple, and watermelon at a reasonable price. He gathers the knowledge and benefits of drinking juice. He takes out the juice and drinks it in front of the camera. He also explains about health benefits of drinking juice on camera. He makes videos and earns money from these videos.

He lives a lifestyle of a rich person. He has a rich mindset. He lives a dream life with freedom. He earns a lot of money online. He has absolute time freedom and money freedom. He lives the best life.

#6 Investors 

An investor is a wealthy person who invests money in assets and generates more money. He just find out about level 1 & 2 Investment options like self-investment & business. He generates money from these investments and lives a rich lifestyle. 

He lives a superb lifestyle. He has all choices. He has money time and freedom.

Now, from the above comparison, we can divide this Hexa Income Framework is divided into four parts.

👉 Worst – Employees, Self-Employed 

👉 Better – Businessmen

👉 Best – Entrepeneurs, Infopreneurs 

👉 Super – Investors

So, if you are doing a job or if you are self-employed it’s time to relook at everything with a fresh eye. 

You need to go from employee to investor to become rich dad.

If you continue to be in your job or self-employee you will remain poor dad.

Remember – No Son likes Poor Dad. You can be a Rich Dad only if you become a businessman, entrepreneur, infopreneur, or investor.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
Hi, I am Shitanshu founder of moneyexcel.com. I am engaged in blogging & Digital Marketing for 10 years. The purpose of this blog is to share my experience, knowledge and help people in managing money.